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Message started by mystical1707 on Nov 8th, 2019 at 11:17am

Title: What do you think causes this?
Post by mystical1707 on Nov 8th, 2019 at 11:17am
In my twenties, I would sometimes wake up and find myself in a different room which used to scare the life out of me. Mostly I appeared to be inside a castle tower. This is the only way I can describe it because it was a bricked wall that seemed to go round like a castle tower. Once in a blue moon, I would be somewhere else. A short while later everything would go back to normal and I would be in my own bedroom feeling relieved. No idea why I would wake up in a castle tower though because I never dreamed about castles and it always seemed to look the same. This has very rarely happened in my thirties thankfully.

The other thing that happens rarely happened in my twenties but has happened a lot in my thirties. I will wake up in the middle of the night and see someone / or some people in my room! Apart from on the odd occasion I never see the same person twice. The only times I can remember seeing the same person twice was twice in 3 nights and twice in 1 night but other than that, they are all different. Mostly I see middle aged men or women but have also seen a baby and a cat. A couple of occasions I have seen 2 people stood together or someone floating next to the ceiling.

Throughout my life I have ALWAYS been told that the above 2 situation are when you're in the dreaming/waking state so they are just hallucinations. BUT I was recently told by a psychic that that isn't the case. He said when you're in that state, you're more connected to the spiritual realm, or something to that effect so he thinks my experiences are REAL and probably people who have just passed over.

I am curious what you think. Are they hallucinations or are they real? I can only really remember one of these speaking once and that was when this man was in the room and I heard him say something like "Oh, but I wanted to watch her..." as he ran off.†

Have you ever experienced similar?

Title: Re: What do you think causes this?
Post by Vicky on Nov 10th, 2019 at 9:20pm
The experience of waking up in the castle sounds like it was probably an OBE but you werenít consciously aware enough to realize it, especially when youíre not used to having them and recognizing the different states of awareness you can be in.  The only way to know is to get more experience with OBEs and all the different levels of consciousness you can be in.

I think some OBEs and lucid dreams can get crossed with each other. Like, you could be dreaming, then start to become conscious, and it doesnít make sense that the dream is still happening since it feels like youíre waking up. Except youíre not waking up into the physical waking world, youíre waking up in a dream world. Thatís where I think there is a fine line sometimes between these two states.

When I was younger teens, 20s, and 30s, I often had what I called ďconscious dreamsĒ. All I knew for sure was, they were real but not physically real. I was consciously aware in them. They didnít seem just like normal dreams. They always had such meaning. It was dreams like this which usually involved me meeting one of my spirit guides, or where I would receive help and guidance from them. So while these experiences werenít real compared to physical reality, they were still real experiences. And they felt every bit as physical as physical reality.

About seeing people in your room, it reminded me that Iíve had some experiences like that too. One I can remember off the top of my head was that I woke up in bed (or so I thought I was actually waking up) and saw that there was a woman standing at the foot of my bed. She wore a long old-fashioned black dress and a black bonnet. She took a blanket that I kept at the end of my bed, and she laid it over me. I remember feeling surprised but I donít remember going back to sleep. It wasnít until I woke up in the morning that I realized it was a very weird experience. The blanket was still covering me. When I had awoken to see her, I was still lying in bed. I didnít move or sit up or anything. In order for me to pull the blanket up over myself, I would have had to sit up and then reach down to the end of the bed to grab it and pull it over me. So I donít know if that was real or not, but it sure seemed real.

Title: Re: What do you think causes this?
Post by mystical1707 on Nov 13th, 2019 at 9:15am
Thanks for sharing your experiences Vicky.

I have just been reading in my astral projection guidebook that it's not possible to have an OBE unless you actually remember leaving your body. So maybe the castle one was just lucid dreaming or waking up in the dream state. Maybe next time I wake up in a different place or see someone in the room I can think "awareness now" like you told me.

The book also pretty much confirmed what the psychic told me about waking up in the night in another state and seeing other beings who are on a different frequency

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