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Message started by Vicky on Jan 30th, 2018 at 8:59pm

Title: What Bruce's memorial was like
Post by Vicky on Jan 30th, 2018 at 8:59pm
I wanted to share what Bruceís memorial was like.  My son accompanied me and we spent a few extra days in Florida to see some sights, and I really appreciated having his company and support. 

Iím so happy that I went because it was very special being there with so many others who loved and miss Bruce as much as I do.  You could really feel Bruceís spirit there combined with all the love for him.  His wife Pharon said she could really feel the energy of the many who said they wished they could have attended but would be there in spirit.  That was sweet.  I agree, it felt pretty special.

Iíd say there were only about 45 people or so.  It was held at a beautiful place, very elegant looking including the food and dťcor.  It was organized very well, and there was a large flat-screen TV continually showing photos of Bruce throughout his entire life, and his favorite songs were playing in the background.  It was a lot of fun seeing some of those photos of Bruce as a little boy, growing up, and as a young man.

I myself didnít stand up to say anything mostly because I know how shy I am but I also felt Iíd be too emotional and would hardly be able to speak for crying so hard.  Bruceís wife also chose not to get up and speak herself because she said sheíd cry even worse than everyone else, so she instead had a close friend of theirs read her statement for her.  And it was lovely, giving a recap of Bruceís life of what led him to being the afterlife teacher that we all knew him as, and sharing how they met and came to be together.  Then he also read a statement from The Monroe Institute giving their condolences and saying how much they appreciated Bruceís contribution not only for his own work to the world but also for their appreciation of his influence bringing a lot of people to TMI. 

Both of Bruceís kids each stood up and talked, as well as his sister.  I was so touched at hearing all these personal memories and stories.  His sister shared stories of what it was like when they were little kids and growing up.   Bruce was obviously a very good big brother!  Keith, who orchestrated much of the proceedings, also sang a song a cappella.  They held a couple ďmoments of silenceĒ for Bruce as they played his favorite songs.  One was ďImagineĒ by John Lennon and aother was ďIf You Want to Sing Out, Sing OutĒ by Cat Stevens.  Boy, the tears were really flowing after all of this, not just for me but most everyone. 

There were three people who had flown in from Japan.  One of the men (Iím not sure about the other) was a trainer of Bruceís workshop.  (I knew that Bruce had trained people in Japan to give his workshops but I didnít know he also had trained people in a few other countries as well).  And I also didnít know just how many workshops they giveÖthey said about 100 a year if Iím not mistaken.  Thatís amazing!  Bruce has really touched so many people, directly and indirectly.  His work will definitely continue to be passed on!

The seating was at five large tables, and the buffet of very elegant appetizers was in the back, so after people got up and spoke we ate and mingled.  I asked his wife how she was doing, and I thanked her for taking such good care of Bruce.  I know how much work it was for her in the past year while he was on home hospice.  She said she was relieved that that part was over, and I completely understood what she meant.  I knew personally from Bruce that he didnít want to be that way.  Once the body is giving out itís not how you want to live.  As his wife Pharon put it, she said itís a process of giving you the chance to get used to the idea of his life being over.  That was a perfect way of putting it.  I asked her if she felt Bruce around her sometimes and she said yes, all the time.  She knows heís still around her.  We all knew that Bruce was on borrowed time.  His daughter is a nurse and she told me that Bruce had lived many years longer than he should have.  I think he was sticking around for everyone for as long as he could! 

Keith will continue working on a video presentation about Bruceís life.  He wasnít able to get it completed for the memorial because itís such a big project and he wants to do it justice, so that will be out there for all to see once itís completed.  Heíll have it on his You Tube channel and of course Iíll announce it here when I know about it.

Bruce already knows this, but Iíd like to say this now for him:

Bruce was my best friend and I appreciate that I got to have him in my life the way that I did, that we always did what we could to hang out and to stay in touch over the years, and for all the conversations we had about our spiritual beliefs.  We literally could talk about anything, share everything, and spend hours working on a project until it was done or talking about something until we worked it out.  I could ask him anything, and sometimes I know I asked him to explain something weíd talked about before, but he was always willing to explain and make sure I got it.  His patience as a teacher and a friend was never-ending.  I love that we were close enough that he could open up to me, talk and share and even cry with me. 

He was always there for me even though it was mostly just over the phone or computer cam, and he was always willing to help fix anything he could.  There are times when I think ďOh Iíll just ask BruceĒ and then I remember that heís not there to fix things like that for me anymore, and itís not that I miss him being there to do it, itís that I miss him just being here in my life.  So then I just think what would Bruce do or what would Bruce say?  And then I focus on his presence and it feels like heís still here for me. 

We believed the same way and totally got each other, and it made me feel very good hearing him tell me how much it meant to him to know that I completely understood his beliefs the way that he did.  He was my biggest supporter, always encouraging me and always willing to listen, and always being patient while I talked and explained my thoughts, feelings, and experiences.  No matter how bizarre my paranormal or spiritual experiences were, Bruce listened to me, understood what I was saying, made me feel validated, believed me, and gave his insight and knowledge about how to interpret and look at things in a new way, and what else I could do to further my curiosity and journey for learning and experiencing more. 

He was a big believer in doing and learning as much as you could now, at this moment, and then once you do, then do something else.  But just keep learning and expanding.  Never stop being curious.

His patience, kindness, and love were the most special I will ever get in this life.  He once told me that he has learned so much from me because of our friendship.  I love that.  I know that the best parts of me are because of what I learned from him. 

And I still wish I could have more from him.  Despite all of the wonderful things I have learned about life, death, love, and the nature of our consciousness from Bruce, another thing I wish I could have learned was to be like him.  He touched so many people, and he was always comfortable, laid back, and at home no matter where he was or what he was doing.  I loved how easy going he was!  He was the smartest person I know.  He had a very sharp mind, a fantastic memory, and such an ease with people.  He was a special guy. 

I will always feel very lucky to have had him in my life.  And I would do anything for him.  So Iím very honored that he asked me to run his forum for him.  I promised I would do it as long as I could and that Iíd do it in the way he wanted it done, that it would always be his site.  Keeping his work alive and passing it on is the least I can do.

Bruce, I love ya and can't wait to see you again!



Title: Re: What Bruce's memorial was like
Post by heisenberg69 on Feb 24th, 2018 at 12:00pm
Well said Vicky, like you said his legacy will live on!  :) Dave

Title: Re: What Bruce's memorial was like
Post by Morrighan on Feb 24th, 2018 at 12:08pm
Beautiful recounting. So happy you were able to be there and share this with all.

Looks like you're holding the baton now.  :)

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