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Message started by Romain on Sep 3rd, 2008 at 9:09pm

Title: Voyages Into the Unknown personal thoughts.
Post by Romain on Sep 3rd, 2008 at 9:09pm
Monday, September-02-08
Voyage into the unknown by Bruce Moen
I wanted to re-read his book for a while now and keep putting it out; today I decided it was time to go back a and see if some of the concepts that he wrote about change my way of thinking in a way.

In my humble opinion it is always healthy to occasionally challenge our belief systems. It is through this process that we grow and evolve, and really determine for ourselves “what is important”.

First time I read Bruce book was in Oct-2002 so it been quite a while.

In Prologue Page 9 Paragraph 1 the wording “If there is any difference between you and me is only that my curiosity has already led me to explore and know what lies beyond death in the afterlife”, was very interesting I thought!

Now Sept 2008 I can honestly say what a sailing trip it has been. From my experience it’s a true fact now and did experience it more than once. Not always a smooth sailing but was and still is a wonderful sailing.

My believe from previous years as a Roman Catholic church member were not that strong, since I have left the church years before, being tired of being dictate on how/should I live my life, and how should I accept or reject others who aren’t part of their ideological believes. Or maybe I should say imposing their thoughts/believe on masses. (e.g., our church may hand us an entire ideology that then bolsters the specific beliefs and attitudes we hold.)

Did it change some of those believes? Oh yes it did.

I was color by the beliefs and preconception I’ve taken from my culture/religion and other sources, and now was able to finally differentiate between Catholic Church and Christ energy.

That was a hard nut to crack but not impossible because  my believes since a young boy was always if I do something wrong  God will banish me forever and ever and never see Heaven-will have to go to purgatory for a while…before making it to heaven.(BST hell I guess)

But when I read in Afterlife Knowledge book first page that “We all can learn to explore and discovered the truth for ourselves; I was hook, finally someone who is not imposing their thoughts on you but just saying “considered it” Try it!!
Sail and find your own answer to the puzzle!!!
Don’t take my word for it!    
“Curiosity did kick right in.”

PUL to all; Romain

Title: Re: Voyages Into the Unknown personal thoughts.
Post by Romain on Oct 3rd, 2008 at 2:15pm
In December of 2002 I wrote the following in my journal regarding Chakras and energies focus levels which are related in our bodies and what there're doing or should be doing..:)

C1 is the Root Chakra, controlling the understanding of our physical and biological energies.
Balanced, it takes us to Focus 10.

The Second Chakra of emotional energy which allows for understanding attitudes in relationships. In harmony, we approach Focus 12.

The Third Chakra of mental energy providing discrimination and control of the environment. Mastering our being, allows us to approach others in Focus 15.

The Heart Chakra, and become connected with our world. With a perception of oneness, we touch our communication energy in Focus 21,

The Fifth Chakra, realizing awareness of guidance. Feeling this power opens the energy in Focus 27.

The Third Eye Chakra, for our perception and knowledge of non-physical orders.

And lastly, we cross the border into other dimensions in Focus 34 and 35, the Crown of the Head Chakra, where we evolve beyond the concerns of Earth.

regards; R.

Title: Re: Voyages Into the Unknown personal thoughts.
Post by LaffingRain on Oct 3rd, 2008 at 10:29pm
thanks Romain, I really can use these concepts. :)

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