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Message started by Rypey on Aug 6th, 2019 at 6:09pm

Title: Visions and why we have them? What do they mean ?
Post by Rypey on Aug 6th, 2019 at 6:09pm
I know this is going to sound weird but I've had a vision I'm and it seems to suggest that I try to find someone who trying is build a spectral analyser or similar device to be able to view energy in its purest form and may be having a problem. you think that when it powers on you are just seeing bright light and it doesn't work. in fact it works perfectly your problem is you haven't yet managed to build a filter system. what your infact seeing is the whole energy spectrum and the filters will able you to see the the respective elements of the energy fields. The reasons I found this so weird. 1. I have never made An account of visions I have had  (and some have been very vivid).
2.until now I never felt the urge to record my visions as I felt they were just my brain firing while I was tired.
3.i never interpreted my visions as any kind of gift or power as I thought that was saved for the religious books
4.ironically I have never read the book of Enoch and today I thought I would and when I was on chapter 12 the vision hit me

After the vision finished I realised it was a lot clearer than my usual ones. I was able to understand it which is something that has never happened before the event. stranger thing is that once I had interpreted it I only have a vague memory of the vision I now see the interpretation in my mind.

I'm looking for anyone who this applies to or perhaps someone who has a better understanding of who has visions and why people have them. if anyone can help. Many thanks.

Title: Re: Visions and why we have them? What do they mean ?
Post by Vicky on Aug 8th, 2019 at 1:06am
Hi Rypey,

My advice is that you get a notebook that will be only for recording your visions (and maybe other remarkable experiences as well).  Write the date, day, time, and what you were doing when you had the vision, write down details of what you experienced, and then what (if any) feelings or thoughts you have about it.  If later something happens during the course of your day that seems to have some uncanny coincidence to your vision, then make a note of that experience too.

This is a great way to learn how your perception works.  And if you are having visions foretelling something, then youíll have a great record of what you perceived before the event. 

I think when it comes to visions (or dreams) that seem so real but donít seem to have meaning in the real world, it could be that what you saw wasnít something that you could understand, so you subconsciously ended up interpreting it into something that you could make some sense out of.  Thatís just a theory.  I use that same theory on dreams that I have which seem to make sense while Iím in the dream, but then when I wake up thereís just no way for me to translate into words what I was dreaming about. 

As for who has visions and why they have them, I think there are too many different answers for those questions.  I rarely have visions anymore but growing up I had them often.  They were always foretelling an event that was about to happen, and Iíd usually get it just a few moments or minutes before the event took place.  As I got older I noticed that sometimes my visions would come much sooner, like hours before the event took place.  And then it became that I could receive something months before it took place.  So I was noticing this ability evolving over time.  Then I noticed that I could receive information in other forms than just visions. When I was a teenager I had the most vivid dreams, and when I was in my 20s I had psychic dreams.  I guess this kind of stuff is always evolving for us as our knowledge and beliefs evolve. 

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