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Message started by Vicky on Sep 8th, 2019 at 11:05am

Title: Spiritual physical interaction and assistance
Post by Vicky on Sep 8th, 2019 at 11:05am
I would like to start a thread hearing about peopleís experiences with feeling and receiving comfort from pain, sadness, grief, etc, physically experiencing spiritual assistance.  Most of these situations happen when we are in so much pain or desperation and weíre praying, but we donít expect anything to really physically happen. 

One experience I was thinking about today happened back before my divorce.  I was in such sorrow over it, feeling so defeated and depressed over my marital problems and knowing that I wanted to divorce my husband, and hoping that one day I would find a man who truly loves me.  I was at work alone one night in our very tiny office, so I know I was the only person there.  I remember just hanging my head down and trying not to cry, and I was asking in my head just for some comfort from these deeply sad feelings. 

I suddenly felt a pair of large, strong hands on my shoulders.  I literally physically felt the feeling and pressure of them as if someone was really pressing into the tops of my shoulders. 

It certainly got my attention!  And I knew instantly that this was a spiritual interaction.  I didnít receive any thoughts or feelings or hear anything with it, and honestly I didnít just instantly feel better.  I still felt completely crummy, but the fact that I became consciously aware that ďsomeoneĒ was actually there listening to my thoughts and showing they were there with me was such an incredible experience. 

It's experiences like this that prove to me we are never alone. 


Title: Re: Spiritual physical interaction and assistance
Post by Recoverer 2 on Sep 8th, 2019 at 10:48pm
Hello Vicky:

I look at it this way. We originate from a place of love. Eventually we'll return to this place. The more we remember that love comes from this place, the more we can feel it in this life.

I don't mean to suggest that I'm feeling lots of of love all of the time, but I understand where I come from enough, that I don't need to get depressed while here in this world. I meditate 2-3 times a day, and most of the time I can tune into this love while doing so.

Something that helps me tune into this love, is considering how much I love all of my fellow souls, and how wonderful it will be when they are all, once again, at the place they come from. Because time isn't linear, when I return to this place, this source of love, I will find that all of my fellow souls have done the same.

I believe that we choose to separate ourselves from the place we come from for a while, because doing so helps us learn about things that aren't possible in a place of perfect, unconditional love.  Knowing about these other possibilities, helps us appreciate unconditional love. For example, how could you fully manifest and appreciate your love-based concern for your fellow souls, if the possibility of their unhappiness didn't exist? These other possibilities come from no other place but ourselves.

Title: Re: Spiritual physical interaction and assistance
Post by Vicky on Sep 9th, 2019 at 1:15am
I agree with you on all accounts.  As Iíve grown older and had many more experiences and learning, I certainly do know the power of Love and what it can do.  Itís gotten me through many difficulties. 

Have you ever in your past experienced a "hands-on" sensation of a spirit guide, helper, loved one, or your higher self?  Anything at all like that that helped awaken you to what you know now?

I think the strongest, most eye-opening life changing experience for me of this sort was when my newborn son was taken to another hospital into surgery.  He was born with a serious birth defect and they didn't expect him to survive the surgery.  I was out of my mind with disbelief, pain, shock, and anger, and I prayed so intensely.  During his surgery as I lay in another hospital, I felt my son lying in bed with me and I held his tiny little hand the entire time.  I knew it was impossible.  I knew it didn't make any logical physical sense.  I knew it was an incredibly special gift that was given to me to make me know he was going to be ok. 

Title: Re: Spiritual physical interaction and assistance
Post by Recoverer 2 on Sep 9th, 2019 at 12:54pm

I've had OBEs where I felt the presence of a guide, but I didn't see such guide.

While awake, I've experienced such presence numerous times. For example, one night I went to bed and I felt flustered about the problems that exist within this world. Then I suddenly experienced myself in space, and heard a male voice say, "It's a school," and then got the added feeling "this world is a way of learning, so don't stress out."

One night I lay down after a difficult day, and a being showed me a row boat on still water. I got the sense that if we don't experience waves (challenges) during this life, we don't get anywhere.

Here is something more subtle. One day I spoke to a lady at work and explained that sometimes we can receive spirit messages through our dreams. She related this possibility to a dream she had, and started crying. For some reason I was overcome with a bunch of energy. Similar feeling as when an earthbound spirit temporarily attaches itself to me, I felt the jello effect. It was difficult to keep talking to her as this occurred, because I had to concentrate inwardly at the same time, in order to overcome the jello effect.

I don't know what precisely the above lady sent to me, perhaps just an aspect of herself. Whatever the case, afterwards, after the jello effect had subsided, I looked down at my heart area, and saw a bright white light flash. This came with the feeling, "everything is okay."

There are numerous other examples.

Regarding both friendly and unfriendly beings being around at the same time, within the past year I had a lucid dream, and to sum up, this dream made the point that even though unfriendly beings are around, so are the beings that love me. I could feel their love after the dream was over and it lasted into the next day. Just as we can run into different types of people while in this world, we can run into different kinds of spirits. This is okay since our loved ones are always around, and since we can choose the way of being we want.

Title: Re: Spiritual physical interaction and assistance
Post by mystical1707 on Nov 7th, 2019 at 9:17am
Lovely to read all of your experiences Vicky and recoverer.

I had my own back in July of this year. At least I like to think someone was with me helping me through it but I've also been told it means change is on the way. Change did happen a few days later with our oldest dog passing away :(

Anyway back to my own experience, it was a roasting hot day. I remembered not having enough water the year before during hot weather so this time I made sure I had enough and actually drank too much water in a short space of time. This gave me some terrible side effects and an ambulance was called. I was scared stiff!

When I got to the hospital, after some waiting around in an empty A&E area, they moved me to a room called 'The Butterfly Room'. Just like a little private area with a bed and chairs in. I had to wait in there for hours for my blood results but luckily had my family with me. I expected them to tell me I could go home once they gave me the results but I found out I would be moved up on to a ward to go on an IV drip for 8hrs.

When I got up there, I found that we weren't allowed visitors until a certain time so I would be up there for half† of the day on my own! I was very anxious about the whole experience. But it wasn't until just before I was discharged over 8hrs later that my partner noticed something I hadn't even seen. Above each bed was a large whiteboard kind of thing, I think these had our names on. Now in the bottom corner there was a picture of a butterfly that had been stuck on there. Just a black and white butterfly. I looked at everyone else's boards and NONE of them had anything on them, they were all blank!

I had also thought it was unusual earlier in the day before I went to hospital as there were many more butterflies about than usual, many more around me. And once we were out of the hospital, my partner went to fetch the van as it was parked quite a distance away so I waited near the reception for him. It was just an area with a roof so provided shelter but there weren't any walls apart from what was joined on to the hospital building. Well I was waiting there for a few minutes when a butterfly floated by and came close to me before flying off again.

That day brought me an unbelievable amount of comfort as I got the impression that I wasn't alone. Now it could have all just been a coincidence but a good one at that but I was told it wasn't a comforting message from the other side but that it meant change was coming my way! But I still like to think it was something spiritual letting me know it was by my side.

Another memory is when I was at secondary school. I absolutely HATED it. When you don't have any friends and you are very shy, school is your worst nightmare. Every night when I laid in bed, I used to see a woman's face on my wall. She had wavy hair. After a while I got used to seeing her. She never moved or anything and there were no patterns in the wall that made it look like a person was there. She wasn't there all the time but just for a short while after I went to bed. I always wondered if she was there by my side letting me know everything was OK, it was very comforting. Wonder if she was my spirit guide or something!

Although there isn't always anyone there to comfort you when you need it. When I was quite young, I'm guessing around the age of 5-7, we stopped off at the graveyard on the way home from visiting relatives. My Mum and brother and I stayed in the car whilst my Dad nipped to his relative's graveyard, I think to place some flowers down. And then it hit me about dying and I got so upset I couldn't control myself although no one noticed me but I had tears in my eyes at the thought of losing my parents one day and everyone that I loved and how I would be alone and I felt so sad about it. I didn't receive any signs of comfort then or anything to make me believe that you don't really die so I wonder why I only felt this comfort when I got older? 

Title: Re: Spiritual physical interaction and assistance
Post by Vicky on Nov 10th, 2019 at 11:08am
Iím the type who probably doesnít notice signs very often if they are there.† Iíd need it to happen repeatedly or in a profound way before Iíd notice or make the assumption.† I think Iím just stubborn that way.

But I definitely believe we get what we need when we need it, and if we really need it but arenít noticing then I think our Guides keep nudging and trying until we do notice.† And I also think we only get the bare minimum.† Our higher selves donít do things just to entertain usÖalthough I wish they would, LOL. †

Title: Re: Spiritual physical interaction and assistance
Post by Baroness on Nov 10th, 2019 at 2:21pm
You gave me my morning laugh today when you said, "Our higher selves don't do things just to entertain us...although I wish they would."† My own guide's humor lies in the sarcastic, and I never feel her smile.† She's always so busy teaching me something.† I often wonder what else she does or am I a fulltime job?† lol :D

My grandmother's guide showed her gardens full of beautiful purple flowers shortly before she died.† My grandmother mentioned it to my mother who was beside her bed, and then said to her, "Oh, I forgot you can't see them."

I agree with you, Vicky, that ESP talent runs in families like musical talent in some other families.† If only all offspring would take up the family business (so to speak).
Hugs to all,

Title: Re: Spiritual physical interaction and assistance
Post by Vicky on Nov 12th, 2019 at 7:43pm
I do wish they'd make their presence known more often, or at least just for conversation once in a while.  But no,  no matter how much I ask it doesn't happen.  I also wonder what all my guides have to do for me that I have no clue about?  I'm sure I keep them busy!   ;)

Title: Re: Spiritual physical interaction and assistance
Post by Baroness on Nov 18th, 2019 at 11:45am
Do you ever ask them to do something for find you a parking place close to the door of wherever you're going?† I do and they are very good at it-- at least mine are.†

I went to Walmart the other day.† I asked for some place close as I was already tired.† †I pulled in the lot and looked around for somewhere to park and thought I would find one right away, but I had to go around again.† Just as I was thinking my guides couldn't find one for me, one opened up as I pulled close.† I should know not to ever doubt them.† They teach me that lesson quite often. ;D

Now that is a simple thing and fills a simple need, but it does a couple of things.† It lets me know my guides are hearing me.† They also know that I will be fatigued when I come out and appreciate the car being close.† And one other thing, they are very good to me.† All I have to do is ask, and believe they will do it, and thank them when it is done.

Title: Re: Spiritual physical interaction and assistance
Post by Vicky on Nov 18th, 2019 at 9:23pm

Just recently my son and I were talking about finding money on the ground.  I always find only pennies and donít always pick them up.  He used to ignore any coins at all but decided to try to change his luck by picking everything up.  So we both decided to start always picking up any coins to empower our good luck.  So I said, ďWell I want to start finding dimes then or something, Iím tired of just pennies.Ē  He said, ďWhy dimes?  Why not quarters?Ē  And I said, "Well yeah of course.  Iíd be happy with anything bigger than a penny."  A week later I found a dime on two different days.   ;)   I think stuff like that happens just to remind you that intention really does work.  And I think most of the time even when we donít really believe what we say is going to happen it still has a strong effect and we don't realize it.  We arenít really aware of the energy we put out there unintentionally and unknowingly that create things to happen.

Bruce always taught me that you should have your intention, say it out loud, expect it to happen, and then look for it happening, being open for you to experience it.

That reminds me...I had a thing happen today as I was entering the grocery store, and I KNOW it was my Guidance talking to me but I was stubborn and ignored it, then wished I hadnít!!  As I was walking toward the entrance to the grocery store I passed an empty grocery cart.  I felt my Guidance tell me I need to just take that one and push it as I go into the store.  Well, I ignored it because I thought I will just get a cart when I am inside the store, and then I donít have to push it all the way in. 

Well, I got inside the entrance where the carts are stored and ALL the carts were gone.  There are usually always several rows of carts.  I even walked a ways into the store and there were no carts around.  I thought, ďDarn it!  I should have just listened.Ē  I didnít feel like going all the way out and around the corner just to go back and get that cart Iíd passed, so I just took a hand basket instead, which ended up being heavy and hurting my arm.  Shoot.  Thatíll teach me to ignore my Guidance, ha ha.   ::)

Title: Re: Spiritual physical interaction and assistance
Post by seagullresting on Nov 19th, 2019 at 6:46pm
You guys got my hopes up talking about the guides, etc. I talked to the "guides" this morning before looking for a parking place, joking out loud to them about being the parking "gods" not guides, and hoped with expectation that there would be a space. There are never spaces on a Tuesday. Never. Lo and behold, I looked to my right and there it was. My space.

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