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Message started by I Am Dude on May 1st, 2017 at 10:40am

Title: Aliens, Demons and Jesus Christ
Post by I Am Dude on May 1st, 2017 at 10:40am
In this dream, I was in bed and my wife was nearby, perhaps in the other room. I was explaining to her that I was able summon aliens. I don't know why I wanted to do this, because I believe aliens are probably demonic entities and in reality I want nothing to do with them, but I was sure of my ability to mentally contact them and have them manifest to me. Well sure enough, after stating my intent, an alien appeared at the side of the bed, right next to me. It was so close to me that its head was touching the side of my body, so I was unable to see its face. In panic and fear, I put my hands on the top of its bald head to push it away and began to scream out "Jesus Christ!" for protection. After calling for Jesus three times, the alien suddenly vanished.

Experiences like this make me wonder if these are in fact genuine entities manifesting in the dream state.

The following video includes testimonies of abductees who were able to permanently stop abductions by using the name of Jesus Christ. Make of it what you will.

Title: Re: Aliens, Demons and Jesus Christ
Post by Recoverer 2 on May 1st, 2017 at 4:01pm

Going by how some of my dreams have played out, I believe you were being told that if you seek divine help from somebody like Jesus, a negative ET or demon-like being can't hurt you. I've had numerous experiences that made this point.

Regarding whether negative ETs exist, going by the information I received they do. As far as calling out for help from Jesus, and negative ETs responding, well, what is the nature of ETs that can make people pass through walls? Perhaps they aren't purely physical. I don't know.

It could be that some negative ETs are influenced by demon-like beings, and these demons react when people ask Jesus for help.

John Mack wrote a book called "Passport to the Cosmos." On page 213 it says:

"But it is Isabel who has expressed most clearly the power of love to counter the dark frightening aspects of alien beings, including those of the reptilian sort. When the beings threaten her, she sends out to them "as much love as I can, waves of love." One time she felt that a reptilian being was sending her images of her second son being mangled or buried alive (her first son had been killed the year before in an automobile accident). She responded by imagining a protective light around the boy's body. A reptilian image came to her with other horrible images of herself and other family members being killed.  It seemed that as she sent positive love energy toward these angry beings,  she could hear them shrieking and saw them running, then backing off through the wall. Then she saw beings that were grey and reptilian, followed by one of the blue beings she calls the "blue baldies." She sent a "last burst of love energy, calling on Jesus and feeling good inside toward" this being. It seemed to make a weird sound" and went down as if it were in pain, "like the Wizard of Oz being stripped."

After the above experience she was no longer afraid of the beings. She believes that love is the real power.

There have been a number occasions when a negative being went after me in some way, I would tell it, "May God's love and light be with you," I would feel a lot of love during such occasions, and the being that tried to pester me would stop doing so.

I have done retrievals where a being would feel quite dark at the beginning, and then it gets cleansed gradually until it feels like love and peace.

During by my experiences with negative entities I am awake. As far as I can tell, negative entities aren't able to control my dreams. There might be occasions when they can control a person's dreams. There might be occasions when we experience actual experiences via a dream.

Title: Re: Aliens, Demons and Jesus Christ
Post by SourceLover2 on May 6th, 2017 at 7:34pm
  While some ET's that interact with humanity are negative, not all are by any means. 

  During Howard Storm's NDE and more specifically with his conversations with Yeshua and other Beings of Light, he asked about other life in the Universe.

   He was shown many, many different life forms. At some other point, he was told that many other intelligent life forms were closer to God than were humans, and didn't need a Jesus type savior figure to come to their world. 

  What I've directly received correlates with what Howard Storm has. 

  It is both illogical and very limiting to believe and assume that all ET's are negative or demonic in nature. Truth is, there are some very positive and Love based ET groups that interact with humanity and whom are trying to help us in general, and specifically in relation to a negative group. 

  This help is going on various levels, from nonphysical communication, to incarnating into human bodies, to providing earth/humans protection so that we are not outright attacked before we can deal with it, etc. 

  People do a real disservice to their fellow humans and to these helper ET's, when they spread fear based, extreme beliefs that "aliens are probably demonic entities" as if all the many, many, many different ET groups out there are all the same. 

  Like our Souls, their Souls are children of the Creator, and were given freewill.  As Howard Storm has been told, I've been told in different ways, that some other groups are far more consciously aware and attuned to Love and the Creator as a group, than are humans. 

  All ET groups, rather the Souls the connect to their forms (if they have forms, not all do) are our siblings. Just because one or two groups whom interact with humanity are bad apples, doesn't mean ALL of them are. 

This is what getting involved with fundamentalist belief systems tends to do to people--induces fear and limits holistic logic and centered reason. 

Title: Re: Aliens, Demons and Jesus Christ
Post by SourceLover2 on May 7th, 2017 at 12:57pm
  The Grays are but one group of many that either visit or observe Earth/humanity (see various sources, including Monroe's "Gathering").  I haven't received much direct guidance about, or experience with the classic/stereotypical Grays myself (a little)--mostly I've read about other accounts.  I will say, what I've read has been contradictory depending on the source, and sometimes even within the same source (for example, Dr. Mack's info, whom I consider the most credible abduction researcher there was). 

   I'm not absolutely certain of the Gray's deeper intentions (because of a lack of direct guidance and experience), and if I receive direct guidance from the Source/Co-Creators level that tell me that they are indeed mostly negatively intentioned, then I will listen. 

  But until then, I lean to believing they are very misunderstood, because they are indeed very cold feeling to us humans (whom are emotional beings par excellence), having a severe lack of emotion. This leads them to interact with humans in an inconsiderate, cold, and unfeeling way from our perspective.  The Grays have a lot to learn about the importance of felt empathy, and attunement to the "heart" side of life in general.

  Whatever the case, when it comes to negative, demonic type ET's, our guidance has focused on the group known as "Reptilians".  Because of this repeated direct guidance and experience, I'm quite certain that these are one of the bad apple groups that I touched on earlier. 

    But as mentioned, many other ET groups interact with humanity, and many of these are positive and Love based. 

The group that Rosalind McKnight's guidance had her meet was one such group, a very Love based and very spiritually mature group.  And there was nothing deceptive whatsoever about Rosalind or her info.  She was my friend, whom I met a couple of times in physical, and she was one of those rarish humans that radiated a goodly amount of light, and obviously was spiritually mature beyond the average. 

   Point to specific things in her work that are allegedly off base. Rosalind was very much a believer in Yeshua btw, and had gone to seminary school.  Her guidance spoke very, very highly of him, saying things like he was the highest vibratory being to come to Earth, and they affirmed the crucifixion and resurrection. (Rosalind's guidance didn't address the classic Grays as talked about in ET literature with abductions, etc. The group she primarily interacted with, had small eyes and other major differences with the stereotypical Grays, and they were more feeling/emotionally attuned).

  I've had experiences with and guidance about these positive groups.  These started even before I was born, when my Mom had a vivid dream about being on a ship with some loving and familiar feeling non humans. 

  And no, NDE's, like Howard Storm's, do not come from demonic forces/sources. They are about as opposite as one can get. Storm didn't "channel" this information.

  So what Storm said that Yeshua and the Angels told him about other intelligent life in the Universe was plain wrong, off, and/or demonic inspired/influenced? 

  So we're to believe only Christian fundamentalist, overly conspiracy focused sources? 

  What ever happened to direct communion with the Creator and those fully One, in a fully conscious sense, with the Creator (individuals such as Yeshua and those like him)?  No, instead we are to only believe and read a book, and the myriad of conflicting and differing human interpretations of said book, many which are distorted?   




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