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Message started by newbie on Dec 6th, 2011 at 2:25pm

Title: Newbies to Afterlife Exploration
Post by newbie on Dec 6th, 2011 at 2:25pm
I am a 43 yo male from Pa. I have picked up my Afterlife Exploration book with cds for the first time since the birth of our twins...we were blessed...and have been keeping busy...very busy...I wouldn't trade it in for anything.   Recently I have been drawn back to the manual.   I want to begin my exploration efforts again.  What a gift to be able to do this and Thank You Mr. Moen for providing us with such great knowlege and tools.  I am looking for a study buddy/partner...either online or phone to kinda work together ( a mentor..even better).  I am not going to lie...when that vibrational/light feeling starts...I get scared as hell (sorry for language).  I am worried that something is going to happen to my physical body (ie heart attack).  It is my fear of death, the chronic need to know "what is out there?", and needing to know the truth that draws me to this practice.  Anyone out there feel the same?   Here is my email if u want to just chat directly:

Thank you,


Title: Re: Newbies to Afterlife Exploration
Post by betson on Dec 12th, 2011 at 8:17am
Hi Bob and Welcome :)

Sorry to have missed your post until now.  It's under a section that mostly relates to the idea that 2012 will bring awesome changes --oh, wait, that's what you're going for on a personal level !  If you'll post it again under "afterlife Knowledge"  I bet you'll get much more response.

Congrats on your new family and that you can think of otherwordly  goals too.  Relaxation is a goal for both, when you can.  Many start by teaching themselves to wake up about 3 a.m so that the body is rested but the mind is semi-alert.

You sound ready since you're already into the energies that will help you separate from the heavy world. You can overcome the reaction to the energies by considering that it wants to lift you just like you want to pick up and hold an infant--trust and kindness are the keys. PUL pure unconditional love..

I'm having minor surgery Thursday so will wait until that 's over to contact you.

Dark brew eh?  When my brother moved to PA he started brewing his own beer.--what's going on oer there  :D


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