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Message started by LaffingRain on Dec 13th, 2007 at 12:50pm

Title: Various Exits From Physical Plane
Post by LaffingRain on Dec 13th, 2007 at 12:50pm
So suppose u were a spirit in a body and itís almost time to die. What do you suppose would be your preferred method of exit? We now will examine different exit points of the human spirit, who picks their death on a subconscious level from the higher self realm.

1) A long illness and gentle expiration with plenty of pain killers.

This is a preferred out for many spirits as itís nice to have somebody else cook and prepare meals for you after you have done that all your life, its a treat. but then thatís only if you like being waited on. some donít, as they are the grouchy type. It also allows for the gradual entrance into your former spirit home, a getting used to the idea you are leaving planet Earth which gives plenty of time for your assistance to arrive to carry you on over.

2) Leaping off a building. I donít recommend this as the guys who have to clean you off the street get into a very bad mood. Itís best to be tidy when living an Earth life, even to the last day.

3) Mac truck roadkill. Not recommended for the same reasons as above unless you like that sort of thing. In order to do this, you must first make arrangements with another who agrees to be the Mac truck driver. This has to be planned years in advance for efficiently producing what is appearing as an accident.

4) Diving into water and hitting your head on a rock. Iím sorry to report I myself have done this exit. My guides on the other side were not pleased with my display, nor with the reasons I used to perform my adventure. I had to agree, I hadnít thought things through.

5) Heart Attack. Less of us are choosing this method due to they are jump starting hearts now, and so this is a possibility that they wonít let you leave that easily. But if you do like sudden exits, versus long drawn out ones, this might be a good exit if your higher self will work out a deal with you, so that the life savers are not able to revive you.

6) Starvation. I picked this one once. There just wasnít enough food to go around. Itís a very slow process, but is quite painless actually and the spirit is gradually withdrawn from this method also. One day you simply do not return to body in a gentle sleep expiration.

7) Mass exit points: as in Earthquakes, fires, floods, wars. These are also sudden exit points but on the other side the higher self is aware of Earth events to take place like this, and if you are in that location when it occurs your opportunity is self evident. There are no real accidents from point of view of higher self.

8) Hanging with Bad Company: I am not referring to the band called such. If you are with bad company, it is because most likely you yourself are bad company. There is often honor among theives and rogues, but they have been known to kill each other just on the spur of the moment it appears. These type, too have been together for eons, they like living on the edge.

9) Wearing yourself out, leaving behind a good looking corpse.  This is somewhat self explanatory of those who attend primarily to the body beautiful. It goes along with the mindset ďIím going to live forever. Eat, drink and be merry.Ē They may be into drugs, hormones, body building, face lifts, etc. The Earth journey is to look for stimulation and sensation rather than the more studious contemplative type. It is not wrong or right, it is just one of many life experiences that may be chosen. This kind of exit is often drug overdose associated, but the real burnout factor is the ego is trying to cram too much into one lifetime and running from the idea of growing older and wiser versus the above philosophy.

10} Sleeping in: this is my chosen exit point this life time. One day, I decided I will just not return to body. I came upon this day when I saw a rest home inhabitant do this. The man was perfectly healthy, and all were amazed, one day he simply vanished from the body and every organ was in perfect shape although he was an older man, he was clearly not used up. Also thereís no mess to clean up and he left with a smile on his face. He was a very high soul, as he brightened everyoneís life up around him and spread good cheer. He was missed greatly, we have unsung heroes everywhere.

11) Suicide: this is different than if the higher self helps you plan an exit. This often will cause a guilty sensation once the exit is achieved. The guilt settles over such a one because upon expiration, suddenly it is realized that there was a way out of their jam, they just had not seen it; if they had waited one more day, an opportunity would have appeared to make their way through. They see this missed opportunity sometimes on their own, sometimes assisting guides come and show them. Now they have within their soul two problems instead of one; now they have this guilt to get rid of, as well the original delimma remains upon their marked pattern of development through soul evolution. They often want to come right back yet they have to wait for years of linear time for the right conditions, as itís not easy to find just the right conditions on our Earth plane; sometimes the right conditions is a matter of earning those right conditions by pressing on. However, there are some who are given the go ahead to do this by higher self; if it is found circumstances too overwhelming, such as constant intense pain or if the ego has accomplished their intention for incarnating and going home is part of the higher selfís plan at that time. Sometimes, it is true, higher self must pull itís energy from the Earth plane back into itís storehouse. But in general I have been told itís not a good idea, as thereís little change in oneís consciousness after the rush of being free of the body is over.

In these times we live in, take time to savor the life as given in whatever circumstances you find yourself. Take time to smell a flower. Make yourself smell it, and then say, this is the first time I smelled a flower. It may be the last time in this particular moment. Kiss your life partner goodbye as they go off to work. What if you never see them again? You might regret that you forgot to kiss them goodbye. Pay your taxes gladly as you are helping others when you pay your taxes, helping others to live here also for we are a single humanity. Donít compare yourself to others, what they have and what you donít, if you have a life, you have something valuable to work with and thereís only one of you on the whole planet. Give hope to another and you are giving yourself the same gift. Focusing on our death to come can make each moment that much more incredibly rich to savor what is happening right this moment. And donít worry so much. We are so much more than our bodies. And, we are loved for every effort we put out to become more than we thought we were.

Title: Re: Various Exits From Physical Plane
Post by LaffingRain on Dec 14th, 2007 at 5:23pm
spirit told me this morning my sense of humor is not a tactful one. so I apologize, but I look at death quite differently than most people and I have no intentions of injuring anybody's thought system if they just lost someone. I have lost people too. it does hurt. but we can eventually be reunited with our loved ones, and this is the truth and the whole truth and nothing but the truth.
the humor is also a communication to start thinking of death as a rebirth. thank you and again, sorry for injuries caused unintended, its just I can't stop laffing, I think there's something wrong with me, I'm sure god is working on the problem.

Title: Re: Various Exits From Physical Plane
Post by Baroness on Dec 30th, 2012 at 1:28pm
I know you wrote this six years ago, but I just read it.† I wanted to tell you I enjoy your sense of humor.† One of my guides has a very sharp wit.† It usually comes to me as sarcasm.† But he makes his point.†

I wish this was available to me in December of 2007 as that was two months before my husband of 47 years passed.† I will say this though.† He showed us all how to do it.† The whole family learned how to let go with a gentle touch.† He was and is a much loved, humorous soul.† He even had us laughing at his funeral.† Humor is not disrespectful.† It has many purposes.† One is to lighten the burdens of life.† Grief is a burden.

Tell you spirit from me to lighten up.† It makes the flying easier.† †;)

Baroness T'ressa

Title: Re: Various Exits From Physical Plane
Post by Marlei1501 on Feb 12th, 2013 at 10:13pm
Thank you for posting that five years ago, and thank you Barnoness for bumping it (I would never had read it otherwise). It has given me food for thought and may help me in my quest to become an ex-sceptic.

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