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Message started by mystical1707 on Nov 7th, 2019 at 8:09am

Title: I'm sure my last house was haunted
Post by mystical1707 on Nov 7th, 2019 at 8:09am
My partner is able to sense things but he never sensed anything bad about his last house despite having many experiences himself, whereas I on the other hand never liked that house. Maybe it was just the culture shock as I grew up in a semi detached house with a garden and a front lawn and this house was a mid terraced house with a shared driveway and no garden - just a tiny little concrete yard out the back. The house always felt cold to me and it never had a homely kind of feel to it.

Stuff was always happening in that house although it didn't really scare me until one morning. After we moved out, the new people moved out after a year so wonder if they had the same experiences. My partner said it was just a cattle market or something that was there before that house was built. I'll share a list of things that happened there:

One of my partner's earliest memories was when he was at work one morning. He had a dog and always left the radio on for the dog at a comfortable volume to keep her company until he came home for his lunch break. On that particular morning his neighbour rang him at work and asked him to come and turn the radio down as it was blaring out. He was surprised as she had never mentioned the radio before. He got home and found the radio had been turned up very high and the poor dog was cowering in a corner. There was no explanation as the volume button was one where you had to turn the knob round and the radio itself was on top of the freezer which was standing on top of the fridge so impossible for the dog to get to.

There were the odd times I was sitting on the settee watching TV and a cold draft would come by me with no explanation.

When we were decorating one of the bedrooms, my partner saw a young child on a couple of occasions. One time she was running across the landing, another time she was playing peek-a-boo with him from behind something.

One night he was with me in the living room and he had a vision (he had never had visions before) of a boat in flames on the river Thames. This was just before the olympics if I remember right. He felt very uneasy about it. Just after that he noticed a black orb or a black blob moving. He said it had an evil feel to it and he had tears in his eyes.

One day he had the fridge door open and was standing there getting something out. When he shut the fridge door and turned round, he said he came face to face with a wall of coldness. This coldness then went through him.

One night when we were both watching TV in the living room, he said he sensed like he was being watched. The hairs on the back of his neck were standing up. A moment later the light dimmed and then came back on as usual. The light was a dimmer light so I think could only be turned on or off by using a knob thing you had to turn if I remember right.

Whenever I had a shower in that house, I could have sworn I could always hear music. There might have been the odd times where I felt like I was being watched.

One day we had just come back from holiday and our neighbour thought we had come back the night before because she could hear some banging coming from our house. It sounded like it was right on the adjoining wall to their house she said. Very strange as the house was empty that night! I think it might have been the same holiday when we got back to find my hamster had escaped from her cage which was high up on a shelf. Her door was open and she was out running around. No idea how she got from the cage which was high up on a shelf to the floor without injuring herself and there was nothing there she could have used to grab on to.

It was also in this house where I saw the basketball sized orb/ball and had my slippers tied up but I'm sure these were related to my Nan rather than anything in that house.

On odd occasions the dogs would look up the stairs and bark away at nothing!

One day I was in the living room and my partner was upstairs and yet behind me I heard a very loud noise. The kind you would hear if someone is wanting to make you laugh. Like when you would stick your tongue out and make a loud noise. He swore it wasn't him and it can't have been anyway as it was right behind me and he wasn't even near me.

On a few occasions when I woke up I noticed some very large scratches on my back. Not deep, but they were very long ones. No idea where they came from unless I scratched myself without realising.

There was one night where I don't know if I was dreaming or if it was real but I was hanging on to the bed frame for dear life as it felt like someone kept trying to pull me off the bed and this seemed to go on for a long time.

The scariest experience happened one morning after my partner had gone to work. I got back in bed (it was just before 6.30am if I remember right) and switched the light off and I could sense someone in the bed with me. Can’t remember now if I could hear them breathing or if I could feel the covers being pulled as you would if someone was in bed with you or both but however I felt, there was definitely someone in there with me. I put it down to my imagination and I tried to ignore it but still the sensation was strongly there. I turned the light on and looked but of course there was no one there so I got out of bed, had a little walk around then got back in to bed and switched the light off. The same happened again! There was no way I was going back to bed so I got out, walked to the landing, just in time to see a man disappearing down the stairs and in to the kitchen. He was wearing a long black cloak and had a black top hat on. I was waiting for the dog to start barking as her den was under the stairs but she never did although he could have disappeared before he got to where her den area was and she was probably fast asleep.

The first night I stayed in that house, I woke up to find a man dressed in black in the room. He had the wardrobe door open and was stood there with a clipboard and looking in. A couple of nights later I saw the same man stood in the bedroom, however this time as well as being dressed in black, he was wearing a black baseball cap and was standing at the window looking out. My partner was shocked as all the years living in that house before I stayed there, he had never seen anyone.

One day the dog wouldn’t go in the living room and when she did, she had her tail between her legs and kept going upstairs out of the way.

About 1am one morning one of the dogs started growling a lot at the door. I took a few photos and got an orb on one. I can’t remember if this was the time when the orb had a face in it or not.

I would find technology always broke for me in that house. One day I was struggling to use the computer as it wouldn’t work. My partner came over, tried and it worked. I tried again and it wouldn’t work. Technology often buggered up around me but that was probably because it knew how I much I hated it. I’ve never liked technology and have always thought of myself as being a technophobe.

After my hamster died, I could still hear her at times and my partner used to hear her at the same time. 

Part of me does miss that house because of all the experiences but then another part of me is glad to have left because the house we live in now (despite a man dying in the house of a heart attack some time before we moved in) feels much more homely! I WISH we had set up a camera or something in that last house to record things!

Title: Re: I'm sure my last house was haunted
Post by Vicky on Nov 10th, 2019 at 10:48am
Oh that poor dog!! She must have been so terrified. I’m glad the neighbor was kind enough to call about the radio.

I completely believe you so my asking this isn’t about belief, but I’m curious…how do these things appear when you say you “see” them? Like the man in black for instance. Did you see him with your physical eyes like he was there in the house like a real person, or did you see in your mind’s eye? Was he solid or did he look see-through or anything? I’m always curious how other people perceive nonphysically, as well as I like hearing how other people put it into words, so that I can compare it to my own perception. I know we all perceive differently but we also do cross similar abilities.

Oh my God, I would be terrified feeling and sensing someone in bed with me when I knew there was no one there!

That house definitely sounds haunted to me!! Especially with you seeing and feeling someone there. But it also sounds like you are highly perceptive to experiencing the paranormal. Your boyfriend too.

Yeah, if you had caught stuff on cameras that would have really been neat! I just hear stuff in my house but haven't seen anything. My son has, but I haven't for some reason.

Title: Re: I'm sure my last house was haunted
Post by mystical1707 on Nov 10th, 2019 at 4:47pm
I believe when I see these people that I see them with my physical eyes because they appear and look just how they would if they were really there in person. He just looked like a real human being but at the same time I remember seeing that the bedroom door was closed. It was strange how I never saw his face - just the back of him. But he was clear enough to make out what he was wearing. I never saw him again after that though. My Mum thought he was probably checking up on me and making sure I was OK for my partner. My partner did wonder if it was his uncle who had passed away due to the clothes and how he was built but I have no idea.

I've also seen what I think can only be seen with my physical eyes, some images in front of me. Although on the odd occasion I have seen images in what might be my third eye perhaps as I have seen one when my eyes were closed where it took up the whole of my vision like a photograph and the odd other one that I have seen in the top of my vision when my eyes are closed. One of those really freaked me out as I was reading online about BEK's (black eyed kids) and I saw 1 or 2 of them at the top of my vision then but thought it must just be my imagination.

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