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Universal Language (Read 2340 times)
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Universal Language
Mar 30th, 2008 at 10:43pm
Farsighted were seekers of antiquity. They realized that nations come and go, that empires rise and fall, and that golden ages of art science, and idealism are suceeded by dark ages of superstition. With the needs of posterity foremost in mind, the sages of old went to inconcievable extremes to make certain that their knowledge should be preserved. They engraved it upon the face of mountains and concealed it within the measurements of colossal images, each of which was a geometric marvel. Their knowledge of chemistry, metalurgy, mathmatics and astronomy they hid within mythologies which ignorant clergy would perpetuate, or in the spans and arches of their temples which time has not entirely obliterated. They wrote in characters that neither the vandalism of men nor the ruthlessness of the elements could completely efface. Today we gaze with awe and reverence upon upon the great structures standing alone in the sands of Egypt, or upon the terraced pyramids or Palanque. Mute testmonies these are of the lost arts and sciences of antiquity.And yet, this wisdom will remain concealed until we have learnd to read this universal language.
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