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Message started by Adimu on Mar 30th, 2009 at 6:33pm

Title: Being pulled out of body
Post by Adimu on Mar 30th, 2009 at 6:33pm
Hello all. I'm new and I go by Adimu;my middle name. I am 15 years old and have been meditating since November of 08. I have been trying to Astral Project sine January 09. I have not been successful. I have gotten to the point, when I lay down to try and astral project, where my body feels completely numb and I can't feel it very much, but can still move. Then sometimes randomly I run energy through my body starting at my legs where it stays the most powerful. The energy that I run through my body is so powerful that I sometimes get involuntary twitches of some body parts. Anyway once I do that my body has a second beat besides my heart beat and the beat is very powerful and then it fades away. One time when trying to AP I got to this point where it felt as if my body were vibrating;but it wasn't; then it turned into a shaking and then it got stronger and stronger and then an image came before my eyes of a room that zoomed towards me and then I was in the room and it was shaking and then it began spinning and it felt as if I was shaking a spinning all around and the room disappeared and there was nothing so I tried to get up out of my body thinking that it was time, but no cigar! :'( Anyway I am still trying to AP and that hasn't happened again yet, but I know it is possible to be pulled out and have talked to some people who have been pulled out and was wondering if anyone would be willing to pull me out pleeeeeeaaaaassssee :).

Title: Re: Being pulled out of body
Post by betson on Mar 31st, 2009 at 8:10am
Greetings Adimu,

Congratulations on your success so far -- on your perserverance and all the stages you are going through! Those are all classic 'symptoms' that you have described!
You have a Higher Self or OverSoul that is definitely preparing you for non-physical experiences.
Sometimes at first the connections between the seven subtle bodies have to be loosened before we can exit the physical. Since your OverSoul is working on that now, it might be too early for an incarnated partner to assist you.
Do you have other preparation you can do during this time? For example can you adjust your diet to less meat, preservatives, sugar? Or maybe read more from spiritual adepts of the past? It might be that some such hidden concerns are holding you back a bit --?

I hope you'll stay in communication here and let us know of future successes and concerns! Feel free to argue out any ideas here that do not feel right for you!  :)


Title: Re: Being pulled out of body
Post by spooky2 on Mar 31st, 2009 at 7:26pm
Yeah, keep on Adimu! From all I've read the last stage is the most difficult one. It must be a sort of total let go.

My few OBEs came out of dreams. One time I became conscious and wondered why I couldn't remember where I was and how the heck I got there! Another time I awoke after a dream and had a sleep paralysis, I could only move very slowly, and at my left leg a strange deformation was to be seen when I attempted to move, until finally I gave up and then realized I hadn't moved at all, had my eyes closed all the time because my body had been sound asleep!

So maybe you set your intent to become conscious/go OoB in or after a dream in parallel to your other practices.


Title: Re: Being pulled out of body
Post by Adimu on Mar 31st, 2009 at 9:57pm
Thanks for the quick replies guys. Last night I remembered a seemingly very important part of my first near OBE experience. It was the part where I got to a place somewhere;I'm not exactly sure how I was seeing this but I was definitely seeing it and not forcing it out of visualization, it was a place where it was completely black and I could see lots of little lights/star type lights. I went there a lot before I had the experience where I nearly left my body, I don't know why I stopped it was like I kind of forgot to try and go there every time I tried to project and while meditating like I did before. But once in the place I always zoom forward really fast and the lights would pass quickly while more and more came and I would try and look behind me at the lights and this would always make my eyes shoot open and I'd have to find the place again. But anyway I had done this just before I nearly APed and it was very important I think, because I had gone to that place and then kind of saw a swirling vortex, which is what led me to the swirling room that I mentioned in my first post. But I would really appreciate any help getting out of my body. Maybe kind of just make me aware of your presence like Bruce did with his kids at the beginning of Voyage Beyond Doubt.

Title: Re: Being pulled out of body
Post by betson on Apr 1st, 2009 at 8:28am

You are already out of your body, aren't you!? Congratulations!
So you are asking to meet another soul out there ?

There are usually souls out around the Monroe Institute near Charlottesville VA. Check out a map and/ or google the Institute to learn more that will help you 'set your intent' to go there. Just set your intent and then relax; you don't have to consciously control your travel, like steering a car.

What you will see depends on what energy level / 'subtle body' you are in when you explore the non-physical. Etheric bodies resemble our physical anatomy but other subtle bodies do look like stars or glowing areas of white, gold, rose light.  If you keep your own attitude in kindness and request loving Guidance and protection, you will begin some of the most amazing adventures available to humans!


Title: Re: Being pulled out of body
Post by Adimu on Apr 1st, 2009 at 10:10am
Dang that sounds great, but no I'm not out of my body yet; that's kind of why I posted here i would like assistance getting out. I feel like that space place that I was in was third eye, but I really don't know. It sucks, because every since I stopped going there I haven't been able to get back.I've tried a couple times in the last few days, but no worries I will get back there. But again I'd love some assistance in getting out and I'd like to have a friend or a partner who might like to explore with me. The more important part to me is getting out though, so any help there before any other help would be greatly appreciated. Hehe don't take the bold and underline offensively if that's the way it looks.

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