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Message started by LaffingRain on Apr 18th, 2008 at 4:01am

Title: A more scientific way of looking at the Afterlife
Post by LaffingRain on Apr 18th, 2008 at 4:01am
Working with The literature found in the Unobstructed Universe. My first thesis, oh yay!

The 3 dimensional World (terms found in the book)

Time = Receptivity

Space = Conductivity

Motion = Frequency

My ramifications; these are my personal words or abstract thought of the above literature to reflect on and  understand the After physical life plane of being.

In a 3 dimensional world, a physical being(A)exists.

A has a unique frequency at which it is in motion through Space and Time, a 3 dimensional plane, note these 3 dimensions as space, time and motion, while in the nonphysical spheres it is receptivity, conductivity and frequency.

Frequency is As buzz rate, or energy signature of thought/motion. E-motion is also included as thought, as thought is included as energetic movement. Emotion is as a propellent of thought, intrinsically linked.

Conductivity is related to conduct, In material terms there must be an object in order to conduct some property to it; in the way that electricity is conducted from a receptacle outlet to an appliance. Three dimensional Consciousness can be seen as electrical signals (note the human brain)within spacial dimension of physicality, in that respect. While unlimited consciousness would be extended dimensions of consciousness; so to say extra sensory perception (ESP) can be seen as the 6th sense, or, as extensions of the already existent 5 sensory body/system, manuevering, as in a motion sense into a fourth and fifth, etc. dimension of awareness/conciousness. An individual unit of consciousness can be seen to produce an expansion of holographic thought waves during a cycle of life.

A radio receiver receives signals from space and conducts the signal to the human ear of A. The signal that A hears and receives it is assumed existed before As ear was existent. (lol!) This is to say a nonphysical universe existed as the Orthos, or true universe before the physical universe came into being, as the human ear is a conveyance device and unique to ELS and did not originate any other location but within solid Earth.
A is analogous to a receptive mind picking up signals from inner space (meditation) which conducts signals at a certain frequency rate (unique to A) conducive to the receptivity of As belief system platform.
I submit this explains our uniqueness, the belief system platforms, of religion, politics, scientific endeavors, or the arts. These are belief systems and not to be confused with nonchanging orthos, nonphysical planes of being. At the same time, a physical universe is at one with a nonphysical universe in an interpenetrating and/or overlapping action and therefore is in a state evolution, the only constant would be the factor of evolution. In the book, we are not allowed to use the concept of constant, instead we use the word Orthos, the Greek word for true.

These are reflections only which coincide with my out of body experiences. More to come later. discussion is welcomed.

Title: Re: A more scientific way of looking at the Afterl
Post by LaffingRain on Apr 21st, 2008 at 8:16pm

sorry, I read the instructions to these new thread rooms a little late. you're supposed to link an address to what you're discussing. so here it is.  :)

Title: Re: A more scientific way of looking at the Afterl
Post by LaffingRain on May 7th, 2008 at 3:54pm

Regarding what 3 dimensional reference is, on the other side of life, we continue to view space, time and motion as such.

I'm on page 133 of The Unobstructed Universe, the 3rd read through. A method of reading is to focus on a sentence to gain understanding and let the mind go blank. Then I find understanding. it is the antithesis of speed reading but satisfying. Especially so, if I sleep on it.

The general consensus so far, from Betty, Stewart's now spirit partner and former wife, and this working with Darby and Joan, another couple (Joan is channelling Betty) from this 1940 compilation of a description of nonphysical reality is:

Here, in physical reality we have space with designated obstructions, such as planets, etc. On the other side of it we define it as unobstructed space and call this Orthic, or True Space. Although there are no obstructions, there are POINTS.
The literature calls for getting "a feel" for Orthic space, before gathering an intellectual basis. Sound familiar? Yes, I recall Bruce's books admonishing to get a "feel" before exploring.

Betty quote: No sense of space. I'm just there.

my comment: Sounds exactly like phasing. An act of skipping the preliminary activity of going thru the focus levels to get there.

We've already established a "feel" for sideral or clock time, time as we understand it Here; the feel for that can be called psychological say, time has gone by without an awareness it has gone by, such as when having fun, it goes by quickly, when not having fun, time drags. that is like psychological time. It is a feeling or sense. Harder to do is getting a "feel" for Space on the other side.

Now we get "a feel" for a space which has the 3rd component of movement, or Orthic movement, to say, Betty calls it movement, frequency. This feel of movement is a definite feature of my own OBE's which establishes my lucidity immediately. Yet movement is very subtle when the phasing occurs as opposed to the OBE feeling of speed.

We'll talk about frequency (time) a little later. Today we get a feel for Orthic space, or to say Conductivity of consciousness, and we conclude, although there are no obstructions of a physical nature on the other side, there are points to move towards and between.

I would call these points in the unobstructed universe the various focus levels Monroe introduced.

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