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Message started by kp1969 on Jan 20th, 2009 at 3:50pm

Title: Possible OOBE?? maybe???
Post by kp1969 on Jan 20th, 2009 at 3:50pm
There is a useful little and free application you can get for your iphone called Binaural Beats. I was listening to the Deep Meditation preset last night and laying with my head face down on the pillow.

Whilst I was enjoying the bliss as I managed to shut out the noise of the radio, I felt as if I was sliding slowly towards the headboard, then gradually upwards. it was then I started feeling really intense vibrations, and I mean really intense!!!!. it was like my whole body was pivoting in the middle and shaking as fast as a humming bird beats its wings. well. maybe not quite that fast but I cant think of anything else to compare it with.

I also heard a loud fluttering in my ears, at this point I started to panic thinking "What if I cant get back into my body?"

With my eyes clenched tightly shut I began trying to will myself back into my body, I could feel that I was out of allignment with myself.

When I felt back to normal I quickly grabbed my earphones from my head and threw them on the floor, turned over and went to sleep.

Problem is now that after thinking about this for a day I am wondering if what happened was real or just my imagination or a dream.

If it was real, how do you control the fear factor??

Does my description of events sound familiar, is their a norm for this experience?

Title: Re: Possible OOBE?? maybe???
Post by identcat on Jan 20th, 2009 at 7:40pm
Classic descripiton of an OBE! Congrautlaitons.  The only way you can get over the fear is by repetition and preparation. Monroe suggested using a REBOL: Resonate Energy Balloon. You imagine a clear balloon all arourd you, like a force field, and you are inside. No harm or fear will be able to touch you.  He also uses the energy conversion box, or a repository box where you put in all distractions and fears, close the lid on the box and then continue your journey. He also suggested using a shield and/or a wand or sword of light. There are many ways to imagine that you have the protection you need when you are having an OBE.

Hopefully, this will become the start of some wonderful adventures.  Come visit me in New Hampshire --- I'll see you in my dreams  :P--Carol Ann

Title: Re: Possible OOBE?? maybe???
Post by spooky2 on Jan 21st, 2009 at 12:05am
Couldn't be more typical  :) . The doubt you have, this unreal feeling about it, if it maybe was just a dream or so is typical as well, because you went to sleep immediately after it, and then nivellating mechanisms of your mind try to get it "in order". If you had waked a while after it, and written down everything in detail, doubts wouldn't have arised that easily.


Title: Re: Possible OOBE?? maybe???
Post by kp1969 on Jan 21st, 2009 at 9:25am
Thanks guys, I tried again last night, but fell alseep :( I will keep trying. I am horrified to think I missed a chance thanks to the fear of not getting back into my body.. typical! hah!

I am trying to figure out why I fell asleep so quickly, I recall being exhausted in the morning. does an oobe drain you?

Ack! so many questions!

Thanks for the feedback again, I will keep trying, should I manage it I will pop over to see you for a cup of non local tea and a slice of non local cake!


Title: Re: Possible OOBE?? maybe???
Post by Vicky on Jan 21st, 2009 at 8:55pm
Congratulations, that's exactly what it's like!  All very typical, even getting freaked out.  

You'll just have to continue practicing and soon you'll be so used to those things they will pass by without notice.  

I would suggest setting some intention before you lay down and begin.  You may find it helpful to think of your intention while you begin and not only will that help distract your attention from the unpleasant things, but it will also give you something to do.  It's really not fun to be in the OBE state and laying there with no idea of what to do or how to do it.  


Title: Re: Possible OOBE?? maybe???
Post by kp1969 on Feb 17th, 2009 at 7:21pm
Hi again, apologies for the absence, life has been manic lately and work far to demanding!

After trying to re-create the experience for a while I gave up and started my journey into TM. initially looked at to lower blood pressure so I don't have to keep popping damn pills every time I visit my drug happy doctor. but that's another story!

Anyway, so I couldn't sleep one night and stayed up until around 3am, went to bed and put on the same meditation setting on the iphone. I quickly fell asleep and all was well, after a while I was happily dreaming of driving my car through quiet French lanes surrounded by lush green trees. in the dream I detached from the car and floated up into the sky. at this point my attention was re-focused and the vibrations had started again. this time I was lying on my side and felt myself floating back and down. I thought about moving my arms and opening my eyes but everything was like a grey blur.
I became very aware of my breathing which was quite fast and thought "If I don't stop I am going to go through the floor!"

At this point panic struck again and I was back very quickly wide awake, and again exhausted I fell asleep.

Damn it!

Interestingly enough the situation was pretty much the same as the last time this happened, very tired and relaxed and around 3am bedtime with the same setting on the phone.

It would appear for now, the matrix still has me!

Title: Re: Possible OOBE?? maybe???
Post by identcat on Feb 17th, 2009 at 10:40pm
I remember one time when I was in an OBE and my body started falling as if off a very high cliff. My mind wanted to know what would happen when I reached the ground.  So, without fear or any apprehension, I allowed my obe body to continue falling, watching the layers of shale and rock pass by my spiritual eyes as I enjoyed the sensation of the fall. When  I reached the bottom and hit the ground, my "body" continued through the earth, and now I could see the layers of earth passing by me.  I just love watching the same experience on a movie when the characters are falling into an abyss and they land virtually unscathed.  It brings back those memories of the obe.   ;)

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