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Message started by mystical1707 on Aug 12th, 2020 at 9:32am

Title: Comforting Experiences
Post by mystical1707 on Aug 12th, 2020 at 9:32am
I was in two minds about posting this on here as didn’t know if it’s just silly coincidences or if there’s more to it. Personally I think there’s more to it and can’t help but wonder if someone was looking after me through it, especially after what happened last time.

I’m sure I posted on here about my last synchronocities surrounding my first hospital visit but will just write them quickly again. One morning I was outside and there were more butterflies than normal. Later that night, I was rushed to hospital and placed in a room for many hours called “The Butterfly Room”. After many hours, I was moved on to a ward and my bed was the only one that had a butterfly picture above it on the name board. When I was out the hospital and waiting in the outside bit for my partner to bring the van round, a butterfly came up to me and then flew off again. It didn’t fly up to anyone else – it was almost as though it was only drawn to me. Some people said butterflies mean change but I liked to think someone was letting me know I wasn’t alone, as I hate hospitals – they scare the life out of me! I found the experience quite comforting.

I will try to describe my experiences in the shortest way possible. So this second time in hospital, I was first in A&E in BAY 17. I was told I would be kept in overnight but it ended up being 3 days. I was scared to death about my partner leaving me there all alone in a hospital full of strangers and it was like I was given a settling in time quite late at night as the first place I was moved to after A&E was my own private room with an en-suite. I’m sure you have to pay for those so I was quite lucky. I weren’t so bothered about my partner leaving as I was very happy to be on my own.  I had some food and drink and knew everything would be OK. That was until I was moved again late at night!

The porter took me down very long, dark and empty corridors with closed wards branching off every so often. The speed at which he took me, anyone would think he’d had creepy experiences through there and didn’t want to stick around for any more. I loved it though and kept hoping I’d see something but I never did. I was taken to what I can only describe as an eerie feeling ward but the nurses were lovely. I was on ward 13, in bed 17. 13 seems to be a lucky number for me and the people I was on the ward with made me feel really at ease, they were really lovely people! I got a shock when a couple who’d only recently moved 2 doors up, came in to see their relative opposite me. Very small world as that is a big hospital with a number of wards and beds in it.

I found out the next night I was being moved again! This time to another ward, bed 7. I was waiting for the nurse to say seventeen but all she said was seven. I thought it was going to be a hat trick! But I was first in Bay 17, then bed 17 followed by bed 7. Bed 7 was different to the others on the ward as it didn’t have a board above it.
I fell asleep as it was very late and I woke up with a very strong feeling that something was missing. I checked the table where my belongings were next to me and everything seemed to be where I’d left it. I also thought I saw something move by the side of the bed but put it down to imagination.

Got up the next morning and couldn’t find my tablets anywhere. I waas sure they’d been in a bag. That was probably what prompted that missing feeling when I’d woken up the night before. It turned out well though as they had given me some antibiotics when I went home and a free months supply of my tablets. The whole last day I was there, I kept hearing what sounded like people talking in the distance but when I checked these areas out, no one was there. The odd thing is, I only heard the talking when I was in a certain area, nowhere else. I hadn’t slept properly for a couple of nights so I put it down to lack of sleep. Got in the van to come home later that day and kept hearing distant voices in there and again when I got back home for a short while. Either a little form of psychosis due to tiredness or something activated my pineal gland. I prefer the latter but it’s probably the former.

So my time in hospital this time including 17 – 17 – 07 and considering they had loads of people stuck in A&E waiting rooms due to no beds, I think those numbers I got were quite lucky.

17 seems to appear a lot in my life, especially since my early 20’s. And for a very long time, every time I would look at the clock after not looking all day, it would be 17:07. There were no butterflies this time but it still felt comforting.

Title: Re: Comforting Experiences
Post by Recoverer 2 on Aug 13th, 2020 at 3:13pm
I don't know if you experienced actual butterfly synchronicities, but I believe it is possible that you did, and that your friends from the spirit world can arrange them.

Regarding numbers, 17 can mean that you are doing good.

I have received numbers numerous times, including 444. Number 444 can mean "your angels are with you." In a time of need I received this number in various ways, then I went to get a blood test, selected my line number from the number selection real, and 444 was the number that was available for me to select. This might've been just a wild coincidence, but considering the other appearances of 444, probably not.

Title: Re: Comforting Experiences
Post by mystical1707 on Aug 14th, 2020 at 8:36am
I like the sound of your 444. It definitely sounds like someone was with you that day.

If my butterflies weren't real synchronocities, they certainly did the job of making me feel like I wasn't alone. I was just shocked that out of all the places I could have gone, I ended up in 2 butterfly related areas. When I went in to hospital the second time, I didn't come across any butterflies at all.

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