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Message started by rondele on May 6th, 2021 at 1:57pm

Title: Ever wonder why we have physical lives on earth?
Post by rondele on May 6th, 2021 at 1:57pm
Most people say it's because earth is a school. We are here to learn. That explanation never seemed logical to me. For one thing we are only here for a blink of an eye. And for many, we don't even get to live more than a few years if that.

A more logical answer is to enable us to satisfy karma. We go through hardships of various kinds and degrees because of things we did to others. Earth is a great place to satisfy karma. But that answer requires a belief in reincarnation. Personally I don't accept that belief so that answer doesn't hold up IMO.

After we die we supposedly live in eternity where there is no time nor space. Eternity would seem to be far more appropriate for learning than a brief time on earth. A serial killer who's a sociopath will not learn anything while on earth no matter how long his punishment (assuming he's apprehended). In fact he'd probably get satisfaction from his life review especially if he's also a masochist.

It raises the question as to whether a physical life is even necessary. We are souls, not bodies. It's our soul that's eternal and created by God. Maybe the decision to incarnate is optional?


Title: Re: Ever wonder why we have physical lives on earth?
Post by Vicky on May 6th, 2021 at 4:23pm
Instead of saying we come here to learn, I think it’s more accurate to say we come here to experience.  We experience an enormous range of emotions, thoughts, and states of being.  We’re not even able to know why things are the way they are or consciously process all of it, but on other levels it is being processed.  And it is satisfying some soul need we have, even though we’re rarely aware of what those things are. 

I think one reason why this physical plane is such a great school as well as playground is precisely because of how slow and dense it is here.  And I believe that for everything we’re learning and experiencing here on this plane, there’s a direct correlation to the nonphysical higher realms where everything translates in ways we can’t even fathom here.  Kind of like how a dream makes sense while you’re dreaming it, but once you wake up some things are not even able to be translated and make no sense at all. 

Title: Re: Ever wonder why we have physical lives on earth?
Post by seagullresting on May 8th, 2021 at 10:39am
Exactly, so well said. It is the experience, and the multidimensional life that we lead that brings all to fruition. It is planned to the exact moment, and yet we have the illusion of free will.

I lost Dad 6 months ago. I had to take him off life support. I spent his last moments ushering him into the next dimension as well as I could, knowing what I know, which is a lot. I spent the last moments holding his hand until it became cold. When I walked around the bed to leave, being slightly rushed by the accompanying family member and hospital staff, who were immensely happy to be witnessing a natural death....

yes, such distractions...

As I walked around the bed to leave and walked by his feet, I felt his happiness. It was a moment in time. His spirit drifted right through me, I swear to God. It went right through me.

You can't mistake it.

So, no worries, it is all under control.

Title: Re: Ever wonder why we have physical lives on earth?
Post by Recoverer 2 on May 8th, 2021 at 1:36pm
One night I went to bed feeling troubled by the problems that exist in this World. Suddenly I found myself in an expanse of space and I heard a voice say, "It's a school, a way of learning" and then I felt, "so  don't stress out." (This doesn't mean that there is no need for us to do things that help others.)

On another occasion while I had the same sort of thoughts I heard a voice say, "I could end this anytime I want, but then I would have to start over."

I figure that the first being to exist, God if you prefer, didn't initially know what his being is capable of, what it is all about, so he had to figure it out. We are a part of the learning process. If you were a being that existed, would you want to remain ignorant of what your being is capable of, what is possible, or would you try to figure it out?

I suppose God could've downloaded a bunch of programs into us when he created us, but that would've interfered with our free will.

One night I went to bed feeling flustered with how my day had gone. I was shown a boat on still water. It wasn't getting anywhere. I got the impression that if we aren't challenged while here, don't experience any waves, we don't grow, we don't get anywhere. I don't regret the difficulties I have gone through. They have helped me grow. Going by what I have read and heard, many other people have found the same for their lives.

Our Souls need to have some way to learn. For example, we couldn't fully understand what unconditional love is and choose to embrace such a way of being, if we didn't also understand what conditional love is like. The same is true of other positive attributes such as humility, respect for others, honesty and gratitude. These are precious qualities we can live according to once our Souls understand about their value and embrace them. Experiencing "contrast" is a way to learn.

I have considered this matter a lot, and going by what I have figured out, we choose to incarnate here. This is so even when we experience difficult lives. If you think about it, a lot of difficult lives can be predicted ahead of time.  For example, a Soul knows when it will have to deal with abusive parents. Another example, a Soul knows if it is incarnating into a Country that has a lot of difficulties. Yet Souls choose to live such lives. Perhaps our Souls have a enough resilience to deal with such challenges.

As you know, I believe in the Disk viewpoint Bruce Moen spoke of. My experiences and research tell me that it is true. If you read the reincarnation post I have on this forum, you'll see that it speaks of reincarnation in a Disk kind of way. It explains that some NDErs have found that our Soul exists in a disk-like kind of way, we are just extensions of our Souls. (I don't mean that such NDErs saw their Soul as a Disk). Add to the list of NDERs I mentioned on that thread, Peter Panagore and Nanci Danison.

In a few of his interviews Peter said that he saw that his Soul is divided into many sections. On one occasion he said that his Soul is about ten thousand times bigger than his self that is in a body.

Nanci spoke of her Soul in such a way in recent interviews that can be found on Youtube.

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