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Message started by ryuuko on Apr 17th, 2007 at 10:42pm

Title: Talking... Dolphins?
Post by ryuuko on Apr 17th, 2007 at 10:42pm
I just finished reading the section of Bruce's third book, where he talks about his adventures in non-human consciousness; specifically, dolphins.

Now, as dolphins are mammals, and are capable of dreaming, I can accept that they have their own system of non-physical interaction, just like we humans do. I know dolphins can communicate with one another through their own "click" language a la echolocation, so I can see how perhaps the "message" of the dolphin Bruce came across could have been interpreted by him into his own language, somehow.

But you lost me after that.

Humans have a habit of anthropomorphizing animals without remembering that they just don't think the same way we do. The idea that the dolphin version of the center Bruce was in"There" being nearly identical to the human version just seemed extremely illogical. The reactions of the "dolphin" Bruce talked to regarding sharks not being a threat also makes no sense. A little research brought up that 75% of dolphins in the wild bare scars from shark attacks, experts in the field of marine biology and the like have retrieved dolphin remains from inside sharks on a relatively frequent basis, and in general, dolphins will flee from sharks larger than they are while ignoring smaller, non-threatening ones. And the idea of a dolphin with such an arrogant attitude smacked of human projection of man's own emotions and way of thinking onto an animal that just isn't wired quite the same way.

It's obvious that Bruce wasn't writing down word for word everything that was "said." It wouldn't have been possible. It's obvious that he had to paraphrase when writing his book, trying to remember the gist of the conversations he held in Focus 27. But this, I just can't swallow. Perhaps a little embellishment for the sake of selling an interesting book?  :o

Title: Re: Talking... Dolphins?
Post by betson on Apr 19th, 2007 at 10:15am
Greetings ryuuko,

The way I interpret the dolphin episode---

In regard to the dolphin saying there was no fear of sharks, the statement could be applied less univerally to all dolphins, and perhaps applied only to that pod/tribe of dolphins in that particular area.  ( I think we do the same thing in universally applying some of Edgar Cayce's healing methods to everyone when he offerred it to an individual.)

Any interviewer only comes away with a very small partial knowledge of his subject. Bruce had time to report what was communicated, not to be a marine animal researcher and examine the full range of dophin thought.  If an accomplished consciousness explorer could devote themselves to inter-species communication, the resulting knowledge would certainly be wondrous!

I had your same questions, and that is how I resolved them for myself, anyway. Perhaps if I'm far enough in error, we'll get a correction from Bruce!  :)


Title: Re: Talking... Dolphins?
Post by laffingrain on Apr 20th, 2007 at 11:07pm
Hi Ryuuko. People who write books these days don't do it for the money. just ask me, I should know. I know lots of authors and we're all doing it for other than the money.

as far as your interpretations, when you read a book, it's best to read the whole thing carefully to get an overview before jumping to conclusions what the author is giving forth to you. In some cases when i read a book, I couldn't finish it at all. Just didn't resonate, or was not my cup of tea, so you move on to something else. maybe this type of exploration is really something you are not interested in.

I found many great tips in Bruce's books how to do my own explorations. and of course everybody's symbols, interpretations, and perceptions will be individualized and tailor made to your belief systems.
and, I even imagine each dolphin has it's own story to tell.  my best to you, alysia

Title: Re: Talking... Dolphins?
Post by ryuuko on Apr 21st, 2007 at 9:04pm
Thank you, laffingrain. I don't mean to come off as rude or anything, but at times I still find it a bit hard to swallow some of the things I read, mainly because I've never experienced such things before. But, more than anything, what I read drives me to find out how I can do retrievals and discover things for myself. There's no way I can drop the subject: I'm in way too deep now!

Title: Re: Talking... Dolphins?
Post by laffingrain on Apr 21st, 2007 at 10:08pm
cool Ryuuko! U should try a retrieval by imagining one first. What kind of person can you help? I can help a rapist type. maybe you can help a theif type? or someone who was in a car wreck? or a lover that committed suicide? see what I mean, sometimes you sit around and imagine retrievals before one happens for you. thats the way I did it. I asked guides to help me learn how, and how I could be able to help, because of my special makeup.
first they are easy ones. then as you go along, you can see there are more difficult ones.

I will think of you and send my best wishes. love, alysia

Title: Re: Talking... Dolphins?
Post by spooky2 on Apr 28th, 2007 at 9:31pm
Hi, yes there are some things in this dolphin episode that seem not to fit. Don't know what's behind it.
What comes in my mind according dolphins, when I was at TMI Lifeline, one of my fellow participants told about a retrieval he had just done in the HemiSync session before, it was somewhere in the sea, and he and other helpers came riding on dolphins, or in form of dolphins, I can't remember exactly. He found it quite funny, but as well he stated it was just so.
Maybe it are symbols which meaning, and/or counterpart in the physical world is not really found yet. TMI uses dolphins imaginations for healing. If it works, well, ok.
A friend of mine told me, when she once felt very bad, she had the impression that left and right to her was a dolphin, on each side, and they gave her support under her arms. She hadn't heard anything about a dolphin energy club or something like that.


Title: Re: Talking... Dolphins?
Post by Old Dood on Jan 4th, 2008 at 3:35pm
I only got to the part in that book where the Dolphins surround Bruce at his 'place' in Focus 27.
I thought it was pretty cool actually and not out of place at all.

What I have read about Dolphins in other readings about ETs and what not is that they were transplanted to Earth sometime in our past.
They are very intellegent beings from other worlds...
I do not know if that is true or not....just thought I would past that on.

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