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Message started by Romain on Aug 6th, 2009 at 12:17pm

Title: Antahkarana- Ancient Symbol of Healing
Post by Romain on Aug 6th, 2009 at 12:17pm
Hello All;
Came across this symbol while doing some research on healing. Never seen/heard of it before and was wondering if any of you did.
The story goes as far as Atlantis according to Tibetans.
I'm a Reiki (Usui) practitioner and never seen it; and they say it's part of the Usui system of healing?

Any idea?

There're also a meditation purported to improve your healing skills, open the third eye, increase your clairvoyance, and any other number of wonderment's. The process begins with Using the Reiki Master Symbol.

Here're what they say:

  The Antahkarana exists in several styles of Reiki including the Usui/Tibetan, Tibetan and Raku Kai. The Antahkarana is claimed to be a "Tibetan" symbol that is most ancient (some even trace it to "Lemuria" 100, 000 years ago!) . Antahkarana It is the connection between your brain and your higher self. It is thought that if you are to ever grow spiritually, you must develop and heal this connection. The symbol itself is thought to represent that connection and is thought by its mere presence (i.e., seeing it) to facilitate that connection. Indeed, just having the thing in sight is supposed to have a beneficial and uplifting effect on the chakras and auras. It will also increase the efficacy of all healing techniques. It is thought to complete the Microcosmic orbit by meditating on it, which facilitates a flow of energy to all the chakras. It is heard of it being used to clear and cleanse crystals of negative energy. The Antahkarana symbol is a cube shaped symbol. It has on its surface three "sevens". These are thought to correspond to the 7 chakras, seven colors, seven tones on the musical scale. In the apocryphal book of Revelations there are the three sevens of the seven trumpets, the seven candlesticks and the seven seals. Its energy moves through all dimensions, leading us to out higher self. It probably corresponded also to the "seven" planets.    

Title: Re: Antahkarana- Ancient Symbol of Healing
Post by Ally on Aug 6th, 2009 at 1:52pm

Thanks for putting that there! I didn't know about it, either, but I searched and found a bit of information about it in a PDF file.

It's fascinating! I might try using it to enhance my improvement of healing practice! :)



Title: Re: Antahkarana- Ancient Symbol of Healing
Post by Romain on Aug 6th, 2009 at 2:56pm
Thanks Ally;
So according to Rand it's not a sacred symbol, interesting isn't.
I also did say Atlantis and it should be my mistake. (my heart is very close to Lemuria).

I'll try and look for the link where i find this, the meditation with the symbol was quite elaborate as far as i'm concern, it probably could be change to suit oneself. It's worth the try...:)
Thanks. Pul R.

Title: Re: Antahkarana- Ancient Symbol of Healing
Post by Romain on Aug 7th, 2009 at 12:58pm
Here is the link to the Antahkarana symbol.


Title: Re: Antahkarana- Ancient Symbol of Healing
Post by Ally on Aug 7th, 2009 at 3:11pm
Thanks, Romain! :)

Looks like a good meditation to try, although I am not familiar with Hui Yin, or 'Usui Power symbol at the Hara'. Could you explain what that is, if you know? I will try looking it up on my own.

Also, that's fascinating that you say your heart is very close to Lemuria. I feel the same way! I think in some past lives I learned about spirituality there and became close to it. I think I had a life in Atlantis, also, but my spirituality was becoming lost there. I feel like I've been paying some heavy karmic debts for the mistakes I made in that life.

But, anyway, back on topic, thanks for the link! :)

Title: Re: Antahkarana- Ancient Symbol of Healing
Post by Romain on Aug 8th, 2009 at 3:47pm
Ally; here the link for Hui Yin..:)
So the Antahkarana will be place at bottom of feets (visualizing so to speak) it and move it through the chakras.

An as for Lrmuria will look for a posting i did here in 04-05 regarding a self retrieval/Timeline  in Lemuria..will let you know.

Title: Re: Antahkarana- Ancient Symbol of Healing
Post by Ally on Aug 9th, 2009 at 1:55am
Thank you so much for the link, Romain! :)

I will study the chakras; I believe it will prove useful. I actually already read about the Hui Yin chakra, I just had forgotten! :P I intend to try the meditation sometime soon.

And, I look forward to hearing your take on Lemuria.
Thanks, again!

PUL, light and love,

Title: Re: Antahkarana- Ancient Symbol of Healing
Post by Romain on Aug 10th, 2009 at 11:13pm

Ally wrote on Aug 9th, 2009 at 1:55am:
And, I look forward to hearing your take on Lemuria.
Thanks, again!

PUL, light and love,

Here it is Ally;
I posted this on this board in 2004..;) been a while and still have it as a

Posted by Romain on June 08, 2004 at 06:55:13:
June2-2004 –2 PM
Yesterday afternoon, I decide to put on and listen to a quarterly tape from TMI called "Timeline" to find more information by going inside and attune to a past life from Atlantis as a "Priestess", that I’ve been getting flashes about.
Well find my-self in a temple that I took for an Atlantis temple, was wearing sandals, which were wrap around my legs, way up just below my knees. I was wearing a dress of some sort, very fine material, kind of flowing while I was walking, had jewellery on my arms, distinctively seeing a round bracelet on my left arm, serpent (snake coil) I sense/saw that I had long black hair and some sort of little crown with a precious stone in the middle. I felt like I was beautiful and healthy vibrant full of energy person...was walking inside toward an altar...tall columns, faith light but enough to see...going toward an altar/statue of the God "Horus" (Falcon head but human body) made me wonder if I was in Atlantis or I may be in Egypt???...hummm...Stop my mind from wondering and went with the flow…..anyhow after giving gratitude and bowing very low in front of the altar, went toward it and pick up sort of a round crystal/white ball or some sort...and gaze into it...saw what will happen shortly. Destruction of some sort, people needing/looking for help,
Click out
Went outside with 2 other person, kind of bodyguards. Looking for pour people who needed help and everywhere I saw/walking (street) people would stop and bow to me. I was going around and giving freely Healing energy and doing hand on energy healing (Reiki/Lifeforce/Shamballa who knows) to any who needed it..
Saw spacecraft of some sort transporting lots of people, leaving going to Egypt, so was the impression. I stay behind and gave helping hand and healing energy to people until my own life force ran out ...that was my life as I saw it in Atlantis.
I read that Horus as a connection with the Pleiades and was in love with one of the Pleiades sister, but she did not care for him according to a web site I read .Did Horus was worship in Atlantis? . I thought it was only Egypt? Something to search for..:) In a way I felt like it was Atlantis...but also very strong vibration from Egypt!!
Thank you for reading
with love

Title: Re: Antahkarana- Ancient Symbol of Healing
Post by Ally on Aug 11th, 2009 at 3:07am
Hey, thanks for the heads up, and link. :)

As far as impressions on my end go, I don't know if I should post it here or not, since it is off topic, but here goes. :P

I have never used anything in Hemi-Sync yet for tuning in to past lives, though I wish to in the future. So, the only things I have to go on are the impressions I have had which are vague at best.

I feel very close to Lemuria, and semi-close to Atlantis. However, I can remember better about Atlantis than Lemuria.

I have seen diagrams about Atlantis having a circular structure, and when I imagine it, I can see myself down by it, and  it is surrounded by mountains on all sides, very large and flat in structure. I don't know if I am by the city structure or just one large temple. It feels peaceful though, and I sense that I have spent much time there meditating, and connecting to higher spirit. I sense something about a crystal. Perhaps there is a very large crystal in the center of this structure. With much power.

In Lemuria, I sense that it is where I learned how to sing. :) A beautiful church of some sort, high narrow pale grey arching ceilings adorned with stone carvings. A source of light from above. Streaming down in small parts, perhaps circular skylights from the very tops. A small congregation of women wearing white flowing robe dresses with small brown tie belts in the middle. I am one of them. We gather in a circle in the middle and begin to sing together harmonizing lightly, beautifully, the sound wafting upwards and echoing like air itself. Deep meditative worship, far more profound than Christian Catholic; there are no rules, only the feeling to think as one and follow a flow. Reiki, and flying are taught there, symbols, like the Antakarana used. Incredible joy and knowledge. Long, peaceful communion.

That is all for now. :)

Oh, and BTW, I had a life in Egypt, as a man who mummified bodies for a living. He found it peaceful, and respectful, enjoying caring for the dead, rubbing them with oil. I have had attractions to jobs where I could 'care for the dead' i.e. in a morgue, etc.

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