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On chap 12 re-reading this book (Read 3408 times)
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On chap 12 re-reading this book
Jun 15th, 2007 at 3:51pm
I found something most exciting in the end of chp 11, its something I'm working on, over there.  Bets, you'll like this!  Smiley

so just a short description: Bruce was describing a TMI program he'd gone to, where the use of hemi sync and a voice on the tape helps you get to each focus level, and also will cue you when to be moving from one focus level to another. so one time Bruce came back too quickly and was experiencing too much energy agitation, or the only way I can put it, to explain it, it had something to do with crystal energy we have in the center of our earth, apparently traveling mentally, or astrally, or phasing "there" to these invisible energies can effect us how we "feel" how we "vibrate" when we get back to C1. He says he pulled up from one level to another too quickly. He tried to get back to feeling normal by walking in mud out in nature but nothing was helping until he embraced the opposite polarity human being once he got back into the building.

He tried hugging a male and there was no calming down effect. the strange part of this particular experiment was another participant, a woman came into the room complaining of the same sense of being ungrounded and keyed up: I'm thinking now the 1st and 2nd chakras got to over-spinning; its the 1st chakra is the fight or flight instinct, and Bruce did seem to be in flight in his descriptions of the energy.

so Bruce hugged this lady too, and they experienced relief, but the relief was a gradual subsiding of the powerful resonations the crystal had given off.

so, hmmm. a hug....magnetic energy...hmm some more....polarities...magnets...forces..spirit split into male/female...polarizing energies..hmm, hmmm, and hmmm. lol.

as far as I know this is the only time Bruce went thru this ordeal. I'm sure that PUL, feeling that in the hug, would be able to reduce some of the experiences we encounter when doing explorations. the other day I felt keyed up, like I needed to move out of town before  it receded today. when you feel like this, its like you have to keep moving, pacing, walking, active yet it does no good; the only thing moving is your body.

reading it has got me thinking why married men live longer though Smiley

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