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Message started by Phox on Nov 26th, 2019 at 8:11am

Title: Frozen Chances
Post by Phox on Nov 26th, 2019 at 8:11am
An interesting dream indeed, played out with an initial sense of mundanity, but with a growing depth and interest.

The world of the dream is memorable, to the point I could draw a basic map. The Land was frozen, the ground while with snow and ice. A narrow, steep gorge ran across the land, dviding it.

One side had sparse population - neither side had very much like in the eternal winter of wherever this was - but the one side was inhabited by only trees and a scarce number of animals. The prey head mostly died out, and the number of wolves had dwindled down to a last half-dozen, from freezing and starvation.

Upon the other side, humans lived. The village was small and also struggling, but had resources enough to survive. The only buildings I remember from that side was traditional church, and a government building or a bank.

I myself was a fox, though able to all appear human. I say a fox who could look human rather than a human who could am appear a fox because, on post-dream reflection, it must have been difficult and tireing to sustain, and was impossible to sustain while sleeping.

I never remember physically changing form, so suppose it was more a matter of changing people's perception of me.

The dream started from the government building. The town was small enough that all government, financial and transport were arranged and dealt with there. I was waiting in line to talk about emptying ma bank account of all money. Most people were. The touch of winter's deathly breath was creeping upon us, marking the end of this small town. A rumour has started that this winter was going to kill everyone in the village. And now everyone believed it, everyone trying to buy tickets on the one plain available. They fought and stole for tickets. The irony that I saw was that, wheatear the rumour was true or false, in the at of believing it - in the panic and with half the population about to flee - it would become true.

The half that remained would not be enough to work and maintain supplies and food, and would die from the other's selfishness.

I didn't believe the rumor. But I believed in human selfishness and new I had to get away from that place. I reached the large desk and spoke to the government man. He told me the identity papers he needed to let me take the money out, and told me to come back tomorrow. I wanted the money to give it all to the airport to out bit the others.

I left from there, turns out the the blue light of the falling sun. The walk to the church where I lived was slow. And on the way, I spied a wolf walking from the livestock. While we could make ourselves al appear as human to humans, there was no cooking other animals.

I approached him, Apple with him during a while. He lived in a forgotten human hut across the gorge, but he was starving, and had come to eat some of the livestock.

I told him there was no other way a creature as small and phsyica fradgile could survive the winter and starting preditors, but that I was cunning enough to fool the humans. He agreed he had seen no foxes for years. We left on friendly terms, though I offered him to sleep at the church. He was fearful for the offer, but refused.

I slept the night in the small church. The stone sucked all great from the room, but there were no icey drafts and be hills through which snow came.

The best day I was at the government place again the plain soon to come. There were strong winds and much fear. Then the pet power cut out, and everything  went dead. They told us a tree had fallen onto power lines, and that none of the records, which were on computer, were about to be used. They sent us all away, unable to access any intimation, out validate who she of it were.

Mass panic spread, fighting breaking out.

I fled across the bridge to the other side of the gorge, fires starting in the village. The wolf later found me, and told me I was free to stay with him though the winter. And longer, if I wanted.

I left the destructive, selfish, short-sighted stupidity of the villagers behind me, following the wolf to the warmth of his home: the party thing I remember before dream's end.

I have a vague sense of some romantic suggestion with the wild at the end, though the memories and detailing of this are too vague to say why or odd this was the case.

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