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Message started by Anja on May 19th, 2011 at 5:40pm

Title: Another fantastic workshop in Denmark
Post by Anja on May 19th, 2011 at 5:40pm
Bruce just gave his third workshop in Copenhagen, and it was even more wonderful than the first two. It was my fourth time attending his workshop (the first time was in Poland in 2005), and I'm amazed that it just gets better and better. Well, probably because I get more practice and have more conscious experiences, I guess :-)

We were 20 participants, and most of us had verified contact with deceased people. I need to write down my own experiences - then I'll post them here.


Title: Re: Another fantastic workshop in Denmark
Post by Romain on May 20th, 2011 at 11:37am
Fourth Time,  lucky you are.
Would love to go back to one of his  workshop again...:)

Please do post them.

Title: Re: Another fantastic workshop in Denmark
Post by Vicky on May 20th, 2011 at 12:21pm
Yeah Anja!  I can't wait to read about your experiences!  It is so great to hear how wonderful the workshop went.

If I knew how to draw a crowd who will participate, I would be so happy to host a workshop.  I'm not having much luck though...I'll have to work on manifesting that!!


Title: Re: Another fantastic workshop in Denmark
Post by Anja on May 21st, 2011 at 8:34am
Vicky, if I had the money to go to Colorado, I'd participate there! :D Here in Copenhagen I had 3 participants for the first workshop in 2007, 12 for the next one in 2009 and 20 for this one. It's so great that it's growing a little every time.

Here's one of my experiences:

In the Special Message Exercise I drew the name of a woman. When I asked a helper to come, a horse showed up. The horse was white with little grey spots, and it felt female (I argued a bit about this with my interpreter – apparently my interpreter want horse helpers to be male (??), but this felt female ;-))

The horse took me to a place that I perceived as an American ranch (that I’ve only seen in movies). I wondered about that since it was a typical Danish name, but I assumed it was probably my interpreter overlay. This place was very big with a lot of horses there, and there was a big farm. The woman whose name I had drawn, greeted me. I noticed she was dressed in clothes that seemed to be from the 80’s. She was a sturdy woman with a very firm handshake. I perceived that she was in her 40’s, but that she had been ten years older when she died. I felt that she had died from too much alcohol. She absolutely loved to ride horses.

When I asked for a special memory, I got the impression of a communion/confirmation (I’m not sure what the right word for that is in English? In the Danish church we are baptized as babies, and then at 13-14 y.o. we confirm our Christianity at another ceremony which we celebrate with a big party with our family afterwards.)

I asked about her personality and got an image of a woman licking her lips in a very sensual way. This surprised me because that’s certainly not what I expected from this sturdy, horse riding country woman. I also got that she was a bit “worn out”. I asked for a personal message, and I got “don’t be so hard on your mother – she really loves you”.

Now it was time for debriefing, and it turned out that the person who had put that name in, was a very good friend of mine, which I kind of suspected while doing the exercise. (I don’t know anything about her family, though.) She told me that the name belonged to her aunt – her mother’s sister.

When I mentioned that my helper was a horse and what it looked like, her jaw dropped! “That’s my horse!” she said. I had no idea she had ever had a horse. (She showed me a picture of the horse the next day, and it was indeed the horse I had seen.) I told her about the farm with all the horses that kind of reminded me of a ranch, and she told me that right next to where her aunt lived (a big farm that fit my description), there was a riding school that very much resembled an American ranch. Her aunt loooooooved to ride horses.

My description of her looks fit, and the firm handshake made my friend laugh. Her uncle (not the aunt's husband, but she was there and laughed about it) once commented on my friend’s very soft handshake and told her the importance of having a firm one. When I mentioned having seen this sensual woman licking her lips, I got another laugh. My friend said that her aunt was really sexy and flirtatious.

The age didn’t fit. She had died in her mid 30’s (but perhaps what I perceived as “ten years older” was really “ten years younger”). But she had indeed died from too much alcohol.

About the communion/confirmation my friend had to check with her mother because as far as she remembered, he aunt had already died and didn’t attend. Her mother told her, though, that she was still alive then, but didn’t attend because she had been drinking too much which had made my friend sad.
So that memory wasn’t exactly a happy one, and it may not have been accurate, but I later found it interesting that the memory brought forth by the person whose name I had submitted for the exercise, was from my own communion/confirmation.

There were other little details that did and didn’t fit, but most of it was pretty accurate. :-)


Title: Re: Another fantastic workshop in Denmark
Post by Anja on May 21st, 2011 at 9:49am
Here's another one. I won’t go into a lot of details with this one, but just tell one very interesting thing – a stretch hit that for me turned into a wow hit.

I had submitted my father’s name (as usual ;-)), and the woman who drew his name, made a pretty good description of him with some big hits. The last thing she mentioned, was that when she asked him to give her, show her or tell her something to verify that the experience was real, she saw something kind of shaped like this:

And then he had made the gesture of “en garde” – like he had a sword.

Both me and my brothers have always “said” to my father (after he died) that if he ever had the chance to give proof that he was really there, i.e. through a medium, then there was a special item that we wanted him to show. That item looks like this:

Now, I could easily stretch her drawing and his gesture to mean that he showed her this item. For someone who doesn’t know what this thing is and who was seeing it with her non-physical sight, it could very well look like a sword. I knew that it was a stretch hit, but knowing about interpreter overlay, it didn’t seem unlikely.

A couple of days later I decided to find this item and show it to her so that she could see this weird thing I was believing she had seen. So I opened the drawer where I knew I kept it. Next to it was the pendant from his necklace. Not an item that ever had any special meaning to me, but because it was his, I saved it in a little pouch together with this other thing. This is it:

I was stunned! This fit her drawing much better, and suddenly my stretch hit had turned into a wow hit. I showed it to the woman, and she got a big surprised smile on her face. This looked very much like the thing she had seen. And the fact that he did the “en garde” gesture, could very well indicate that these two items belonged together – which is how I’ve always kept them.  :)


Title: Re: Another fantastic workshop in Denmark
Post by recoverer on May 21st, 2011 at 1:43pm
Hello Anja:

It sounds like you got some good hits. Thank you for sharing.

Title: Re: Another fantastic workshop in Denmark
Post by Vicky on May 21st, 2011 at 10:01pm
Very nice!  Yes, thanks for sharing. 

Title: Re: Another fantastic workshop in Denmark
Post by Romain on May 31st, 2011 at 11:13pm
Thanks for Sharing Anja;
quite a few good  hits impo you got.

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