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Message started by betson on Aug 2nd, 2008 at 8:42pm

Title: Multilevel needs complicate healing?
Post by betson on Aug 2nd, 2008 at 8:42pm

I have a friend who's in a predicament healthwise because so many parts of him are ill or wounded.

Spiritual healing has been offerred and accepted by this person, but so far the healing effects complicate matters as much or more than helping. The healing does happen in one area, so the person is so relieved that they overdo it and weaken the other areas that are in trouble.  :-?  That starts a whole cycle of rest and recuperation, doctors' visits, and doubts that pretty much wipes out the first good effects.

He says he can't help over-doing it after healing because he is so used to having to do 200% to get any energy going at all that he doesn't know how to ease up when that 200% isn't required in one area.

Do you have any ideas on how this cycle could be avoided, by either the receiver or by the givers of healing energy?


Title: Re: Multilevel needs complicate healing?
Post by LaffingRain on Aug 3rd, 2008 at 1:59pm
I donno seems to me that he has an illusion about himself that there are as you states "so many parts of himself that are ill or wounded."

I think that statement above is a belief system. all belief systems can be changed to a healthier view of one's self.

the appearance of illness is just an appearance on the body, for example, how things appear to be, is not necessarily that person's true, intrinsic self which he needs to start seeing what is well about him, not focus so much on disease and illness.

not ignore those appearances, but seek out the underlaying cause of the belief; Such as: my mother said I was a sickly child and would be sickly the rest of my life. (just an example)

we sometimes get stuck in such a belief, and it builds up and gets stronger. thats why he has to ask, why do I believe I am ill?

He needs to accept himself as just who he is right now, he is worthy right now, to be healed, whole, and loved.
spirituality is a come as you are party.

Title: Re: Multilevel needs complicate healing?
Post by spooky2 on Aug 4th, 2008 at 8:18pm
Bets, when it's actually that way that when one spot is going to heal, the other ill spots / illnesses are going worse, then my idea is the healing should be equally happen at all points, so that there wouldn't occur an imbalance. It's just a practical thought, don't know if it makes sense.

Maybe there's one common reason of this multiple illness, so if it happened that this reason would be cleared, all the different symptoms might be eased simultaneously.

I remember a medicinal theory, called "symptom shifting" or so. That is, a patient is treated medicinally, and this illness seemingly vanishes, but another, different illness then occurs. According to this theory, there's an underlaying, probably psychologic cause of the illness-symptom; when only the symptom is treated, but not the cause, this symptom might vanish, but only to give space for a different symptom to occur.

There's another, more general point. It's often said, if one would find the reason(s) of an illness, having clarity about it, then healing would occur. This might be true, however, this can be quite difficult to achieve I found. Dave_a_mbs (where is he?) told about cases where this happened. But not everyone might be that lucky. So, maybe it is not needed to find out about every detail of a reason for an illness, perhaps it is sufficient to become aware only of the current mindset, or traits, caused by whatever reason, which are contributing to the ongoing illness, so that these secondary (seen from the initial cause) but yet direct reasons (seen from what caused the acute illness) can be changed and healing would occur.
  A factor in this might be the willingness to accept help of others, the openness and trust of others/other forces to welcome them for receiveing a healing, as this means at the same time the readiness to let go of unhealthy traits, thoughts, beliefs.


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