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Message started by Bumblebee on Dec 12th, 2009 at 4:36pm

Title: The Puzzle
Post by Bumblebee on Dec 12th, 2009 at 4:36pm

I'm just reading Chapter 21. Déjà Vu

As I was reading the following, something flashed through my awareness.

Then that scene faded and I found myself in a darkened room with large overstuffed furniture, a fire in the fireplace, thick carpets and rugs on the floor, and intricate tapestries hanging on the walls. As I relaxed into the comfort and ambiance of the room, a very bright light suddenly flashed for several milliseconds, like a giant flashbulb it overilluminated the room with its stark, blinding glare. After several more randomly spaced flashes, I began to wonder what was going on. I asked this overpoweringly bright flash to explain its meaning. It kept flashing, washing out all the detail of the room with its brilliance all the way back to C1 consciousness without once giving me a clue. I left my CHEC unit not knowing the answer. To this day it's still a puzzle.

What flashed through my awareness might be wrong, and Bruce may have already figured out by now what this scene represented.  But I felt like I should post it anyway.

What I got as I was reading it, was all those intregrate, seperate parts he was experiencing (his chair, the tapestries, himself) interlaced with pure light light - pure PUL.  That, to me, shows how everything in that vision consisted because, was contained, in PUL, however due to seperation all those intregate parts could be seen.  When I finished reading the passage I found it quite interesting he said "To this day it's still a puzzle." - given that his previous experiences had been showing him about healing into a whole as a puzzle.  PUL those  boundaries?  You are left with just PUL, and maybe the puzzle is solved.

Only Bruce will know if this resonates with him, but that's what came to mind x

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