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Message started by Baroness on Mar 14th, 2016 at 12:02pm

Title: Expanding Our Viewpoint
Post by Baroness on Mar 14th, 2016 at 12:02pm
Hello All,

It has been ages since I've posted to this forum.  In fact, it has been ages since anyone has posted here.  So, I have had an experience I would like to share.

From my Retrieval journal of March 12, 2016

As usual after prayers and meditation, I went to 'my place' on the other side.  I called for helpers and Jan, Phillip, David and a new helper who said its name is Gean.  I know.  I questioned the name and gender as well.  I was told it didn't matter, so I accepted its spelling.  I should know by now when four helpers show up, it is going to be an unusual retrieval, but as always I try to eliminate all memory and imagination. 

I asked to be taken to the soul.  I saw dark just past the city over a part of the fabric.  I again asked to be taken to the soul.  I thought we'd move into the darkness, and I was ready for that for I had four helpers with me.  We didn't move.  I thought it might be my focus so I cleared again of memory and imagination.  I did it several times as nothing changed.  It finally dawned on me this was as far as we were going.  No going into space as I had thought.  We hovered over the fabric on the edge of the 'city' and the dark. 

I finally saw tricycle parts...  much like many broken tricycles.  I cleared them so I could get to the rift which when I did was closed tight.  Another dilemma...a closed almost sealed rift.  Usually I have no problem of seeing into the rifts.  I gave PUL and called "Hello" three times.  I told the soul it was a child of the Source and it was loved.  After several attempts the rift began to open, and out crawled a huge, six foot, red, shiny slug.  There are few things I refuse to touch, but slugs are one of them.  I guess we all have an aversion to something and that is mine.  I had to keep telling myself that this is a child of the Source and is loved.  I knew I had to love this creature as well in order to give it PUL.  I felt myself soften and began to figure out how to deal with this creature who had no hands or feet.  I needed to call upon Reiki to help me get the creature to the 'Park'.  I told it I was going to put a bubble around it for a few moments.  It asked me if it could breathe?  I answered "Yes"  We went to the 'Park' and it was met by other helpers.

A couple of days later, I was discussing this retrieval with a person I respect for both his mind and spirit.  He suggested that this creature might be a human who was told he was a slug and after death thought of himself as one, so therefor was.  My whole perspective changed.  Compassion flooded in where aversion had been, and I learned another much needed lesson.

I hope this helps you as well.  Things are not always as they seem.

With much love to all,

Title: Re: Expanding Our Viewpoint
Post by doodad on Mar 18th, 2016 at 6:02pm
Interesting account. I am wondering how "stuck" individuals like this perceive time. Was reading a bit on the Archives forum Mormon Confusion post. The grandfather seemed to be stuck, albeit in a fairly non-threatening location by a tree in a grassy field, also because of his beliefs. Are they just "there" with no sensation of time? Not sure how to frame this question really. I ask as I come from such a system as well. My father died of cancer 7 years ago. He went through quite a bit of guilt and suffering in his final months and I've often wondered how he is faring "now", whether he has somehow moved past his beliefs or if he is seemingly "forever" in a similar situation.

Title: Re: Expanding Our Viewpoint
Post by Baroness on Mar 19th, 2016 at 1:33pm
You pose some interesting questions...some I've asked myself. 

Some souls seem to be drifting when I come upon them neither in distress nor pure joy. Those are the ones I wonder about the most.  But since I work with helpers almost all of the time, I assume they brought me to that soul because it is time for that soul to move on. 

As to time, I have found that it is always 'now' on the other side.  The passage of time doesn't seem to matter.  The only thing I know is if I ask the souls their age and the year, they usually give me the numbers of what I think is the age and year they passed over.

As to your father, I wouldn't want to make a guess.  But where there is hope and love the transition is usually easier.  Some souls create lovely places for themselves and have to be talked into going with me.  I usually tell them they have free will and if they want, they can always return to where they are now.  That usually convinces them to at least see where I'm going to take them which is the 'Park' in my case.  There they are usually met by other helpers or loved ones.

I'm no expert with the happenings of the other side.  I do know this.  There is a lot of love there.  And there is a lot going on.  I'm only shown what they want me to see.  I do retrievals because I love being of service to others.  I also love being a conduit of all that love.  With each retrieval, I learn how to love a bit more.

A question for you.  Do you do retrievals or travel to the other side?  

Title: Re: Expanding Our Viewpoint
Post by doodad on Mar 19th, 2016 at 3:22pm
Thank you for your answer. And no, I have not done any retrievals or travel to the other side.

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