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Message started by mystical1707 on Oct 31st, 2019 at 3:34pm

Title: A strange experience...
Post by mystical1707 on Oct 31st, 2019 at 3:34pm
This happened not that long ago.

I had recently been reading up more about spiritual/paranormal stuff (something I do from time to time and when I seem to, I tend to have more of these strange experiences), and on this particular night I was laying in bed, relaxed, wanting to go to sleep when the following happened:

I heard a voice inside me say something like "the fish are passing by" and then I felt and heard a gentle dragging noise going across the top of my pillow (just above my head).

For a long time I was wondering if it was a special message but couldn't find anything through google search. Then tonight I typed something else in and found that fish is a symbol of opportunity, luck and wealth. Now my experience fully makes sense. I know I am missing a lot of opportunities in life. I wonder if it was some outside source that was trying to let me know that.

Title: Re: A strange experience...
Post by Vicky on Nov 1st, 2019 at 1:04am
I think it was author D. Scott Rogo who said that one way to experience paranormal experiences is to simply be reading about various paranormal topics that interest you.  It stirs up your curiosity which can actually attract it to you.  I agree.

I wonder if it was some outside source that was trying to let me know that.

I would believe it's more of an "inside" source, i.e. from your higher self, before I would believe in some outside source.  Have you had messages from your inner guidance before?  Most of us get them typically in dreams, or also in meditation. 

Title: Re: A strange experience...
Post by mystical1707 on Nov 1st, 2019 at 5:40am
That makes sense. I have noticed when I really get in to reading more about it, I have a lot of experiences, at least that's what happened back in my early 20's. I'm now in my mid 30's and it's only recently that I have started reading up more about it and had the odd experience recently. I think I should get reading more.

I think I may have had messages from my higher self before. If I had a job interview the next day, I would often dream the night before of the interview but it would be the worst case scenario so then the next day it was never as bad as my dream. I used to think something was helping me there.

But one of the biggest experiences I had was back in either 2004 or 2006 (again in my early 20's) when I had the flu. I was in bed and was bored stiff as it was Christmas and I wished I was downstairs but didn't feel well enough to go down. I wanted something to read so I grabbed a little bible out of my drawer. I'm not religious but was given this bible at school and it had sat there for years. It was a little red one and I'm sure I read somewhere that that one had something about life after death in it so that's why I decided to pick it up and read it. I didn't understand a word of it but carried on reading it.

I got about 3/4 of the way through the book when the most extraordinary thing happened! This swirly kind of grey smoke/mist appeared right in front of my eyes. It kept swirling round until it looked like a tunnel but again the tunnel kept swirling. I always associated the tunnel with death so you can probably imagine how scared I was at that point. I let it happen though. Once the tunnel was formed I looked up it and there was a little light. In the light sat a sparkling silver spoon. Stayed there for a few moments and then the whole vision disappeared.

A short while later the same happened again with the grey mist swirling but I was so overwhelmed by the first one that I quickly got out of bed and even though it was still trying to form, I managed to get it to disappear by closing my eyes and getting out of there quick. To this day I regret not letting that second one form. I was curious afterwards about what I might have seen. I do sometimes wonder if I should find another copy of that book and read it under the same conditions and see if anything happens.

A silver spoon symbolizes wealth but there has never been any wealth in my family. No one has ever been rich, we have all been poor so I don't get that at all.

Title: Re: A strange experience...
Post by Vicky on Nov 1st, 2019 at 12:30pm
I have a dream dictionary that I like to use just for ideas about what dreams and symbols mean, not that it's always going to be right but I sometimes have no clue how to interpret things. Even when something isn't a dream, our subconscious mind speaks to us in symbols and pictures. In it, it says that a silver spoon "symbolizes a lack of experiential learning opportunities."  So does that mean anything to you?

Title: Re: A strange experience...
Post by Baroness on Nov 1st, 2019 at 12:40pm
Wealth can have many meanings besides money.

Good luck,

Title: Re: A strange experience...
Post by Recoverer 2 on Nov 1st, 2019 at 3:53pm
Mystical 1707, you were reading a Bible, and Jesus spoke of riches in heaven, so perhaps tunnel, light and your interpretation of silver spoon go together.

Regarding "the fish are passing by," it reminded me of the phrase "many fish in the sea." Are you passing up some related opportunities?

Title: Re: A strange experience...
Post by mystical1707 on Nov 2nd, 2019 at 8:25am
Thanks for your replies. "a lack of experiential learning opportunities" that could be true of me. I have just been to a website to see what that means and although it seemed a bit confusing for me I think it means that I am not learning enough or I'm not learning properly or something, perhaps I keep making the same mistakes over and over if I have understand it right.

Recoverer 2, yes I am passing up a lot of opportunities. I need to grab some opportunities when they arise but I don't have the confidence / motivation to do so, so I think that's what the fish one means.

But it's good to know that riches in heaven was my mind interpreting about that.

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