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Message started by kran on Jul 21st, 2015 at 2:25am

Title: Whats in the Astral
Post by kran on Jul 21st, 2015 at 2:25am
I've projected twice the 1st time was  ultra short meaning I heard the popping in my ears high pitch ringing  flashing lights behind my eyelids then swoosh pop i was out then immediately back in my body. The 1st time i wasnt sure what really happened but the 2nd time was a repeat of the 1st time except  when the swoosh pop happened I stayed out my and i could see my ceiling, I looked to the right and left  was floating ever so slowly upward  i kept trying to turn my body around but couldnt... I was so excited that I finally got out. I was out for about 15-20 seconds and my body was just starting to touch the ceiling when i started thinking about passing through the ceiling i got nervous  then whooosh pop back in my body I was....  I was so happy and amazed  I finally did it I knew this was for real. For me alot of questions had been answered but now I have many more.  First, I projected etherically from that point how do I project to the astral?  Second when in the astral where can I go... Like i hear there are literally millions of places to visit (is that true) and if so how do you navigate through such a maze?  Like where do I go from here?

I'd only like comments from experienced projectors please. Not that I don't value everyones comments But I've read alot of books and at this point i'd really like the advice of people who have been where I am now and have surpassed this stage.  Thanks alot everyone and take care   :-?

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