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Message started by Vicky on Jul 20th, 2012 at 2:50am

Title: Anyone want to experiment?
Post by Vicky on Jul 20th, 2012 at 2:50am
I'm interested in doing some experimentation so that I can practice my skills.  But I need a partner.  I have some ideas that would either allow both of us to be practicing exploring and comparing notes, or if you'd just like to volunteer to help me out then just I would be doing the exploring so that I can have someone give me verification if there are hits.  I'm up for both. 

If you're interested, PM me and we can go over some ideas.   :)


Title: Re: Anyone want to experiment?
Post by Vicky on Aug 3rd, 2012 at 10:29pm
Hi everyone,

I've had several people PM me with interest, but it seems everyone is open to something but no one has a specific target-idea to try. So I'm proposing this...anyone who is interested in trying a PE, let's make next Saturday, Aug 11, our target date.  The time doesn't matter, but some of you like to have a timeframe to focus on.  How about 9:00 pm? 

The place we'll meet can be my house.  None of you know where I live or what it looks like, so that'll be as good as any place to start. 

Since this is a simple, beginner's experiment, I think what I'll do is just do a pretend/imagination visit and imagine everyone arriving, and just let things roll from there.  Hopefully some unexpected things will happen that you others will perceive too.  Then I'll type up my own notes to myself so that I have my own record.  You each can do the same thing.  After that date is over, if we want to post each of our results on the board we can so that everyone can see everyone else's record.  Don't read the results until you've typed up your own notes.  This would only prove to be a self-test since you'll be in charge of making your own judgement call about whatever hits you may have gotten comparing your notes to the others.  I think that's how other PE groups have been doing it here in the past.  At the very least, this is good practice, even if we get nothing or no real hits.  It's good to be practicing. 

How does that sound?  It's the best I can come up with at the moment.  With several people wanting to do something but no one with an idea, I think it's as good as any.  If you have any better ideas or advice, just let me know.  I'm new at this too, so I'm open for ideas.  If it's any success or at least some fun, then we can certainly keep trying each week or so.  What do you think?

Those of you who have PM'd me, if you want to show yourself in the group, go ahead and respond to this thread letting us know you're in. 

So, Saturday August 11th, 9 pm.  Anyone who wants to try it too, even if you don't reply here, please join in. 


Title: Re: Anyone want to experiment?
Post by DocM on Aug 4th, 2012 at 6:36am
Sounds good to me.  I will be there. 

Title: Re: Anyone want to experiment?
Post by PauliEffectt on Aug 4th, 2012 at 11:31am
I'll also be there. :)

Not having any ideas, jeez, I've been perfecting my astral place should any PE team visit. :)

Title: Re: Anyone want to experiment?
Post by Vicky on Aug 4th, 2012 at 11:52am

PauliEffectt wrote on Aug 4th, 2012 at 11:31am:
I'll also be there. :)

Not having any ideas, jeez, I've been perfecting my astral place should any PE team visit. :)

Oops, sorry.  But you know what I mean.  I have so many PMs from people that I thought it best to make this out in the open. 

Ok, so another PE we can do is visit PauliEffect's astral place.  That's a great idea.  I have every intention of doing that, just have been busy this week going back to work after my surgery, dealing with my son's surgery, my daughter's birthday party.... :)

Do you want to pick a day/time that we work on visiting your place?

Title: Re: Anyone want to experiment?
Post by PauliEffectt on Aug 4th, 2012 at 12:05pm

Vicky wrote on Aug 4th, 2012 at 11:52am:
Do you want to pick a day/time that we work on visiting your place?

I probably would like to avoid doing that, at least right now. I think it's better
if only one person communicates the date/time and target.

I'll want to concentrate on your scheduled date and target above only, for the time being. :)

Title: Re: Anyone want to experiment?
Post by PauliEffectt on Aug 4th, 2012 at 12:14pm
Vicky wanted me to ask the following questions on the board. The purpose was
that everyone could answer what they were thinking on these matters (from my
PM to Vicky):

3. We have to define how we communicate. Either through the board or through PM.
As it stands now I'm a little uncertain what to do, and have avoided to use the
board as you (in your thread) urged everyone, to directly PM yourself. How do
we communicate? Do we PM or use the board?

4. It also could be good to know who is in the PE team, as there might be others
(kind of externals), who suddenly join by intervention of their Disk. We may have
to help those who are not directly informed or not-explicitly joined.

In fact I think we need to define exactly what our PE team is, maybe give it a name
as there may emerge other teams? Like 1stVV-Group (first Vicky-Vicky group).
I use "Vicky" twice as I can't know if you're in the astral consciously or if it's
you Disk's image double of you or your mind-split double part I encounter. :)

This may give us at least two groups of people. One group who is interested in PE
and another group who does the actual PE at the specific time (as it fits their

So one PE "pool" over everyone you kind of have to administrate for PE, and one
group of PE explorers on each occasion. Does that seem sane?

5. We need to state if we can tell anyone else about our experiences. If for example someone
is very sensitive about any info leaking, we need to know. The best is if we can say that
there are no restrictions, because it's almost impossible for all people to keep quiet
about their experiences, and having conflicts arise because it's not clear from the start
if we are allow to mentioning anything anywhere else may cause a problem.

So I think it's best to allow people to talk, but advice everyone to think before they
write/talk about our PE anywhere else.

What do you think?

Title: Re: Anyone want to experiment?
Post by Mystic Tuba on Aug 4th, 2012 at 4:29pm
I'd suggest we simply keep this thread going, except that uninvolved people might want to start posting to it, which could get confusing.
I think using PMs would get cumbersome.
One thing that occurred to me is that it's very easy to start a Yahoo group that you have to be a member of to post to. Messages can be either open to the public or not.
Just my thoughts....

Title: Re: Anyone want to experiment?
Post by Vicky on Aug 4th, 2012 at 7:43pm
Well I'm happy to have the conversation going on the board so we can all be on the same page making plans.  I like PauliEffect's idea that if people are interested in participating they should say so on the thread.  That way, the energy of the group will start to be established and give more to the intention we'll all be creating. 

It does seem cumbersome to PM or email each person in the group your notes.  But unless the group becomes way too big I think it's a good idea to send the reports privately.  It would give individuals their own privacy and opportunity to evaluate and compare their notes to each other person's notes.  I would imagine that one person's notes might not seem to have any hits to yours while someone else's might be right on with yours.  Would that make someone feel self-conscious and leary of participating?   

I've seen it done here on the board in the past that everyone just posts their notes as soon as they get them.  But I also think Bruce told me once that notes should be emailed and not read until you've typed up your own notes, so as not to influence your report.  Maybe one reason for that is that some people need more time to "bring back" memory of the experience in case there are click-outs???

It's still open for discussion.  As you can see, I'm not very decisive.  I'm a Libra.   :)  I'll say this, I'm up for either way the group wants to do it.  Or we can do both and see what works best and why.  For myself, I want to be certain I "got something" before I read what anyone has to say.  Even if nothing I get matches anyone else, I at least want to feel certain of my own perception/interpretation.  That's the reason I wanted to get people to play with me....I really need some challenges or else I won't get anywhere with this stuff. 

See you out there...


Title: Re: Anyone want to experiment?
Post by deric on Aug 5th, 2012 at 10:13am
I'll give it a try Vicky!  Deric

Title: Re: Anyone want to experiment?
Post by Mystic Tuba on Aug 6th, 2012 at 12:01pm
When I've tried to use email for something like this in the past, some people would have a group set up in their email that left someone out, and someone else would have a group set up that left someone else out. Not on purpose, it just happened that way.
I'll vote again for the yahoo group that is private (meaning that only members of the group can read messages;) there would be a deadline for posting notes and you would send in your notes but then not read others' notes until after the deadline. Setting up a yahoo group is easy, and it could be called anything you like, such as the Vicky-Vicky name that someone came up with.
Sorry, I'm an engineer and what I do is structure things....
Also, I'm "new" here but I'm not....I was on the original BBS for quite a few years. I've been gone quite a while though. I've done Gateway, Lifelines, and Bruce's weekend program. I'm really interested to do some PE.

Title: Re: Anyone want to experiment?
Post by PauliEffectt on Aug 10th, 2012 at 8:52am
Ok, we are the following involved:

Mystic Tuba

There could be others too, but I don't know them at this moment. :)

Our target is Vicky's house, we let everybody arrive, and then
let things roll from there.

We write down our observations and post them in this thread. I'll leave
out too personal details if I think they don't fit an open forum.

I don't know when others post their experiences, but my guess is that
a PE attempt later or earlier than 7-8 hours from the target time is
probably the farther limit for this particular target. My assumption on
that 7-8 hours time range could of course be invalid as some people
have reported nonphysical events several months after a specific
target date. But anyway, I will not post anything until Sunday by
the reason to avoid front-loading people.

Title: Re: Anyone want to experiment?
Post by Vicky on Aug 10th, 2012 at 5:11pm
That sounds good to me.  It's just about having fun, doing some practice, and getting our awareness focused on the techniques and attitudes of exploration for our selves.  There doesn't have to be a focus on right or wrong or comparing ourselves to others.  If we each keep in mind that we're doing this for ourselves, not to impress anybody, then we'll be in it for the right reasons and get what we need from it. 

But PE does take a good deal of trust.  I think that if we get a group who continues wanting to practice and feeling comfortable with it, then we'll need to eventually be more controlled in the sharing portion.  I don't like Yahoo (Mystic's suggestion) but maybe there's more than one good way to safeguard our reporting technique to each other?  I mean, I wouldn't know if someone read my impressions on the board and then wrote in telling me what I want to hear, just to make me believe I had some amazing hit when it was all contrived. 

For now practicing, I'm not going to be embarrassed if anything I report is wacky or completely wrong.  And I won't be blown away in utter amazement if I hear I've got some hits either.  I'd definitely want to do more with it until I feel I "own" real skills.  My hope is that in time I will develop skills to the point of knowing the difference between "just my imagination" and actual real perception.  I think we all have our own "wow factor" radar in ourselves which govern how far we allow ourselves to open and develop. 

Just like with my psychic development study, it's not about being right more than wrong.  It's about figuring out how to know I'm right when I AM right. 


Title: Re: Anyone want to experiment?
Post by Vicky on Aug 12th, 2012 at 12:11am
Just checking in with the group...

I'm done with my PE experiment for tonight, and I will get all my notes typed up and post them tomorrow when I can.  I hope you all got a chance to participate and have something to share too.


Title: Re: Anyone want to experiment?
Post by Mystic Tuba on Aug 12th, 2012 at 11:00am
I'll be first. Didn't get much of anywhere except a view of the house. I have a lot of concentration problems in the last few years.
The house I saw is frame, two story, clapboard, gray or white in color, with a couple steps up to a small porch with two columns and a roof. There are four windows visible from the front, two upstairs and two downstairs, and they have shutters on them.
So. Like Vicky said, this is more about learning to know when I've made a hit than in getting all the hits right. This one, frankly, feels like I made it up. I realized I didn't even know if I was supposed to go to Vicky's house on the physical plane or Vicky's house in some other focus level. So, I had the intent to be there but if I was there I wasn't aware of it.

Title: Re: Anyone want to experiment?
Post by PauliEffectt on Aug 12th, 2012 at 11:02am
Part 1, PE start

PE at 2012-08-12, 05.00 o'clock UTC+0 (Mountain Time 2012-08-11, 9.00 p.m.).
[correct me if the time is wrong]

We were targeted to meet at Vicky's house. Participants were I, Vicky, DocM,
deric, Mystic Tuba and some others.

I started with moving into "my place" in the astral to use that as an
entry point to our target place, the house. Problems started for me as
I at the same time had some stomach ache. My problems with my stomach
came and went, with mild discomfort to feelings of some pain. My PE
participation was made more difficult.

Without going into exactly what "my place" looks like, I begin with the
situation where I'm sitting down and a woman is sitting to my right side.
If she is a guide or just a product of my imagination is hard to tell.

I just assumed she was a guide and expected that she would help me move
to Vicky's house. To some extent this guide reminded of Vicky, but didn't
have exactly the same appearance which I expected.

I remember that I also got faint visions of a person, who could be Vicky,
sitting at a balcony with a drawing pad or a sort of screen in front of
her. I get that balcony view from her right side and she looks over her
right shoulder and gives me a short glance. This balcony vision has come and
gone over two-three days and hasn't resulted in anything else. I think this
balcony is in a low house, 2nd to 4th floor and there are not so many other
houses outside.

The female guide to my right, does something and we both move into a blurred
"region". I sense a shift of place, I get the feeling of a kitchen.

Part 2, PE house

I'm inside some kind of kitchen, but my impressions a very poor. My stomach
gives me some problems too, at this point.

Is the kitchen elongated, like a hallway? I don't know. Is the kitchen round
in shape? That's strange too, as most rooms in houses are rectangular.

I make several attempts to get the kitchen view clear and then decide that
it is probably both, "elongated" and "round" at the same time, some part
of it stretches ahead of me, to an exit door.

I move to the door of the kitchen. I get the impression that a hallway is
directly to the right of the kitchen door, meaning that I can enter the hallway
from its right side. I don't know what's directly opposite the kitchen door
opening, but perhaps there is some kind of second, short hallway, at a right
angle to the first hallway?

Anyway, I exit the kitchen and enter the hallway. I'm at one end of the hallway
and have the kitchen door opening to my right.

I move forward. To my left there is some kind of stairs, which descend from the
kitchen direction. The wall to my left, below the stairs, is white or light in color.

In front of me is an entry door to the house, so the stairs almost start
close to the entry door and move upwards at my left side, in parallel to the
hallway. I realize that it's hard to describe something in words, when a
drawing would give better result.

As I move forward to the house's entry door, I notice a second opening (or
perhaps open door) to my right. I realize that this second opening is into
a living room.

At the far entry door there is a woman, who I can't recognize. It's not Vicky
and doesn't feel exactly like the female guide I started this session with.

The "entry-door-woman" moves in front of me and grabs my jacket's collar,
almost like I'm wearing a suit jacket, which I seldom do in real life.
I get the impression that this woman is younger than me and that she
somehow straightens me up.

I move into the living room.

The living room seems much darker than the hallway.

There are several other people besides me there. I have extremely difficulties
to pick up who is in the living room. By now I also feel some problem in my
physical left shoulder so I have to move around in bed and looses some of
my impressions of the living room.

I decide to pretend that the people I expect to be at this PE are present.
So I shake hands and greet Vicky, DocM, deric and Mystic Tuba. I also greet
one older woman and I think I at one moment can see B Moen himself. I don't
remember if I get as far as shaking Moen's hand though. I further get the
feeling that there are more people in the living room, perhaps double the
amount persons I've just mentioned?

I work hard to get any impressions from the people and the room. I think I
completely failed, because I sense an open fire place, and that seems wrong
for an American home. Anyway, the open fire place is farthest from the door
opening of the hallway. I also sense a few furniture, some armchairs. The
open fire place is lighter in color than the rest of the darker living room.

I now doubt my vision of the house as it has too much of a British feeling
to it, so I just assume that my Interpreter is not that good. But I don't
think that's too important either. Instead I make several attempts to talk
to people, but I'm either to tense or things just don't work.

I try another idea. I stand in the middle of the living room for some time
and tell the others to get as many impressions of me as possible. I'm a
little unsure if anyone tries to examine me.

My stomach problem and the lack of clarity now becomes a burden for me and
I move around in bed at my physical place. I start to wonder what we are
supposed to do. I also remember that quite often my own sessions are without
results, they just become plain meditation, with no visual impressions.

Perhaps this is such a session with poor or none impressions and I'm just
to impatient or expecting too much?

For a very short moment I sensed Vicky with a slim champagne glass in her
right hand, like I was at a party. There was "champagne" in the glass too.

I felt so restless that to calm me down I decided to sit down in one of the
armchairs. I think I chose one of the chairs near the hallway opening, closest
to the house's entry door.

I'm not sure how much time I spent like this, but if the other ones already
have been picked up by a guide and do a lot of stuff, I'm certainly just
sitting with my own imagination or thoughtform people in a made up living

I decide to do something. Unskilled at healing as I am, I surprised myself
with deciding to try some healing on one of the persons present. I think
I get the right hand of a short woman between my nonphysical hands. I
stand in that positions for some moments and "send" healing to this
woman's right hand. Could it be Vicky?

Some more attempts from my side to pick up impressions fail. I start to
wonder if I just should abort the PE as my stomach keeps me too much
in the physical. Staying in the living room doesn't seem useful, so
I move back into the kitchen where I started. I think I got a little
more impressions from the kitchen, but no persons seemed to be there.

No guide anywhere?

I moved outside the house, to a lawn. On the lawn I sensed a small item,
which seemed to be made of plastic. Perhaps it was a child's toy? I couldn't
figure out what it was. I sensed some flat surfaces and perhaps the color
yellow, maybe even the color red and something black. But the item could
be anything.

Suddenly I was no longer alone on the lawn. I got the impression that Vicky
moved people out of her house, onto the lawn. I think I sensed some kind
of fencing made of thin wooden veneer, but it could again just be my
Interpreter working a little too much. The veneer was at least as high
as me and perhaps separated by wooden beams?

Working hard to pick up any comments or people present I failed again and
soon had to move around in my bed as my shoulder and stomach made a joint
revolt. Once I've moved my arms back and forth the problems were reduced
in the physical and I moved back to the PE.

I sensed some people around me in a small crowd, so I decide to put out
two questions for two PE "preparation" activities.

I told the PE people present that I would like to have one PE, which wasn't
a real PE, but more a kind of preparation, like the preparations you need
to do to climb a high mountain.

I wanted one PE to solely focus on solving problems for doing PE. This meant
that we should focus on problems which we could resolve while in a PE group.

Those problems could be anything, emotional problems, healing some physical
parts of ourselves, which would be hard to do on our own on a one-by-one
basis. Help each other to point out hindrances to our development, doing
joint efforts to overcome obstacles. And also requesting help from guides
to solve those problems as a PE group.

My second suggestion was to, later on, have a PE mission to go to a place
where we as a group could improve our nonphysical skills and abilities.

So these two suggested PE missions were:

1. PE to use the group power to solve personal problems, emotional, fear,
doing healing, clear away obstacles, remove energy blockages, etc.

2. PE to use group power (once PE 1. was done) to improve nonphysical abilities.

I then left the word for anyone to suggest something on their own. I tried hard
to listen and pick up if someone had other suggestions, but failed to get
anything clear.


Part 3, PE trailer

I'm almost absolutely sure I didn't fall asleep as I was in such a discomfort
because of my stomach, but there was suddenly a complete shift of scene.

I was outside a trailer. One of those bigger trailers which I associate with
work crews or temporary construction sites. From the door way at the middle
of this big trailer, Vicky stepped out. She stepped down some stairs from
from the door opening. There was perhaps 3 stair steps.

The trailer first seemed to have outer walls which were striped, but the next
moment the outer trailer walls appeared to me like smooth, rather big tiles.

The trailer gave me the impression of simpleness, it hadn't any purpose to
look fancy, and merely had functional aspects. It had perhaps two windows.

Vicky walks up to me and opens her palm. There was a black key. She gave me
the key. I noticed that the key looked simple too, like something in black
cast iron, so it also appeared old. I accepted the key and was a little
puzzled. What was I supposed to do?

I thanked Vicky for the key and decided to enter the trailer. I moved up
the stairs and looked inside. The interior to the left looked like it
contained cupboards or tall lockers for keeping workers clothes.

To the right inside of the trailer there seemed to be some kind of seat running
along part of the longer walls and the end of the trailer. There also
was a small table to the right, which the seats surrounded.

I left the trailer as I didn't think there was anything more important to
do there, no people. I put the black key in my right pocket.

I tried to move back into the living room at Vicky's house, but now my
impressions seemed even poorer. I eventually decided to leave the PE and
shook hand with every participant. Vicky, DocM, Mystic Tuba, deric, the
old lady, some short man which I hadn't seen before, a cat (!). Yes I
said bye-bye to a cat, who didn't look too interested in me. I don't
remember saying bye to B Moen, so either I forgot him or he just wasn't
there at the time.

I slowly moved out of my session. At one moment I tried to get contact
with the female guide who initially moved me to the kitchen, but when
I managed to perceive her at my side, she bit me in my right shoulder,
kind of making a mark.

So I left.

I have no idea what you others perceived or did, so now I'll read the thread. :)
Maybe my physical discomfort and my feeling that we lacked a more definite
target put some problems in my way. Or perhaps I had too big expectations?

Title: Re: Anyone want to experiment?
Post by Vicky on Aug 12th, 2012 at 7:20pm
Hi, I'm finally here, had to work all day. 

Mystic, that's interesting you said you didn't know if you should intend to go to my house in the physical or nonphysical.   I believe that no matter what your intention is, there's bound to be "bleed through" of information of both the physical and nonphysical.  For instance, even though I put energy into imagining some things at my house a little differently than they actually are physically, anyone could still pick up on actual real physical attributes of my house.  My intended focus for this PE experiment wasn't focused on wanting anyone to necessarily pick up on specific physical features of my house, just that we pick up on each other.  But I did add some nonphysical attributes that do not really exist at my house physically, and I did it just to see if anyone picked up on them.  So people might have seen both physical and nonphysical things. 

But to respond to your descriptions, my physical house is half brick, half siding, beige with red trim, three window visible from the front, one upstairs and two lower, with shutters.  Two steps up to a small porch, but no roof.  It is a two-story home, with garden-level basement.

Title: Re: Anyone want to experiment?
Post by Vicky on Aug 12th, 2012 at 7:28pm

I think you had some great hits!  (1)  There are stairs near the entryway...when you walk in, the living room is to the left, and to the right is a stairway down to the basement and one up to the upper level.  (2) Yes, Bruce was there (see my report next). (3) I did move everyone outside.  (4) I think you and I had some connection about the furniture??  You mentioned about it anyway, I had you really involved with furniture in mine (see my report next).

PS--I really like your ideas for group discussion and working on nonphysical abilities.

And sorry your stomach hurt.  I had a migraine yesterday : (    We could include discussing and working on healing too. 

Title: Re: Anyone want to experiment?
Post by Vicky on Aug 12th, 2012 at 7:32pm
Ok, here's my PE attempt.  I started early and did it in separate portions and stopped if I felt I needed a break.


Felt in the mood to try, so I did while lying on the bed.  I stopped once I felt myself falling asleep.  I began by meditating to clear my head of things on my mind, then asked my Guidance to help me with a successful PE for Saturday.  I stated that I wanted to learn something, this wasn't just about impressing anybody.  I actually want to learn from this.  I then felt the nudge from Guidance to just try now.  So I decided to try.

I was picturing myself in the living room, so I imagined the first person coming to the door as I pretended to walk over and open it.  It was DocM and I wasn't surprised, since he was the first to let me know on Bruce's board that he wanted to participate.  I got more of a feeling of who he is rather than a visual.  He was very nice and courteous and introduced himself, and we laughed when I said "I know who you are."  It felt like a mutual knowing awareness of each other.  I pictured him with full dark hair and glasses.  I imagined showing him my home one room at a time, and in the living room I joked that I could quickly clean it up because this was all nonphysical reality.  He laughed and said, "It's ok if there's a mess, I have four kids."  (That was spontaneous, not pretended).  I commented "Wow, four kids?  Well, you're a doctor".  My meaning was just that he was a professional who made a good living, why not have a big family? 

I showed him the kitchen and said something like, "This is our little home.  We've loved it the four years we've been here."  I then walked him upstairs and let him peak in my room but only briefly, and saying, "In the physical I rarely let people see my room or go in it, just because it's my private place.  I don't like having anyone in my room because it's my space for my energy and meditation."  I showed him Abby's room (my daughter), then we went down to David's area (my son).  He liked David's gaming room and said he only knew a little bit about role playing when he was in high school, knew a couple guys who played it but he never got into it.  He said his kids aren't into that kind of stuff either.  He noticed David's medical supplies sitting out and I mentioned David's recent surgery.  Then we went upstairs and outside.  On the way out I mentioned "Help yourself to something to eat" as I imaged I had a nice array of things to eat.  We went outside and I let him know that when the others arrived I'd bring them out one by one. 

It was just after this that I began to feel myself falling asleep and dreaming, so I stopped.


Felt another urge to try the PE, so I sat down to get prepared, but things happened quickly.  I imagined Deric arriving.  This was much faster than my first attempt and it just flowed spontaneously, so I didn't really have time to pretend anything.  When I opened the door for him to come inside, the first thing he did was tell me he brought some records.  He was excited about this, showing me his 45s.  He had a big collection which he was proud of and wanted to share with me and everyone else.  I felt that he must really have an appreciation for music and enjoy a variety types of music.  The music theme distracted my intention for pretending to give him a tour of my house, and I just took him right on through to the back yard to introduce him to Doc, who to my surprise was grilling food on my BBQ.  I let them know I'd be back as the other arrived. 


This morning after waking, as I lie there to do my morning meditation, I felt the suggestion/nudge/impulse to do another PE attempt.  And this didn't feel like my idea, so I was surprised by this.   I felt I was being guided.  My reaction/response was feeling like, "Oh yeah, ok."  I immediately felt myself thinking back in response, the feeling of "Well who is showing up next?"  And the answer I felt in response was immediate and saying, "The only other female in the group."  In response to receiving that information I thought of Mystic Tuba, since I knew she was participating and was the only other female in the group.  My intention was to go to my front door and open it, signifying the entrance of this next participant, but that's the last thing I made up consciously.  From then on, only spontaneous perception happened; none of this was what I pretended because I didn't have a chance to.  It all just flowed within seconds, so I feel I was starting to go into a light dream stage, although I felt completely awake and aware of what I was doing. 

As soon as I got the answer, "The only other female in the group," I saw what looked just like Bruce's guest room in his house, the sliding door opening, and I see a tall, thin, long-hair blond woman walking out through the door.  I was still in the room, so I only saw her from behind, never saw her face.  She's wearing a light grey business suit.  As the door opens and she steps out onto the patio, I am hearing "Nancy Plano" being said, and I see a small rectangular swimming pool out where the patio would be.  I realize it's not Bruce's house, nor intended to be, but only resembles part of his yard (interpreter overlay?).  I catch myself thinking that this is happening too fast without me doing any pretending, and I wonder if I'm beginning to fall asleep and dream??  I immediately come out of the experience, feeling no longer in it.  Is Nancy Plano Mystic Tuba's real name?  Is it similar to that or does she know what it means?   I also wonder if she lives in Florida or has a similar home to Bruce's, and does she have a pool??  The  way I imagined her seemed to be more of a persona than her actual self, and I was reminded of the game Clue, as if she had intended to show up at the PE playing a character rather than being her real self.  Does this mean anything in real life??


Earlier in the day, while actually physically watering my back yard and thinking about finishing up doing the PE later,  I had begun to imagine how I wanted my back yard to look to everyone else in the PE.  Since this was all nonphysical anyway, I decided I'd decorate it how I really wish it could be, with nice patio furniture, a wooden canopy with a trellis, a built-in bar and counter and stools, and a fire pit.  So I imagined it all and knew I would use that pretend image later that evening when I did the PE again. 

Later when I sat down to finish the PE, I knew that I needed to still imagine PauliEffect showing up, so I imagined I was in the living room when he arrives at the door.  I walked over and opened it.  When I opened the door to let him in, he seemed in a hurry as if he knew that everyone else was already there.  He also had brought a lot of really nice furniture with him to help me set up and prepare for this get-together.  He seemed very adamant about the furniture, and I'm thinking "I don't have enough room in my house for all this, and I already have furniture, but ok."  I wonder why I would imagine him bringing furniture?  I know it wasn't something I was actively pretending.  Maybe he had actually sensed me thinking about redecorating with new, pretend, furniture earlier in the day and it's his intention to bring furniture to me???  I intended to pretend giving him a tour of the house, but since the furniture seemed to be an important issue, it distracted me and I just quickly showed him through the house to out to the back to meet everyone else. 

As we walked out back, I imagined everyone with a drink and something to eat and talking with each other and having a good time.  I announced that I had a big surprise for everyone, and I told them to wait there and I'd be right back.  I went in and shut the door, and quickly ran to the front door because I knew I wanted to imagine Bruce Moen joining us.  I thought that if anyone picked up on his presence there, it would be a big hit in more ways than one. 

I opened my front door and imagined Bruce there.  I was instantly over-emotional and physically crying as I imagined Bruce loving that I brought him there.  My intention was only to bring him in my imagination pretending he was there just a surprise for the other group members to see if anyone picked up on it, but as I imagined him there I realized how real the visit felt and that I wanted to talk and spend time with just him, but he said we better go visit with my guests and that he and I could visit later and all I had to do was bring him back for that.  I acknowledged with my energy that I would do that.  Of course I wondered if this really was his energy there???

So I imagined us walking out to the back patio and as we came out, everyone was so surprised.  They gave Bruce a raised-glass cheers and hello, and I introduced him one by one to each member.  He made it a point to shake everyone's hand and give a personal greeting to each person.  As Bruce was making the rounds saying hello, I noticed my friend Rob, (who passed away in January), sitting on one of the nonphysical patio furniture pieces I imagined.  It was a bench but a glider, and he was sitting comfortably and gliding back and forth.  I sat down, crying again both physically and in my imagination, because I was so happy to imagine Rob there, and wondering if he was really there in spirit??  It was like a combination of feeling like I must have made it all up, but also surprised because I didn't consciously decide to pretend him there.  I said, "Hi Rob, it's so good to see you here.  I miss you so much."  I hugged him.  He was smiling and so happy to be there too, and said he was glad to be there.  I think he sensed that I wondered if he was really there because he said, "You know how you've been thinking of me spontaneously a lot lately?  That's me visiting you.  I've been around you lately, and that's why I thought I'd drop in on your PE." 

I sat next to him, gave him a kiss on the cheek, and was so happy to see him.  By now Bruce was done saying hi to everyone individually, and he sat down next to me on the bench on my right side.  I turned to talk to him too, so happy to have both him and Rob there, even though I still felt I was probably just making it up.  Bruce commented on how nice my yard looked, and I turned to look out toward at the yard too and nodded in agreement.  I felt myself disconnecting from the desire and energy of doing the PE anymore, and imagined I got up to walk into the house to disconnect from the group but that everyone was still free to "visit" more with each other if they wanted. 


Title: Re: Anyone want to experiment?
Post by isee on Aug 13th, 2012 at 12:02pm
I wasn't on the list but tried to send some good "vibes" now and again over the weekend, initially trying very hard to deliver some homemade chocolate ice cream (well, homemade chocolate frozen yogurt, but that sounds too healthy....). I had a sweet tooth, I guess.

Title: Re: Anyone want to experiment?
Post by Vicky on Aug 13th, 2012 at 5:39pm
Hi Isee,

Maybe you weren't the only silent participant, so that's ok.  Thanks for saying something. 

Always good to have good vibes (and chocolate) coming my way. 


Title: Re: Anyone want to experiment?
Post by DocM on Aug 17th, 2012 at 6:41am
Sorry in the delay,

I had to do this a few days later (swamped with work), which I don't like, eventhough I hear that the time each person does it may not matter.  I didn't read any of the responses, so not sure what you guys experienced.

My first impressions on setting intention to go to Vicky's house were images of certain objects.  I didn't have a classic OOBE or conversation.  It was more like I saw an image of Vicky, and then certain objects caught my attention.  Now this is tricky, because some may have been symbolic, since it is always open to interpretation.

The first image I saw was a tree.  Not trees, but a tree.  I think it was of a decent size.  Not sure what that means.  On entering the house, I was aware of an entranceway, stair case and at least two rooms.  I had the impression of a rug, but couldn't make it out, and now not sure its location.  I also would be interested in knowing if there was a pet present.  I got the impression that there was a cat, but nothing specific.  I don't remember the conversation, just that the house seemed warm and friendly - good feng shui.

I plan to go back to see if I can have a longer visit, and meet others.  Next time, I will see if my schedule can be freed up more, or will post if I can't make the exact time in the physical. 


Title: Re: Anyone want to experiment?
Post by Vicky on Aug 17th, 2012 at 11:41am
Hey Matthew,

I'm glad you still went back and tried despite the delay.  I know the time discrepancy does not matter....learned that from Bruce so I'm just passing on what he's taught me.

I don't have a pet and there's nothing I can really verify for you of what's real in the physical, but I like that you said I have good feng shui!  Yes, my home is very warm and friendly.   :) 


Title: Re: Anyone want to experiment?
Post by PauliEffectt on Aug 17th, 2012 at 12:54pm
I too saw a cat. Maybe someone brought that with them? :)

Title: Re: Anyone want to experiment?
Post by DocM on Aug 17th, 2012 at 1:54pm
Sometimes impressions are symbolic, sometimes accurate, and sometimes just "off."  In retrospect, the tree image was associated with Vicky, even before I entered the house.  So it may have been a symbol.  Have to go back and take a second look.  Not about the rest.

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