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Message started by Kroan on Apr 15th, 2007 at 11:40am

Title: books
Post by Kroan on Apr 15th, 2007 at 11:40am
Everyone on this site has read quite a few books on retrevials, astral projection, lucid dreaming etc. I'm curious what everyones favorite book is? Whats the 1 book that you read that really made a difference in your advancement?

My favorite book is the one im almost finished reading now Astral Dynamics by Robert Bruce the book is packed with good info and has alot of different technique variations for people to experiment with.

Title: Re: books
Post by spooky2 on Apr 16th, 2007 at 8:14pm
My first book about this matter was Raymond A. Moody's "Life After Death", it made NDEs known to a wider audience.

The most recent book I finished was the one you mentioned Kroan, "Astral Dynamics". Yes it has many good tips, NEW is good, to look if you are REALLY bodily relaxed is good as well, the trance state chapter etc...
What would be interesting though is a comparison of OBE and the phasing-type of thing where you're still aware of your body. I guess Robert Bruce would put the latter in his category of "astral sight".
Also, once I found me body-asleep-mind-awake in my bed after a dream, and I felt, I knew, someone came in my room, laying down on my bed behind me and melted with my body, causing a fresh cool breeze feeling within me. I never had a really good explanation for this until I read Robert Bruces theory about OBEs, that the different bodies are to some degree independent.
Some of his theories though, I don't know, they must not necessarily be true, there are other possible explanations, it's his way to get his rich experiences in a system.

What really got me on the train, so to speak, were Monroe's and Bruce Moen's books.


Title: Re: books
Post by Kroan on Apr 16th, 2007 at 9:18pm
Ive never read anything from Monroe Or Bruce what do you recomend Spooky?

Also regarding Astral sight what I really found intresting was the section on realtime sight, being able to see into the real time zone while in the physical, being able to switch back and forth from the real time zone to regular sight. I found that facinating and i've been experimenting with this lately as well

Title: Re: books
Post by spooky2 on Apr 17th, 2007 at 8:56pm
Hi Kroan,
I recommend all books of Monroe and Bruce Moen, it would be really worthwile to read them in their proper timely succession, first Monroes, then Moens.

Robert Bruce: Yes, realtime sight... the advantage of RS to OoBE would be less trouble with memorizing it, and less fear, disadvantage perhaps less impressing, less "real".

I'll check out the methods RB tells of. One seems for certain, it's not easy. But I really wonder if you can't get similar results by choosing the "phasing" way of TMI and Bruce Moen, and then gradually try to get more "inside" it. Robert Bruces, so to say, very "bodily" approach could be just a chosen belief- or translation- system. This are questions which are worth a research I find.


Title: Re: books
Post by Kroan on Apr 18th, 2007 at 4:29am
Spooky what books should I buy from Monroe and Mohen and in what order do you recomend?

Title: Re: books
Post by spooky2 on Apr 18th, 2007 at 6:39pm
Hi Kroan,

the chronologic order is:

R.A. Monroe
-Journeys out of the body
-Far journeys
-Ultimate Journey

Bruce Moen
-Voyages into the unknown
-Voyage beyond doubt
-Voyages into the afterlife
-Voyage to curiosity's father
-Afterlife knowledge guidebook

That's quite a lot to read; as you have just read a book with many "how to" hints, you might take Bruce Moens latest book at first, "Afterlife Knowledge Guidebook", it's also a "how to" book, not especially for mastering OBEs, but rather for the softer "phasing" method, where you stay partially here in C1, but your main focus is, well, otherwhere. This state is easier to achieve (for most people) than OBEs. Although, Bruce's method can be helpful for having OBEs as well.


Title: Re: books
Post by Kroan on Apr 19th, 2007 at 3:50am
Thanks Spooky right now I'd like to concentrate on obe's I want to get so proficient at it that I will eventually be able to have an obe at will. Right now i've been having problems lately falling asleep.  Well i'm off to attempt an obe I'll order the books tomorrow ;)  thanks man

Title: Re: books
Post by Rob Calkins on Apr 19th, 2007 at 1:20pm
Kroan - I agree with Spooky about reading the books chronologically.  The exception is Bruce's Afterlife Knowledge Guidebook.  For the rest of the books, both Monroe's and Bruce's explain their experiences.  It's more helpful if you've read the first book before the next one, etc.  If your primary interest is OBE, then try Monroe's first book.  It was his Journeys Out of Body that led to everything else.


Title: Re: books
Post by Lucy on Apr 20th, 2007 at 6:53pm
In Oobe Experience English Lit 101, Monroe's first book is a classic and you can't read anything that comes after without reading that.

How can you not read all of Monroe and Moen?????

Don't forget the freebies; here's one:

There's more; did you check the links page above?

Title: Re: books
Post by Kroan on Apr 22nd, 2007 at 3:36pm
Thanks Rob and Lucy I just ordered the 1st book yesterday and i'm about to check out that freebee link you just posted :)

 The hardest thing for me to overcome is falling asleep while doing my obe work. I used not have a problem with this but lately it seems that everytime I close my eyes within 15 mins im out cold.  Im gona have to try to set up some quiet times in the morning/ afternoon where I can do  my obe's when i'm not so tired. Everyone says not to attempt obe's in your bed but sometimes the only quiet time you can find is when you are about to goto sleep.  To date i've only had 1 fully conscious obe where I first heard the high pitch ringing in my head, then saw flashes of light and then the shwoosh pop and Whoooahh im out omg check this out, wait i cant move, this seems scary, i tried to turn my head and whamm I was back in my body. Thats only happened once for me. I've had 2 other experiences where I had obes that were achieved through the dream state where I woke up in my dream and started flying arouynd etc  but that wasnt really an obe i mean I cant tell for sure if it was an obe or a dream since they started as a dream.   Anyway i'm somewhat obsessed with duplicating my 1st experience and learning how to attain full control while im out!

Title: Re: books
Post by laffingrain on Apr 23rd, 2007 at 12:17pm
Hi Kroan, one time I was in your situation. I decided laying prone I was too relaxed. So I sat up in a chair at a time of day when I was not physically tired.
you'll need to time yourself. give yourself five to 20 minutes to sit still upright.

if it doesn't work, just say I'll try again tomorrow, and the next day..etc.
you have to actually get to the place where you don't care one way or the other what, alysia

Title: Re: books
Post by Kroan on Apr 25th, 2007 at 10:46pm
Thanks Alyssia,  Yea thats the thing, if you keep trying and trying eventually it will happen. I am SOOO thankful for my 1 experience because it has created all my intrest in this subject. If I never had my 1 experience I know I would have given up by now, I would have thought that everything I read was a bunch of nonsense.  Thank god for my 1 experience :)

Title: Re: books
Post by laffingrain on Apr 26th, 2007 at 3:33am
yea, I thank god for all of the one times. it works that after you have control just one time to get out of body, or whatever, the achievement can relax you even more about what you're doing. some of the stress goes away.
so technically, it should be easier a 2nd and 3rd time, but the thing is each experience tends to follow a different pattern after awhile. its like everything that happens after that first conscious controlled exit, is brand new, different than the first time, but just as interesting, just that everyone has their individual variances, so it's hard to say, do this, or try that, as we are all so unique in our approaches.

well, let us know! surely as you say, be persistent!  :)

Title: Re: books
Post by Vee on Apr 30th, 2007 at 9:29am
Hi Alysia. I am puzzling over, what is the relationship between "phasing" and OBE? In phasing, we travel with the mind and really, there is ONLY mind, or is that right, do you think? Everything is created by Mind, right? Including the physical and Second Body and other bodies. When we pass over, at first we keep our general physical appearance and shape, only younger I hear, and eventually transform into our real shape, which is pure light. So if we have an OBE, it must be our mind creating our second body for us to travel in...but it can travel perfectly well without any body at um, I get really tangled up in you have any insights? Thanks! Vee

Title: Re: books
Post by spooky2 on Apr 30th, 2007 at 10:12pm
Hi Vee,
quote: "I am puzzling over, what is the relationship between "phasing" and OBE?"
 I guess you're not the only one who is puzzled about that. Both terms don't have an exact meaning, in the sense everybody is using them in the same way. "Phasing" here comes I guess from Monroe, meaning just to focus away from one area into the other, for example from the physical to one of the focus levels. So, in this broad meaning, OBEs are a special way of phasing. On the other hand, not every phasing is an OBE, in the case you are in your physical body, but as well focused on something what "isn't there", for example a retrieval or the house of your dreams you want to have one day.
 When Bruce (Moen) says, he don't do OBEing, then I understand that he feels not that way separated from his body, not feel like outside his physical body, in another body, as it was in my own -that's why I call it- OBEs.

Well it's just words, but they are important for sharing experiences.


Title: Re: books
Post by Vicky on Apr 30th, 2007 at 11:44pm
I think you explained it very well Spooky.  From what I understand, this is how Bruce explained phasing to me...Think of all parts of your self in all their perspectives simultaneously existing, with your physical self being where you are mainly consciously focused.  Phasing would be shifting more of your focus of awareness on another perspective, I guess kind of like tuning into a different frequency.  

I tend to look at the feeling of out of body experiences as the same concept as phasing, only with a different feeling of perception.  You know how Bruce's continuum of nonphysical sight has one end being seeing as knowing and the other end being just-like-physical eyesight seeing?  But he says that one type of perception is no more real than another?  I think of phasing and OBEs as being on such a continuum.  The out of body experience doesn't mean the experience is more real than a phasing experience, it just has a different feeling of perception.  

I hope I'm explaining all this the right way.  It's still very confusing to me, but I'm slowly working on grasping it!

Title: Re: books
Post by Vee on May 1st, 2007 at 12:39pm
Thank you Spooky, I appreciate those words. Another thing is, when I phase, like in retrievals, I am present in a fully colored, brilliant landscape complete with sight, smells, tastes, hearing, etc, but when I am OBE like the other night outside my house in the street, it was very gray, perhaps because of the early morning light, but I have yet to have a fully managed OBE to hang around a bit and see what color it really is in that state. Another thing is, I have a weekly meeting on skype where I and a friend discuss our OBE effots and also connect with our guides, and when I am connected to our guides, I have not so far been able to HEAR their words, they have to communicate via symbolism, like I use when doing past life readings for others. There is a level of HEARING that is like, just instant knowing, you know what I mean, where you don't hear a thing but the information comes in a Monroe ROTE, and you just know stuff. But I am not in that place when connecting to our guides, I have to be spoon-fed symbolism and slow information like a baby. Another thing is, how much energy it takes to FOCUS...when I visited my dad in the park the other day and went with him to visit my brother and my daughter, the effort it took to focus was enormous, I kept bouncing back into my day to day reality and problems and apologetically bouncing back to the park ten minutes later, to resume the visit. Embarrassing, but I guess it takes effort to get good at this stuff.  Vee

Title: Re: books
Post by spooky2 on May 1st, 2007 at 10:06pm

quote Vee: "when I phase, like in retrievals, I am present in a fully colored, brilliant landscape complete with sight, smells, tastes, hearing, etc, but when I am OBE like the other night outside my house in the street, it was very gray"
That's interesting. I thought it's likely that the more one feels like "in" the scene, meaning the more it is an OBE, the more it tends to be very vivid, "real". This seems not to be the case. Robert Bruce also tells of "weak" OBEs, due to a lack of energy. In one OBE I was out of my upper physical body, my physical body sound asleep on the bed. I looked around, then decided to go back into my body consciously to remember it and write it down. When I was back in my physical body and opened my eyes, it was exactly like I've seen it out of (physical) body, only the light while OBE seemed to be more ambient, softer, more dim, but only a little bit.
My mind journeys are not so sensual vivid, so I'm always trying to find a way for more "resolution".
By the way, "Astral Dynamics" by Robert Bruce has a lot of tips, it's especially for having and remembering OBEs. I'm still trying the methods. He has his own viewpoint how it works, but he not wrote anything about Monroe and phasing, and how this would fit in his theory.

quote Vee: "where you don't hear a thing but the information comes in a Monroe ROTE, and you just know stuff."
Yes, that's the usual way for me to perceive "there", first I "know" something, then I can make it visual, like a blurry, moving sketch or graphic. The problem with this is, I really can become sceptic about it, because the process of making it visible or hearable is done by me, so it's easy to come to think I made it up. But, on the other hand, I had to be VERY creative to make it all up by myself, within just a little moment.

quote Vee: "I have to be spoon-fed symbolism and slow information like a baby"
What happens when you try to communicate in words or pictures? Would they understand? Sometimes I as well get symbolic messages. When I ask a question, and I sense no one whom I ask, then an answer usually comes in form of a little movie, or cartoon, or graphic. Sometimes as well playing with words (like I see an eye, and the meaning is "I"). Or what would happen if you imagine you have a means of direct connection, like a data wire, or tube, or you just think strongly of telepathy or so? Maybe you could then skip the slow symbology way for something faster. But maybe it is just appropriate as it is now for some reason.

quote Vee: "how much energy it takes to FOCUS"
Yes, sometimes it's hard, and sometimes it's really a kind of energetic process. This is, I find, confusing, and different to an OBE, where the physical body is sound asleep:
Sometimes I really force myself to focus, when I feel like, and when I feel like I CAN do it. This is, paradoxically, accompanied with lots of energy which makes me very fast moving all the time in the nonphysical, very fastly from this location to that, here some informations, there some words; in retrievals I can't move away, that's hard, it's like there's tension building up then.
Now, because I'm not OBEing here, this force of focusing and fast movement is bleeding through to my body, causing tension everywhere, sometimes even pain, so this is counterproductive to holding the focus. Nonetheless, these (over)active states are the ones in which I gain the most informations/impressions/stories. After it I often feel like I had for hours worked very concntrated, just like after a math classroom test or so, pressure on the head, and more or less tensioned.
This would not happen while OBEing I presume, at least not from my experiences, as my physical body while OBE was as sound asleep as it could be.


P.S. Vicky, look into the dream section, "Papa Legba", I posted a little dream fragment there.

Title: Re: books
Post by Vee on May 1st, 2007 at 11:18pm
Thanks for those notes, Spooky. I look forward to experiencing as much as some ofyou on the Board have experienced. Each night I go to bed and pick a CD or tape to listen to hoping this will be the night I break through. But then I am so tired I just go to sleep...still that's what night is for I guess. But maybe tonight will be different...!!Vee

Title: Re: books
Post by laffingrain on May 2nd, 2007 at 1:57am

Vee wrote on Apr 30th, 2007 at 9:29am:
Hi Alysia. I am puzzling over, what is the relationship between "phasing" and OBE? In phasing, we travel with the mind and really, there is ONLY mind, or is that right, do you think? Everything is created by Mind, right? Including the physical and Second Body and other bodies. When we pass over, at first we keep our general physical appearance and shape, only younger I hear, and eventually transform into our real shape, which is pure light. So if we have an OBE, it must be our mind creating our second body for us to travel in...but it can travel perfectly well without any body at um, I get really tangled up in you have any insights? Thanks! Vee

Hi there guys..great comments, didn't know y'all were here, didn't get a notice! love talking about obes and phasing Vee.

first Vee, if you see colors and smell, taste, all that, u are way ahead of me! I one of the gray area people with occassional message of word formation and symbol interpretor I can ok at that.

the relationship between phasing and obe, might be like the relationship between regular dream and lucid dream, both are dreams, but you are more participatory in the lucid dream, as is a sense "I am now in my dream, having this experience."
where in the dream theres is just some symbols you recall, and maybe some vague feelings.

there in only mind you said. so I'm trying to follow you. we could see it as mind/Mind.

C1 versus non/physical reality or  physical matter/nonphysical matter
all as energy.  Mind energy.  physical matter is frozen energy as analogy. it vibrates more slowly, but is still in movement.

where the other bodies we speak of are of a finer vibrating matter. like when a fan is moving it's blades very fast you cannot define the blades in there but when you turn off the current, you see that there is blades.
its because of the fast vibration movement we do not see ghosts or spirits usually with naked eye.

then you ask everything is created by mind right?
collective mind creates are reality because we agree that the world is round. so it is round because we agreed. but when it was flat, we all agreed it was flat. so everything is created by mind in that sense of perceptions, both physical and nonphysical senses.

In a way I guess you're right, we create our other bodies, as vehicles of consciousness, and we use form as we please. but objectively creating our other bodies, that is another matter altogether; it would be like the exerise of creating our own special place "There."

I suppose. one time when I phased and was just "there" I was just mind, I knew I was just mind, a spark of awareness, so I wondered what to do to get the person's attention as I had no form. I was tiny in comparison with the person also, sooo...I just kept thinking how I might do this, then I could see him so clearly, he was so good looking, I kept smiling at him, he was so sad, but I couldn't make myself appear, but somehow he picked up my thoughts and looked at me...I don't know what I looked like to him, I thought I was just a dancing light in front of his eyes..this could be the case.

so I considered that my first phasing experience as I was just there suddenly after setting my intention to do a retrieval.

hope that helps. the obes I hardly have them because I don't even try. but I understand people here want to do obes and I used to want to do them .

I still go obe once in 2 or 3 months. I'm meeting a friend out there once in awhile. we act out scenes and I interpret them once I wake up in association with my belief systems.
but these are like subjective and involuntary sequences and I wouldn't call it phasing, more of an obe, but not a lucid dream, more than a lucid dream due to the unpredictability of it.

I read your posts are very good. you are doing just as good as us, so don't think we know everything!!!  love, alysia :)

Title: Re: books
Post by Vee on May 2nd, 2007 at 11:37am
Thanks, Alysia.Those comments were thought-provoking, as is the content of your book, which I am enjoying in small platefuls. There is so much in each paragraph in your stories, I have to take my time with it all. Well, I was just talking to someone last night about my cat. I have an interesting cat, her name is Louise. She is all black except for one tiny, dimesize white spot on her side. When I got her, the way she came to me, through a friend, I knew she was selected just for me. I had been asking for a cat to support me through a difficult experience. She was very special from the beginning. In many ways, I have not been worthy of her. For one thing, she has a very active energy field, blue, easy to see, and one time I saw her cord...I looked at her across the room and could clearly see the large blue field around her and shooting up from the center of her back, a wide stovepipe chakra going straight up through my ceiling into infinity. It was the only time I ever saw a stovepipe chakra. She is so special. Another thing, when I first got her, and she was just a kitten, and very smart, one day I was standing washing dishes (a lot of nonphysical stuff happens when I wash dishes) at the sink and suddenly, it's hard to explain, she was inside my head. How can I explain this. She was inside my thoughts, inside my actual mind, wandering around, very interested, I could see her clearly, yow, scared the sh..right out of me, and she was examing all the landscape inside my head, I can't explain it any other way, I yelled at her, Don't You Dare Ever Do That Again!!! And she never did do it again. She was scared and ran out of the kitchen. I never could figure that out. What a cat. Very adorable. She almost left me once when I was very stressed and tired out and I was rough with her when she was teasing me by running out of my apartment to a neighbour's door and would not come back 3 in the morning...and she was so upset I was rough with her, she fled to the front door and demanded to be let out. I thought I had lost her that night. I was so repentant...anyway, there it is, and all I can say, is, we just don't know anything much at all about this Morphic Field we live in and function in and everything else that lives in it with us. This morning I was thinking, reading Ultimate Journey, that my non physical body, what I call the Second Body, is in fact my First Body, and my physical is just an invention to hang around in this little physical world, inserted into the immense REAL nonphysical universe. The REAL me is out there...Vee

Title: Re: books
Post by laffingrain on May 2nd, 2007 at 10:41pm
yea, Vee, it seems C1 is not the "real" us. I'm with you there kiddo! well, we are real enough in the sense I'm using these here fingers to connect with you over a device like the internet but theres a whole lot more to us than what we do right here in this moment.

wow, that was some cat story! I love it! so she entered your mind field and walked around in there! lol!!  reminds me that she's what is called "your familiar."

way way back in time a witch was thought to be evil because they flew out of their bodies, as in astral, so folks couldn't figure out how they flew. they invented the broomstick I suppose to portray this astral travel stuff.
then this witch character would often take their cat with them and you see a picture of this cat riding with the astral traveler alias the witch. your story reminded me how close you and your cat are.

once in an obe where I was to meet a new friend in a new town, she came as a wolfe and morphed into a beautiful woman.
the symbol of the wolfe was wild and free and independent, and when I met her she came with 4 dogs and a wild and free nature, at one with all nature creatures as depicted in my dream, so I can see you and your cat were made for each other, to teach each other things, she's already led you into some mysteries! you are one lucky cat owner!

love, alysia

Title: Re: books
Post by Vee on May 3rd, 2007 at 11:13am
Hi Alysia! Thanks for that post! I will tell Louise what you said...don't know if she will understand...she'll probably just ask for more tuna!! (What is that tuna thing with cats anyway???) One of my friends wants Louise to go and OBE with him, if I got her to do that I'd probably start having a lot of problems with her! I have one more story about Louise I like to share. Maybe i already have this story on the Board, can't remember. I used to own a motel in Tofino, a super-busy tourist area here on Vancouver Island. I sold it in 2000. I moved out with Louise into a townhouse. On the day of the transaction completing I went over to the motel and left Louise in the house full of cardboard boxes. Her bed was upstairs in the bedroom. The motel was bought by a couple with two cats of their own. Louise's job at the motel had been to leap on the counter when people came into the office and offer herself for adoration and a brief worship period, where they would croon to her in many languages and stroke her and say things like "Gorgeous" "Beautiful" "Wow" etc. She viewed this as her employment and raison d'etre.

She had seen the incoming cats of course and had realized what was happening. On the day of the sale, I came back to the house after completing paperwork at the motel for the last time. I went looking for her and couldn't find her. She was upstairs in her box where I found her at last, and her little body was shaking. I lifted her out and she just hung from my arm like a rag. Her face was covered in snot and soaking wet with tears. Her whole head was soaked in tears. She was sobbing convulsively. She did not respond to me whatever, just hung on my arm sobbing and shaking. I gave up after a while and put her back in her basket, where she lay sobbing for along time. She had been weeping there all by herself for hours.

Well, I never knew cats could cry. Did you??? What a revelation. A while after that I read in a pet magazine that when pets suffer loss of employment if their owner sells a business, it always affects the animal hugely, as they become so identified with their "job" at the place of business. Afterward, when I thought about it, I remembered that my ex's cat, George, a big tuxedo cat, had had his own job at the motel. Where Louise had always jumped on the counter to be appreciated, George stayed outside by the door to the office. He waited till they had registered, then importantly strutted along with them to their room, where he rushed in ahead of them, did a perimeter check of the whole room and then left them there and came back to sit outside the office door. That was his job. Because I did not realize all this about animals, I failed to prepare them both or take care of them when it happened. We are so unaware. My heart goes out to animals, who live with a race-in-charge with all kinds of misconceptions about them they can't speak to put right. Anyway, that exhausts my Louise stories, I think. Vee

Title: Re: books
Post by laffingrain on May 4th, 2007 at 1:15am
omygod Vee, a crying cat..I almost thought she had ingested something? but I suppose not, as you would have known this.
that was heartbreaking. I hope Louise can feel important doing some other job?

well a short story for your pleasure. I moved recently into a one room granny flat in back of my daughter and I have my other daughters big white alley cat we rescued from the ally as a kitten.

so he needs to make huge adjustment to move from his birth place. so he thinks he owns me, right? anyhoo I put up this mirror and he knows I'm busy on the puter and this mirror is right beside me; he looks into it and sees my reflection and stares, then he knows he can't be pawing on me, so instead he's smart, to get my attention he begins to claw the mirror with my reflection in it..I end up chasing him arond the room lol. he's so stubborn.

give Louise a big kiss and scratch on the chin. love, alysia

Title: Re: books
Post by Vee on May 4th, 2007 at 6:26pm
I know this is all off topic,,,we are going to get into trouble...just wondered what your cat's name is? He sounds like a big softie. They are really funny with mirrors. One of my friend's dog has spent the past four years banging on the mirrored closet in their kitchen trying to get the dog in the mirror to come out and play, as she spends so much time alone while they are at work. The mirror must be very sturdy. I think your cat is smarter than my friend's dog. Vee

Title: Re: books
Post by laffingrain on May 4th, 2007 at 7:49pm
I don't know about the smarter bit Vee but he was called Caliche which is either means hot, or a frozen yogurt. since he had fleas a lot before I came along, the girls called him Flea. then somehow they called him nomyah, some term of endearment. this cat has had an NDE, just so we can stay on topic. love to you!

Title: Re: books
Post by Vee on May 4th, 2007 at 11:11pm
Flea!! Cats never get the respect they deserve!! Well, it's better than frozen yogurt! Vee

Title: Re: books
Post by laffingrain on May 5th, 2007 at 1:47am
ok Vee thats funny

Title: Re: books
Post by Vee on May 5th, 2007 at 4:19pm
Where did you find that perfect cat??? I swear. Laughed my head off. He is pacing the floor wondering how to get a name change permit. Actually, his name is cute, as I expect he is himself.  Enjoying your book and learning lots. When and how exactly did you figure out you were a melted cheese sandwich and DP was in there? Vee

Title: Re: books
Post by laffingrain on May 6th, 2007 at 12:26am
wow Vee thats a loaded question u just asked!! :D I wonder since I'm moderator on the book page club, I can get away with being completely off topic? :D

sure why not. say, do u want the short or the long version? I'll try for the short, but when you get to roadsign 25 it kind of helps u tie in things to answer not all questions, but some, as concerning DP.

I was under 21 and a somewhat popular psychic, Thelma Moss was my teacher and counselor regarding other lives and aspect affiliates therein, whatever, she was in the language of past lives, and we here have graduated to simultaneous lives. so that helps immensely to figure out who the heck is DP? she called him me.

she didn't specify it as a he. I'm the one conjectured must be a man because he really messed up bad (this is going to sound silly, due to my mood) because its men the ones who mess up bad. ( I apologize, I'm being facetious) :D
she told me of a bunch of lives. this one broke my heart though and bothered me a little.

so years go by I don't think of these things at all. one day I'm about ready to write my book and wondering about how to order the chapters so I can make it cohesive and all that, and whether I'm going to go as first person narrative...

so I'm sitting in my back yard some 40 years after Thelma gave me that reading and DP pops in my head and says "it was I who was always with you from the start."
then he starts writing through me the first few chapters, but they got scratched as his style of writing was not my was stilted, polite, 1910 type penning, sometimes poetic but all in all, he's a fuddy duddy.

so I laughed out loud. I was getting the idea I should include him in my book and that he and I were like one, but two separate people we would portray for amusement and learning. since we are merged, like higher self, he might be considered at times to be, I had to do some work, like retrieval work in order to merge the aspects and thats where RS 25 comes in handy.

these parts of us, like DP, are like memory bleed thrus that come in the heart area, where we can think of energy as feelings containing the whys and the wherefores of another time and place which helped you become who you are today.

you're not in that body which once lived a life, but u are intimate with this person who did live so that you begin to love yourself within the painful mystery of accepting your own failings. then love causes the understanding and forgiveness and merging of all our many selves. we are all one anyway.

such folly to consider that a personality would go into the recycle bin, I think we can have access to all we have been and all we have done.
DP wrote in his other life. he loves to write. too bad i won't let 'em!! haha!

Title: Re: books
Post by Vee on May 6th, 2007 at 9:06am
I just noticed that in calling him DP you are using the old acronym from the 30's depression era, where a DP was a Displaced Person (someone who came in from another country and took a job, not popular with the workforce who were digging holes to get welfare, forgetting they themselves originated from another country) and I guess we all feel like Displaced Persons sometimes...and maybe we really are sometimes!! Vee

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