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Message started by Maisie on Mar 25th, 2020 at 10:00pm

Title: OBE I had yesterday 26 March (Australian date)
Post by Maisie on Mar 25th, 2020 at 10:00pm
I don't often record my sessions, I usually just make notes after, but I'm glad I did. I thought others might find it interesting...

Immediately I saw the all seeing eye (many of my out of body experiences involve the all seeing eye, it often becomes a tunnel that I go through or it has messages) and like a few other times recently, instead of seeing it front on I moved behind it and became the all seeing eye or merged with it and I could see all these hands reaching up towards it, reaching into it and I think its symbolic. Representing that as a collective we are becoming the all seeing eye, as our eyes are being opened.
Now I can see an aeroplane full of people and there’s a wispy white spirit or angel flying around above them in the plane and then it morphed into a hall full of people and the same  spirit is flying over them. I get the feeling its protection.

So then I saw an eye that had a totally black eyeball and I went behind that and thought that like the all seeing eye I was to become it, to feel it but behind it I could see that there was a vortex of energy that was absorbing it and taking it away, its being removed is what I'm feeling. And now the eye is vibrant, radiant, multi-dimensional. I can see the eye but with three different lenses in front of it, they're transparent and spaced apart from each other and represent different abilities to see into different dimensions, and there’s sacred geometry (the flower of life) in front of that, I feel like that's being restored. (Picture an eye up close, with a contact lens a few millimetres from it, then another and another, each different from the last)

They’re showing me a man seated, and there’s another man behind him standing, the one seated looks dark energetically and is stooped and defeated the other man is doing an energy healing on him, removing all the dark energy and I get the feeling that the man was acting in a way that was unconscious and now he's waking up, sort of like not everyone that was involved, knew that they were involved. (the dark forces that have been working on the planet) The energy is a big ball of white energetic light over his chest and head.

Next I was back in front of the eye and I saw a hand reach up and scratch the eye open, the eye ball came out and floated up into the sky and I saw the central sun absorb it in, I don't know if that's the dark eye or the all seeing eye, I'm not sure.

I can see people marching past me, their hands are hand cuffed behind them being escorted by military, its all quite dark and there’s a white mist surrounding the soldiers with them. Now there are flames, like a purging flame superimposed over this scene, and the mist turns into the wings of the angel I saw earlier. The dark beings are being marched off.

Then there’s all these children being nurtured and cared for, (I saw them being embraced while they cried) and having energy healings, I can see all the bright white energy going into them, I see them releasing their trauma, crying and screaming while they let go. They’re being loved and held.

I can see a big hose (like many of the tunnels I see), its sucking up all these beings and the mist is going with them, they're being removed, it goes past me but I'm still here, I'm not being sucked up. I feel like a lot of these dark people have been so bad that no one will miss them, no one will care to look whether they're still here or not, so no one will even notice when they're gone.

I can see someone doing that same energy healing with the...they’ve got the planet between they're hands and they're putting the white light over the planet. I can feel it welling up in my heart as the loving energy comes back to the planet. Feels a lot lighter.
I'm feeling that some of the people that will be indicated aren't necessarily as evil as we might first think, they need redirection and nurturing because they’ve been traumatised too. They’re not as guilty as they first appear. There’s going to be a real witch hunt for those people. I’m feeling that because they’ve been left here then they're able to be salvaged and that somehow its not their fault.

I saw something like a camera, being dropped into the ocean and I watched as people observed what was happening on the camera (they were standing in front of a large screen watching and I could see their hands facing the screen), it looked like they were doing energy healing under the water, projecting through the camera. The camera floats on the surface, and its got four small solar panels, one on each arm at each corner and it just floats around.

Then I can see the planet again the light around it is like a mist and its electric and magnetic and vibrant and its white with a bit of yellow and is sparking with vibrancy. It seems to be creating itself now. Then it lifts off and passes a um gateway I guess but its clear but you could see it go through it (picture a transparent skin) like when you view the surface of the water and you see something pass through it, it went through that, but it was lifted up through that and I followed it and everything around it now everything around it (the star flecked darkness of space); I can feel the vibrancy of the electricity and the atmosphere around the planet, we are generating that ourselves now and its connected to the whole universe, like its never been before. Sort of like we’ve been birthed into our place in the universe, but its bigger than that though.

I just saw a fairy it looked like Tinkerbell and flew up away from the planet, she had a big pink Chinese umbrella I don't know what this means. So she's flying up through the atmosphere and the umbrella inverts and becomes like a shield and then an incoming laser comes hits the umbrella, and its stopped by the umbrella. I don't know what that means…. Its symbolic of our ability to manifest our own protection (on the new earth) as a collective and that other spirit beings will act it out.

So then I went whooshing down through the atmosphere down to the planet and it looks like I'm in central park (Odd coz I'm in Australia, but I went to NY in 2001, pre 9/11). It feels really peaceful, I can see people dancing in circles, all different ethnicities, everyone looks so happy, sharing and nothing to fear. Nobodies afraid anymore. There are ships coming down out of the sky and nobody bats an eyelid, its normal everyday life now. (Laughing) Oh off planet beings are teaching humans how to dance their different kinds of dances, its normal every day life now.  We’ve become really good manifesters, the collective ability to create and manifest is instant and we manifest beings or spirits that carry out our wishes, I can see them flying off to carry out our collective desires. I can feel a lot of waves coming from other planets like, energy waves that are... that we’ve never been exposed to before, to uplift us and connects us, bringing the technologies that we’ve missed, I feel like that the people on this new planet are trusted, so that the rest of the beings in the cosmos now trust us too, and share their technologies with us.

(Laughing again) And I just saw the all seeing eye, its tiny, its not even there all the time, every now and then it opens, has a look around and sees that everything is OK and closes again. Everything is OK. That made me smile, that's a good feeling.

There’s the two earths separating and there’s fireworks and I get the feeling that this isn't just our planet celebrating this is multiverse celebration of our success, everyone's collaboration has made this happen, its a joyous time.
I saw what happened to the other earth, and I don't want to see that, so I tried to move away from it (but couldn't) I had to see some of it. There was massive fires and lava everywhere (big sigh) flooding, it wasn't very nice. But we don't have to worry about that.

I can see someone's hands placing the planet into the middle of a lotus, in a vortex of protection and energy and vibrancy. Then I look down at my hands and I see my hands disappearing they’ve become light, light energy, it happens slowly. When we lose our physical body we are completely connected to vibrant energy at all times, its a wonderful feeling. Like every part of you is being tingled all at once, totally connected, never feeling alone, never feeling isolated. A magic feeling.

I can see a volcano erupting on the new planet and what comes out is like a sparkler of white light and its spewing out crystals, there’s nothing to fear with the new volcanoes the crystals they're healing crystals, they look rainbow coloured, I've seen them before but I cant remember the name of them, they’re a darker colour but rainbow, its the old crystal power coming back to the planet. These crystals are for everybody, you cant own them, they belong to all of us, the healing power belongs to all of us.

I'm seeing that the new higher energy all the loving energy that's around us is a protective shield against darker entities, they cant stand to be in that energy so it creates our own immunity, we don't even necessarily even know it, any dark entity that comes within our vicinity just gets destroyed or moved on so there is nothing to fear.

I can see the realisation of people right across the globe as they realise that the darkness has gone, there is nothing to fear and they can trust, there’s a celebration; imagine the Schumann Resonance that day.

I can see all these animals being dropped back on the planet, millions of them, some of the extinct animals, its like they’ve been waiting, and we don't fear them, and they don't fear us. Wow! The same with the bush, the trees the forest as well, it all comes back to life. Or maybe that's already happening on the new earth so its like that when we get there, I don't understand the time line I'm not seeing anything about that. Even the sun looks different, its like the rays of the sun are rainbows, like a crystal, bathed in rainbow crystal light.

There’s nothing to fear, all of this is happening, we just have to wait a bit longer. Wow.

(Long pause as I work out what I'm seeing) I saw the top of a really old church or cathedral, its confusing but it had a helicopter blade on the top of it (the tip of the spire or steeple) and I can see that its for power generation it goes down inside the building and generates power for something. Its repurposed, because we don't have reason or cause for cathedrals anymore, so the buildings are repurposed. Um its generating energy for a crystal but I don't understand. Looks like a crystal with plasma all around it, (the crystal was like a large half circle/ball laid on its back and pink/yellow) This has got something to do with healing, I saw people taking turns being in its presence, like renewal or something like that.

There’s no leadership anywhere. There’s no police there’s no cathedral staff, there’s no priests, there’s nobody looks different to anybody else, I think because everybody is connected telepathically there’s no need for leadership or ruling everybody knows everything, there’s nothing hidden just harmony. It a beautiful feeling to be so instantly connected to everybody else to be able to just trust. nothing hidden no secrets. Children can just play, no one has to worry about them, there’s nothing to fear anymore.

(Laughing) I can see all these ET’s dancing right throughout the galaxy, there’s a big party going on, celebrating every bodies efforts, we made it! We all did this, there isn't one being that wasn't involved. Makes me want to cry. (Whispering) Thank you, thank you, thank you for showing me this. (Tears rolling down my face by now)

I was just thanking them, thanking all of the beings for all of the help that we’ve had and are still receiving, we cant do this without them. They keep telling me that there is nothing to fear, everything is on track everything is moving and progressing forward as it should.

I asked if I could share this because I was told a few months ago not to share anything that  I experience out of body, these past things were just for me, but I'm allowed to share this. I just expanded my love to them, welled it up in my chest and sent it out to them and I got back ‘wait till you experience that on the new earth!’ ‘Its going to blow your mind, your ability to manifest love.’ I cant wait. This is such a beautiful feeling after all the ups and downs over the last few weeks, I don't want to leave this place.

They just gave me a healing, to eliminate some of the heaviness that I’ve been feeling.
I keep saying thank you, thank you thank you to them and there’s just no word big enough to express my gratitude. We are so fortunate to be alive at this time, its about to get a whole lot better.

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