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Message started by Seraphis1 on Apr 28th, 2010 at 9:40pm

Title: Re:How to proceed!
Post by Seraphis1 on Apr 28th, 2010 at 9:40pm
4/28/2010 - Debriefing!

I don't know much farther this relaxation_revisited could go... but, that Angel session was powerful and marks an apex... so until I get this sorted out... I am going to attempt to perfect my o.b.e... techniques with the joob discs and post in Journeys Out of the Body, book club pages.

The programing sequence will be akg - disc 1 cut 1 and joob disc "D"


Title: Re: Re:How to proceed!
Post by Seraphis1 on Apr 29th, 2010 at 6:45pm
Changed back here is why!

4/29/2010 - Afternoon session:

Well, that was a harrowing eventful 48 hours in my life… first after this mornings dream incident and aftermath decided to use my Bahia Confidant… it worked really, really well… got the whole thing in the open… it was a Jungian experience in which much of the unconscious underpinnings of the events of the last 48 hours were brought to the surface…

Went back to akg - p 56, I figure my ‘belief-system’ crash to fit…

1. Disorientation
2. Disassociation

The solution was the Confidant. I feel very stabilize and in control right this moment… was unable to do any (and BM doesn’t recommend pressing in situations such as this… ) to do any sessions until 2pm…

Decide to continue with the relaxation cut and the first stage separation cut… there is no point in trying to second guess how to proceed and jump around willy nilly… I still have to get 100 % relaxation down and I still have to satisfy the fss… requirements so that is what I will continue to do until I get a real change up signal.

The session went well… I hesitate to explain my breathing system to you M… because I wasn’t sure what I was intuiting… now, I know I discovered the full implications of it in this session… YOU CAN ISOLATE, CONTACT AND RELAX EACH PHYSICAL ANLAGE OF THE SOLAR PLEXUS… I assume the isomeric relationship between the etheric body where the solar plexus chakra resides and the solar plexus nerve ganglia are interacting but I have not discovered the pathway as I did with the heart chakra (I.e… thru the Vagus/aortic ganglia connection).
The diaphragm is undoubtedly the mechanical control for the solar plexus and therefore the solar plexus chakra… thus the heavy emphasis in the various Yoga systems for diaphragmatic breathe… when I woke up this morning with knots in my solar plexus region they were on the left side and just about where the phrenic plexus, suprarenal plexus and the Lienal plexus are positioned… thus, the dream was activating through this area and this must be where the lower ego resides and attempts to defend itself… [In the Biblical account Saul is a personification of the Solar Plexus chakra… he is unable to give up everything as God commanded… I.e… he was to completely destroy the enemy… leave nothing alive… people, cattle and property… he doesn’t obey the command in its entirety… thus closing himself off from the higher self and higher chakras… ].

So with proper control of the breath one can isolate each nerve plexus center and relax it… I don’t know exactly what will happen… there may be a streaming of past life events to be confronted because I suspect this is the gateway to the unconscious mind.

All in all this first successful session since the Angel event… I am happy with it.


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