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Message started by LaffingRain on Aug 3rd, 2008 at 9:45am

Title: Rick's Healing exercise for Vajra
Post by LaffingRain on Aug 3rd, 2008 at 9:45am
I received Rick's ok to post this.

DL, Ian, first off I did my breathing exercises as Bruce had spoke of in his book,
Then I set intent for you and I to speed up the healing process with Ian, not
knowing the extent of his injuries, this was a shot gun effect...back to my
meditation...I set intent for you to help along with Carlyle and DP, who
were both in the background, you appeared,  
and we became as one, then I concentrated on Ian, he
appeared or what I perceived to be him, I opened my astral body,
taking Ian in...then we proceeded to the Waterfall
healing method that Bruce spoke of...with the flow of healing, loving energy
flowing upward thru the soles of our feet throughout the entire body and out
the top of our head, this was a spectacular mix of blue and green spiraling
colors with a hint of pink on occasion, this was I think the injury negs coming
out of the system...this went on for two or so hours, I was listening to my MP3
player kinda watching the waterworks from a short distance away, it was mesmerizing
somewhat, almost hypnotic to a point ....I got lost in the visuals and sound from
my songs on the MP3 player....Then when it ended around 3 am, I was aware of
becoming drowsy but was fighting it for some reason...didn't understand that
point at all. Then to sleep only to awaken at 6 feeling a little sluggish and sore
from absorbing some of the pain from Ian...because we felt his soreness and pain
in the beginning, it lessoned as time went on. I also stated intent for this process
to go on for 4 days to speed up the healing..and believe me the soreness is bad
speaking from experience here on my crash.

Carlyle says that within one week most soreness should almost disappear and
any cracked bones would be knitted fairly  might feel like you are
running a fever at night during this process...a low grade fever, this is the healing
energy speeding up the healing/soreness.

I was happy to do it, just makes me hyper, become so involved in it, can't help it
or so far I haven't been able to....hyper all the next day. We all can do this, its
stating intent to help and not entertaining any nagging doubts that it will not
happen, see it as so...and I am so thankful and Grateful. Always, Love, Rick


my comments: I will ask Rick about the hyper feelings which followed the exercise, as I haven't a clue what that means and I'm curious; could be a speed up of intense energy, Light, causing a mild discomfort as we are not used to doing this sort of thing?

DP, stands for Dead Preacher, his name is David, or was in his previous life, he is my guide as well my other life.
Rick knows about him.

Carlyle stands for Rick's guide, Rick will sometimes say Carlyle is his higher self. If so, then higher self finds you a parking space!

Rick has explained Carlyle helps him when he drives his car, unfortunately, I have never received help in finding my car in a parking lot....from any guides..Carlyle has proved himself to be real to Rick. It's a long story, we may get him to explain sometime.

I think we all have guides assistance in one form or another, however, most of us have no names given for their guides, and that is perfectly how it is, and ok for you if so, we don't have to have names, to know we are guided and assisted in our personal lives. intuition will tell you this.

I also did another healing venture for Ian, placing his back to my front, I ran colored light up and down the back. I did this even though I felt the situation was taken care of.
I have been seeing with Ian this piece of tiny flat surfaced plastic out of place slightly. I kept shoving the image away, thinking that cannot be true. finally I admitted that I was seeing I asked assistance, and two doctors showed up. each stepped inside Ian and made an adjustment, to lift a bone up and replace the plastic bit to it's original position. the 2nd doctor was wanting to do one better than the first doctor and he stepped in a literally replaced two of the tiny bones with new ones, eliminating the plastic piece entirely, or making the piece turn into living bone..he melted it into the bone somehow.

I then saw Ian jumping around with energy and happy once more and pain free.

then Ian we went out and rode your motorcycle around, clowning.
this part I knew was unnecessary, but I thought you'd get a kick out of it and it would be my fondest desire to once more ride a motorcycle more of an exercise of feeling that freedom once more of the wind hitting you in the face.

at 30 mph of course. no more. love, alysia

I just realized me and Rick have a few commonalities on this exercise; Rick is mentioning taking Ian inside him, while I am mentioning walking imagining to be inside Ian's body. this is slightly different than I usually work.
and I also worked with the colors Rick mentioned. I think I was using rose color, but I remember green also.

Title: Re: Rick's Healing exercise for Vajra
Post by vajra on Aug 3rd, 2008 at 10:43am
Thank you guys, that's fascinating and wonderful to read. Your commitment and generosity are so inspiring, so thank you again.

The process was wholly unconscious from my side, other than for the physical sensation of heat I reported before which has several times surfaced since. It's amazing what we  get up to without knowing.

That said there was lots energetic going on last night -  lots of little blinks of sparkly light, my bedside lamp started to flicker again coinciding with a major churning in my heart chakra and I caught a snatch of a deep voice speaking but couldn't make sense of it.

I hope the pain Rick felt was only a passing stage in the process, that he's suffered no harm.

I posted progress as of this morning back on the original thread - it's improving and a lot of the very intense pain has gone out of it except when I stand, and even then it's reduced quite a bit. There's quitea bit to go, but it's doing the business I think!

Title: Re: Rick's Healing exercise for Vajra
Post by LaffingRain on Aug 3rd, 2008 at 11:52am
remember, theres is a build up of energy, that is healing, that is saved for you over a period of time.

as you can accept it. instant healings can frighten people, or they are unacceptable within the belief paradigm, so that is why healing can be extended over a period of days, weeks..for some they will carry a lifetime disfunction as a lesson plan.

I do not think this is the case with you, and the deeper voice you heard is a part of spirit guides letting you know, you are not alone as you go thru this intense learning phase.
Rick mentioned, 4 days or a week, and that is how it happened for him also..I am a firm believer no healing energy is ever wasted, but saved for the recipient for such time as you will be taking in more.

love to you, I feel very good about this and I'm sure Rick benefitted from doing the healing as well.

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