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Message started by maks on Feb 20th, 2009 at 6:32pm

Title: Wahunka
Post by maks on Feb 20th, 2009 at 6:32pm
I am curious to learn the technique that Bruce calls "Wahunka". Have anyone acquired it?
What type of exercises do you need to do?

Thank you,


Title: Re: Wahunka
Post by betson on Feb 22nd, 2009 at 9:49pm

As I recall Bruce is referring to his 'little finger bending exercise.'  He made up the word 'wahunka' to say to sort of start the exercise or the memory of it.  The French might say "Voila!', in the US we might say "Aha!"
The little finger bending exercise is a way of pointing out that placing our intent to do something is important before doing it, as I recall.
The question has come up previously and then Bruce said that he never meant it to be a goal or have importance; he was just showing it as a step along the way.  :)


Title: Re: Wahunka
Post by Vicky on Oct 20th, 2009 at 10:14pm
Sorry to correct you Bets, but I happen to be re-reading (for the 100th time) Bruce's 2nd book, and came here to see what questions people had.   :)

The Little Finger Bending exercise is to practice the feeling of Placing Intent.

Wahunka is the name Bruce gave to an odd sensation he had been able to switch on since the early 1970s. Page 27, "When I intended to switch the feeling on, I experienced a mildly electric, fuzzy ball of something at the base of my skull, in back, right where the spine ends and the skull begins."

Maks, I can't say that I've been able to experience Bruce's Wahunka.  I do think I get something a little similar in my forehead, but I am not sure it is the same thing.  I'm practicing with mine the way he did with his.  I think maybe these feelings have to do with chakras??

Title: Re: Wahunka
Post by Vicky on Oct 21st, 2009 at 12:35am
Ok as I'm reading further in the book, I'm remembering more.  Couch is teaching Bruce how to use the Wahunka feeling and extend it outside of his body. 

I'd forgotten how interesting this was to me.  The way he describes this sensation is the same thing I remember feeling/doing when I was a kid.  But my description of it is what I'd call a type of out-of-body experience.  It's not something I can consciously do from the waking state as Bruce can.  My sensation was only something I noticed when I'm very relaxed, near sleep, and I'm sure in Focus 10...not that I knew what I was doing as a kid.  It was something that would just happen to me. 

Anyway, this is a sensation I'm practicing trying to recall and utilize again.  Sure wish I could feel it as easily as it happened as a kid. 

Title: Re: Wahunka
Post by O on Nov 2nd, 2009 at 11:06am

Vicky wrote on Oct 20th, 2009 at 10:14pm:
at the base of my skull, in back, right where the spine ends and the skull begins."


a little similar in my forehead, but I am not sure it is the same thing.


I think maybe these feelings have to do with chakras??

Aren't these the front and back vortexes of the third eye chakra? Like this:

Be well

Title: Re: Wahunka
Post by Romain on Nov 2nd, 2009 at 10:29pm
Hello O; welcome;
That "Wahunka" still alude me..and still not sure what exactly it is.
But i tend to agree with Vicky, it's a feeling of some sort but what?
Where? conscious or unconscious it should be?
Di scribing a feeling sometimes is hard.

I like you diagram but alway thought the #7 to *8 would be more perpendicular (straight line)  to the back of the head, not base of skull..humm

Would be nice if Bruce could spare a few moment and really answer that

Title: Re: Wahunka
Post by Bruce Moen on Nov 12th, 2009 at 7:22pm
We have Vicky to thank bringing my attention to this thread.  Thanks Vicky.

I don't have any idea how it came to be that I first experienced this peculiar feeling I call Wahunka.  Not knowing how it happened leaves me without any idea how to teach anyone else how to experience it.  When I wrote about it I was thinking that maybe someone reading about it would recognize it.

  Even the name I use for is a little weird.  I don't know where that word came from either, it just popped into my mind one day as I was describing its feeling.  A friend, Rita, once contacted a Lakota Sioux information person familiar with that native language.  Rita had an interest in the Lakota and had been studying about them at that point in her life.  When she pronounced "Wahunka" to the guy he said the closest word to that sound in Lakota means, "adopted ancestor."  And that describes something I had never considered even existing, after all, how would a person go about adopting an ancestor.  Evidently for the Lakota it was a concept familiar enough to their culture that they had a word for it.  I have often wondered if the feeling I experience as Wahunka points to one of my "ancestors" as in myself in a previous lifetime?

Rita and I developed a sort of game after I became aware that she could switch on the same feeling.  One day I turned to look at her and she blasted me with that feeling so strongly it almost knocked me over.  Turns out as a child Rita had what is called a learning disability.  She didn't understand spoken language for a long time.  So, when she wanted to know what someone was talking about she described that she looked upward with her physical eyes (toward her forehead (3rd Eye?)) and would see a little movie in the air above the person.  If she just watched the movie it would convey to her what the person was saying in a way she could understand.  "Learning disability"???    I don't think so.

The game Rita and I played was to look into each others eyes, switch on Wahunka and let it build up stronger and stronger until the walls and everything else in view would start to turn liquid and start distorting like they were an image on paint that was beginning to run.

When we did this with a group of people sitting between us the entire group would enter a shared, alternate reality.  The game was for each person to describe very briefly anything they perceived.  Then everyone just sat quietly until the next person spoke.   This sometimes continued for half an hour to an hour.  We all went to some interesting places, saw some interesting things and had great fun as the alternate reality became more and more "solid."  Usually within five or ten minutes people would realize they were describing the same scene and activities as all the others in the group, just from a little different perspective.  Some would find other members of the group in the scenes.

Well, what can I say?  It was a great way to spend an afternoon.


Title: Re: Wahunka
Post by Romain on Nov 13th, 2009 at 11:40am
Thank you Bruce and nice to hear from you again.
Thanks Vicky...:)

Very interesting i must say; you just gave me the idea of looking into the language and culture of the Carrier Indians (First Nation) and other Athabaskan peoples of British Columbia and see if  they have a similar wording/sounding/phrase/noun.

Will probably have to go visit some dear Elders fist, shouldn't be hard there quite a few where i live..:)

Blessing and PUL  Bruce

Title: Re: Wahunka
Post by Bruce Moen on Nov 14th, 2009 at 4:50am
Romain, my friend.  I will be very interested to know what you find out in your discussions.

I admire the work that you do and your willingness to share your experiences with others.



Title: Re: Wahunka
Post by Romain on Nov 15th, 2009 at 4:51pm
Thank you Bruce, much appreciated.
And yes i will let you know what the findings are.


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