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Message started by Vicky on Aug 13th, 2018 at 2:04am

Title: A Visit In A Dream From My Deceased Dad
Post by Vicky on Aug 13th, 2018 at 2:04am
I had a visit from my dad a couple nights ago in a dream.  Itís been 8 years since Dad died and I love that heís still visiting me.

I donít remember any part of the dream the moment before I saw Mom and Dad.  But the moment I saw them and Dad turned and looked me in the eyes, I instantly was consciously aware.  It was like, my awareness was such that at that very moment I was aware of myself, aware of my parents, aware of my life, just normal waking conscious awareness.  Awareness it was a dream not physical reality, awareness Dad was visiting me, awareness of how special this was. 

When Dad made eye contact with me he was giving me a big smile, and his aura glowed all around him.  All at once my first awareness of feeling was the feeling that thatís my dad, and heís physically dead, but heís here and my first awareness of thought was, ďHi Dad!Ē and I said it in my thoughts, not spoken out loud.  It was conveyed to him through the energy of my thoughts and feelings, no words necessary.  Dad also didnít speak; I felt everything he was conveying to me through his energy as well. 

As I said ďHi DadĒ he just kept smiling at me but I was also now feeling how proud he was of me, just the pure essence of him feeling so very proud of me, my life, and everything Iíve been doing.  It was a fantastic feeling.  Not only was this my dad being proud of me, which Iíve always loved throughout my life, but this was my dadís spirit coming to visit me in a dream to tell me heís so very proud of me above all else.  The spiritual profoundness of how amazing that is is beyond words.  It was like, the day-to-day little annoyances of life meant nothing.  Struggles of decisions, finances, frustrations, and worries vanished.  None of that normal every-day life stuff mattered anymore.  Dad was proud of me despite all of that.  In that moment I was able to feel the truer reality beyond all of that, that what mattered more than anything was just knowing we still live beyond physical death and that love is the most important thing there is. 

Now that I was so consciously aware, I looked at Mom who was sitting in a chair next to Dad who was also sitting in a chair.  They were sitting in the garage in just metal folding chairs, just talking.  Well Mom was talking, Dad was listening.  Mom wasnít aware I was there, but Dad was.  It was so neat to see how this worked.  He was dividing his awareness between the two of us.  In Momís reality she was just visiting with Dad, but in Dadís reality he was visiting me.  It was like this moment in time was a way in which we could all intersect in such a way that our realities were their own separate experiences but able to meet each of our needs.  Mom was obviously in her own little world talking incessantly about some emotional thing she was dealing with.  And Dad was there listening, being attentive, and supporting her.  But he was also able to share his awareness and attention with me, to be able to give me a visit.  And I was able to have this experience because I was physically sleeping and dreaming, able to be consciously aware so to have this special visit with my dad.

Itís so intriguing how that works! 

Then Dad conveyed to me a suggestion, something having to do with the renovations Iím having done on the house and getting things taken care of.  I felt him tell me, ďDonít bother calling about such-and-such, itís not necessary.Ē  Unfortunately I forgot what he said even though I woke up immediately after this experience.  I didnít get up to write it down and after falling back to sleep and then waking up a few hours later I wasnít able to remember his advice.  But I know for a fact it has to do with some worries I had about the house.  (I inherited Mom and Dadís house after Mom passed away.  Iíve been having it renovated and trying to be aware of things that might need attention).  Hopefully Iíll be able to retrieve that bit of information he gave me.  I've even considered that it might have been symbolic of something about me, as I do tend to worry a lot.

It was neat to see that Dad was being supportive of Mom as she is still working through some of her mental and emotional issues.  Iíve had many dream visits of Mom since her death in January this year, so Iím well aware of the emotional and mental issues and struggles from her life that Mom is working through.  I try to help but only minimally, and only to show pure unconditional love, but not to interfere or to allow her to interfere with my own issues since Iím still physically here and the learning is more slow-going here.  I still need time to deal with my issues of my motherís personalities disorders and how she treated me.  But Dadís in a better position to be there for her so itís neat to see that thatís going on.

Another thing I learned from this experience is that Dad has always seemed so ďokayĒ since his death.  Unlike Mom who is still working through some difficulties, still growing in her own way and in her own time, Dad seems to be in his element, happy, and filled with love.  This makes me so happy.  Like I said, Iíve had many visits from my dad over the years since his death and itís remarkable always seeing him in such an advanced state of being.  Itís not only heartwarming, itís so refreshing to know that thatís possible.  I have no idea what kind of state of being Iíll be in when I die, or how long it will take me to sort out some things or if Iíll even need to.  But while Iím still here it sure is a relief to know whatís possible about how things work after you die. 

One thing I know too, what we think and worry about here, what we think is most important to us, isnít necessarily the same once we die.  We have so many concerns and struggles in our lives and we carry it throughout our lives.  I donít want to bring all that with me and have to struggle and deal with it after death.  So itís an incredible reminder to get visits like this so I can really feel and remember whatís really most important to our being.  That feeling of love Dad was giving me, that feeling of how proud he is of me, was such a sweet thing he did for me.  No judgment, no conditions, just love.  Thatís why itís called pure unconditional love. 

Title: Re: A Visit In A Dream From My Deceased Dad
Post by Subtle Traveler on Aug 13th, 2018 at 9:42am
(imagine a picture of a hand with its thumb up here)

Title: Re: A Visit In A Dream From My Deceased Dad
Post by Vicky on Aug 14th, 2018 at 12:28am
Thanks ST!

Title: Re: A Visit In A Dream From My Deceased Dad
Post by seagullresting on Aug 15th, 2018 at 9:23pm
You have only to trust in that connection to move forward with anything that concerns you.

Title: Re: A Visit In A Dream From My Deceased Dad
Post by Vicky on Aug 15th, 2018 at 10:24pm

seagullresting wrote on Aug 15th, 2018 at 9:23pm:
You have only to trust in that connection to move forward with anything that concerns you.

Yeah I agree with that.  I think I'm pretty good at trusting what feels right and knowing that I'm open to receiving more if it's necessary.  I also believe we can't really make real mistakes.  Everything we do is a learning experience for ourselves. 

Title: Re: A Visit In A Dream From My Deceased Dad
Post by seagullresting on Aug 16th, 2018 at 7:00am
I hope that's true, because some of my life certainly feels like I made some serious mistakes, and quite a few of them. But, without those experiences I don't think I would have the viewpoint I currently have, which I value.

In any case, your visit makes so much sense, and it makes me smile to think of your mom and dad sitting in a couple of folding chairs in the garage while you work on the house. But why metal? It would be funny to put a couple of comfortable chairs in the garage and tell them, here, sit in these. Make yourself at home.

Title: Re: A Visit In A Dream From My Deceased Dad
Post by Vicky on Aug 16th, 2018 at 1:11pm
The way I see it about "mistakes" in life is that yes, from our perspective we can see mistakes we've made because once you go through an experience you can see how it didn't benefit you or how it would have been better if you had just done this instead of that.  But I think from a higher perspective, a spiritual perspective, it's not a mistake.  Some roads are easier than others but I think all roads in one way or another take us on the same course, meaning we will eventually get the same opportunities we need to fulfill what we need to learn and experience. 

I think the metal folding chairs were just representative of what we already actually have in the house.  With the house being renovated I've gotten rid of the old kitchen chairs, couches, etc, so right now I have virtually no furniture.  When my son and I watch TV, it's up in his bedroom on his computer, and I'm sitting on a metal folding chair.  In a week or two the main floor renovations will be done and I can finally buy furniture!! 

Anyway, maybe Mom and Dad sitting on chairs like that was just representing my own current state of being, just fitting in with how things are right now, you know? 

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