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Message started by Bruce Moen on Jan 24th, 2015 at 4:03pm

Title: Help Wanted, Java Plugin Programmer for ImageJ
Post by Bruce Moen on Jan 24th, 2015 at 4:03pm
I really need to make progress on my Digital Phantom Leaf Photography project. Here is a link that describes the project I don't have time to learn to program in Java and would like to hire a plugin programmer to accomplish what I need to get done before I'm not Here  to do it.

You need to have experience writing ImageJ plugins, written in Java, or alternately, a standalone program with the necessary capability. The result will be open sourced to experimenters.

This ImageJ plugin is needed for my Digital Phantom Leaf Photography (DPLP) project. This photo technique demonstrates that a pretty ordinary camera and appropriate software can make the nonphysical leaf vein structure visible. With an area of a physical leaf section cut way the invisible leaf, the phantom leaf, can be made visible. DPLP is explained, including pictures, at this link My DPLP results were replicated by a Frenchman (user name Pascuser on this website.) This link provides some discussion and pictures that are examples of Pascuser's DPLP replication

I wrote pluggins for this project,many  years ago, using PhotoShop and Filtermeister, but these were written in C+, only worked well enough to prove the existence of nonphysical leaf structures.  I want to make this tool available to as many experimenters as possible.

I can provide a flow diagram to describe the image processing the plugin needs to do, as a starting point.

If you have the experience and skills let's communicate.


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