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Message started by laffingrain on Mar 26th, 2007 at 6:45pm

Title: Focus Levels
Post by laffingrain on Mar 26th, 2007 at 6:45pm
Focus Levels:

We can think of the Focus levels as a mapping of states of consciousness. I like to think of each focus level as a road sign which points to the next level, or the next concurrent level. Certain features will be perceived at each focus point which remain there for the next explorer.

Focus 3 --   brain hemispheres synced. Precisely Monroe calls it Mind-brain Synchrony insofar as Focus 3 goes. I am concluding the mind is not the brain; therefore I am suggesting Monroe may have meant the left and right hemispheres of the brain can work together efficiently in conjunction with the mind in focus 3, yet I see this as the starting point.
Focus 10 -- Mind awake, body asleep. my note: possibly we might find the state of paralyzation here in focus 10, as has occurred once to myself. I could not move, yet wide awake. I considered the brain was sleeping, I wasn't. I needed to find the signal in the brain to be able to move. I needed to get myself in alignment.
Focus 11 --Access channel (Gallenberger) Focus 11 is not listed in Ultimate Journey. I assume it was added by Gallenberger. It might be some sort of take off point, referring to the word access.
Focus 12 -- Expanded mind or to quote Bob, expanded awareness. Perhaps a sense of expansion, spaciousness has occurred here. I believe we would in exploration and habit, move quickly through Focus 12.

Focus 15 -- No time, view past lives, future lives
Focus 15 appears as similar to M-band where everything that has happened, the energy imprint remains in the M-band, also all potentiality is happening here in an energetic sense. Sound as well may be here. The records of all lives could be found here, of every human being.
Focus 17--Video game channel (possibility, hehehe) note: this is not in Ultimate Journey either. It is someone's addition and we should possibly explore 17 to corroborate this addition.
Focus 21 -- The bridge to the afterlife
Noted as per Bob, focus 21 is the edge of time/space. Time/space are intrinsically linked.
Focus 22 -- place where Alzheimers,  addicts, alcoholics, comatose, anesthetized, delirium, partial consciousness. Experiences here, can be remembered as dreams and dismissed as such, they remain as experiences of unvalidated influence, even when dismissed as dreams or hallucinations by medical media, while to the patient it was quite real.

Focus 23 -- Quoting Ultimate Journeys precisely: Inhabited by those who have recently left physical existence (recently to them) but whom have not been able to recognize and accept this or are unable to free themselves from the ties of ELS. It includes those from all time periods, thus the reason I added (recently to them)

Focus 24, 25, 26 -- Belief system territories. This area is occupied by nonphysical humans from all periods and areas who have accepted and subscribed to various premises and concepts. These would include religious, philosophical beliefs that postulate some form of post-physical existence.

Focus 27 -- The Park, TMI There, Reception
Center, etc. The hub of it all. This area concludes Bob has been produced by human minds thousands of years ago. Bob calls it a way station also, designed to reduce the shock and/or trauma of the transition out of physical reality. It takes the form of various earth environments in order to be acceptable to the wide variety of new comers.
Focus 28..Beyond not only time/space but human thought. Residence in Focus 28 or beyond limits any return to a physical human body.
your attention is a function of your energy being-creative
your mind simply responds to your attention

There is no beginning, there is no end,
  There is only change.

There is no teacher, there is no student,
  There is only remembering.
There is no good, there is no evil,
  There is only expression.
There is no union, there is no sharing,
  There is only one.
There is no joy, there is no sadness,
  There is only love.
There is no greater, there is no lesser,
  There is only balance.
There is no statis, there is no entropy,
  There is only motion.
There is no wakefulness, there is no sleep,
  There is only being.
There is no limit, there is no chance,
  There is only a plan.

this is a partial rendition of what Monroe left us, every now and then I think it's good to reread it because we can forget some of these points.

Title: Re: Focus Levels
Post by withinn on Mar 26th, 2007 at 11:26pm

Focus 11 is the Access Channel

Title: Re: Focus Levels
Post by laffingrain on Mar 27th, 2007 at 12:46pm

withinn wrote on Mar 26th, 2007 at 11:26pm:
Focus 11 is the Access Channel

ok, thanks, wrote it in, could you give us a brief description of access channel? :)

Title: Re: Focus Levels
Post by withinn on Mar 27th, 2007 at 11:57pm
Dr Joe Gallenberger uses the term F11 Access Channel. He is involved with:

1) MC2 (squared): TMI course at Virginia
2)Sync Creation home study course.

There are H Plus tapes (cds) used for the purpose to go to F11.

A quote from M. R. Sadigh, PhD:
""it was established that subjects who had exposure to H-PLUS tapes were able to synchronize their brains by merely counting from one to eleven and quietly saying the words: "Access Channel open." Thus far, a total of four H-PLUS studies have been conducted. The first study showed full beta synchrony at Focus 11, the Access Channel.""

Title: Re: Focus Levels
Post by laffingrain on Mar 28th, 2007 at 2:23am
tanks, Withinn, I will research that link. :)

Title: Re: Focus Levels
Post by Steve_Ed on Mar 28th, 2007 at 5:01am
This reminds of a dream that I had.  In the dream, I am inside a hallway like you would find in the employee section of a mall.  The walls have an orange-red tint to the and feel aged.  The doors are labeled with all of the various focus levels, but I came across a door that was labeled "Focus 17".  Behind the door, is a video game arcade with a few arcade cabinets. One of the games is "The Simpsons" arcade game which I am very familiar with. The arcade room also feels like it has been around for a while

So, in my experience:
Focus 17 -- The World of Games / Video Games.

I have not explored this place (or have I?) but the layout suggests that this is the place for game enthusists like myself who want and absolutely love to play games. This brings to mind many of my own dreams where I am playing a specific video game like in real life.

I would like to explore this area more and tell more about what I find.

Title: Re: Focus Levels
Post by laffingrain on Mar 28th, 2007 at 12:17pm
hmm Steve--so focus 17 is a genuine mind level-focus, and appears to be right around the level-focus of 15 where it is "no time."  I'd say it's important focus. then I noticed your tag-make fantasy reality, so I put two and two together.
I like the tag because I am always saying that imagination is more important than knowledge.   so ok, I drift back to when I had to beat pacman. :D  omygod, I was in my 40's and couldn't get off the game!  that was sooo much fun!  I did beat pacman...twice. but I got a calouse on fingers..I earned the disgust of my boyfriend at the time.... :D because I was more interested in winning pacman.

I think this is a type of mind development process, this focus 17.  It's probably called "never give up to believe you can win."  it's also fun to develop this tenaciousness as it spills over a bit to your other activities. you just know you can do it..u can beat out the machine.

love to you, u make me want to play games again. alysia

Title: Re: Focus Levels
Post by Steve_Ed on Mar 28th, 2007 at 3:50pm
Might I also add that in the hallway, Focus 27 was the only place that required an elevator to enter.  In fact there were two, a freight elevator and the Luxury elevator.  The elevators are integral memories of my childhood so they tend to represent going to other levels for me.  I took the frieght elevator and ended up in an F27 library.  Books may imply a place for archival of information and experiences and the frieght elevator fill in a belief for how the books or data gets there.

Also, from my perspective, the start of the hall has a door that leads from the Earth Life System and you can either jump through door 1 and experience a BST, or put in the effort and explore down the hall.

I could theorize that F17 is also a world where you can live a specific experince or game with full knowledge that the experience can be departed from at will. Go check this place out for yourself and see what you get out of it.

Title: Re: Focus Levels
Post by laffingrain on Mar 28th, 2007 at 4:21pm
oh yea! focus 17..we just made another focus!! oooo.  I am going to consider this much, that focus 17 is the now moment.  the now moment is to be completely caught up in what's happening now, and no room for past or future thoughts.

one time I took an elevator during an obe. I had just "died." then I had just realized I had died and I needed to find my station. so I took an elevator to the 5th floor.

so was just thinking focus 27, if you add the numbers up, it comes to nine.
thats all I have to say on that subject! :D but nine is like the finished number.

in my dream there was only 7 floors. when I arrived on the 5th, it was to a bunch of people who now live on this board, and they were and are the coolest people!

last night I climbed down a ladder..I was escaping from military people who wanted to start drafting women into the service..I thought NOWAY!  so I escaped down a ladder, into sea level on a beach and was told the "bridge" to cross was straight ahead.

Title: Re: Focus Levels
Post by spooky2 on Apr 4th, 2007 at 8:44pm
Regarding the number 7, if I should align 7 astral planes with the TMI system, I would take F21 to F27, that are seven Focus levels, and it would make some sense to me to identify them with the astral, if needed. F21 is the bridge to the afterlife (and maybe even to some other areas), then up the awareness scale to F27. Over this are the more abstract realms. (As I pointed out elsewhere, TMI F34/35 and beyond seem to follow a different trace), while the levels F10 to F20 seem to be more connected, or limited, to the subjective realm of the explorer, and/or the extended physical.

F18 to me once seemed to be a realm of love and beauty and hope as well (strange enough) a storage realm for old plans and thought-things.
F17 I don't know. Isn't it's Miranon color yellow like PacMan?
And F11 is also new to me. But why not. Gallenberger told he enjoys sometimes only to feel the energies of the different Focus Levels, without much action, he seems to have a fine differentiative ability regarding the Focus Levels.


Title: Re: Focus Levels
Post by laffingrain on Apr 5th, 2007 at 12:35am
yea Spooky F17 is PacMan channel! :D I have no difficulty with remembering that. Our administrator here says just remember the sensation and supposed to get you there.

I have no problem to think F21 to F27 correspond with the 7 consciousness/chakra levels on the spider web levels.
but then I remember these other numbers, like we live in 3 dimensional existence; so now we are as a group sliding into the 4rth dimension (kicking or screaming sometimes! ::) I mean as a society. so then theres also a 5th dimension. thats where I went to after I died. and it was a jolly well good place but it was still "work." we were all workers for others within our respective choices of enjoyment.
so I have trouble turning the 5th level into one of Monroe's, but if I had to, I'd say F27 and the 5th dimension level is the same.
the 6th was pure logic, unemotional, detached from world events. so could be some aliens there eating popcorn and watching our movie.
this board overall was vibrating to the 5th.

this just my musing. I think the numbers are just a reference point so we can communicate with each other.

love, alysia

Title: Re: Focus Levels
Post by Steve_Ed on Apr 6th, 2007 at 1:29am
I have a theory right now that F17 could very well be more than just games, rather it is a simulation world where you can play a certain reality with knowledge that it is just a simulation.  Say that you want to experience your favorite story or game in an intimate way or run what ever simulated reality that you would like.  This could very well be a place designed just for that.  The video games imply that this Focus allows you to establish a certain set of rules for the simulation to run on so that the games work as intended.  

After all, a game is a form of reality simulation.

I even wonder if some rule-based dreams take place within this dimension as I have had certain dreams that have certain rules and regulations in them, such as being unable to fly by thought alone or penetrate solid walls.


Speaking of the "Dream Focus Levels", I have had some dreams that take place inside booths in F27.  In one, I exited the booth, therefore ending a dream, and walked around a facility that has to do with healing certain mental insanities.  It seems I have dropped by F27 for mental treatment at least one time.

Title: Re: Focus Levels
Post by laffingrain on Apr 6th, 2007 at 12:49pm
thats interesting about mental healing on F27 Steve, because I often see a bunch of hospitals there, like simulated places of healing, rest areas, F27 is also where I take those I retrieved or I see them going there. i think F27 may be like the midpoint in the heavens; in other words it can be whatever you need it to be, but it's definetely not just an astral hell, which I see as no healing centers in the hell places themselves. but then I don't see hells as suffering places either. I see them as progressions of souls where thought systems get burned off slowly but surely as soon as the being awakens to a call of freedom from such.
love, alysia

Title: Re: Focus Levels
Post by Jean on Sep 12th, 2008 at 8:38pm
Hey Alysia,

Indeed we are on the same wave length-this is getting fun.

The other morning I had a dream which I actually remembered. I currently seem to be recalling so few dreams. Well anyhow in this one I had to attend a formal dinner which to my mind was a waste of time. Maybe some day I'll describe that dream further on the dream section.

But as the dream ended and I got in the elevator to go down to the ground floor, someone towards the back of the elevator directed me to push the 5th floor button in the upper right corner of the elevator panel. Nothing happened and I was told to push it again. You see I was having trouble with the mind set that I was to go to the ground floor to get home yet I was game for following to request to push the 5th floor to go up. The second push on the button worked but before I got to that floor, I woke up.

I awoke with the thought that I really needed to find out this week what the 5th floor was all about. So when I read your respond today referring to the 5th floor elevator ride, it does seem familiar as the place we met during my NDE in 2006-the planning dept. but it's not a focus level per-say but a location possibly in the park.

I don't have access to my former notes so it's hard for me to check but I just wanted to say that I'm still hanging in here and the games afoot again.


Title: Re: Focus Levels
Post by LaffingRain on Sep 12th, 2008 at 10:47pm
wow, this thread was made in 2007. I can't believe I'm still here Jean! haha!

Rereading the thread is fun and so on topic i can hardly stand myself!

Yes, that elevator dream I had of riding to the 5th floor where people were acting as messengers "from the top of it all" we sent our thoughts through windows whenever we saw somebody cry for help in the crowd below. the building was very tall, and shown as an office, not with desks or cubby holes but planning tables were in the large room.
industriousness and cooperation was everywhere; the golden age was upon us, success was assured was the feeling but didn't lesson our work load and neither did it lesson the joy of being a part of it all, the best part was being known by everyone, like a huge family I had rejoined, after having been gone on a mission which seemed a little dangerous. everyone was like, oh, we had faith in you!  :-*

I mean what is the world without friendly companions?

I find it striking that you took an elevator also and so does Steve-ed who is now an ex member. wish that fellow would get back to us.
this focus 17 needs some more exploration. and focus 11 too.

Perhaps Jean, the dream message for you was to ride the elevator with us here? the 5th floor is people who are active in higher consciousness within our world.
I should be so lucky to have your companionship once more! dont feel pressured. I'm a bit of squeaky wheel.

Title: Re: Focus Levels
Post by Jean on Sep 13th, 2008 at 3:13pm

I cannot forget that feeling of love and belonging while busy being a part of something that was helping those on C1. That feeling had none of that waiting for the other shoe to drop that we might tend to get when  working with others on C1. This love felt more eternal and was deeper and more unconditional.

I came back here with some resignation yet with an acceptance that I needed to continue with my "purpose?" and that's why I sort of demanded a message 'cause I knew that I could from working with Bruce's material. I sensed that my request was made with almost a joking/teasing attitude.  I received, "Our reality is what we focus on" and it was later confirmed for me when I read your book with the description of the planning department.

I never even noticed that it was a 2007 thread when I posted this, I just wanted to get some clarification on UJ again because all my books are in CA and I referred to Monroe on the 9/11 thread.

Definitely been an odd year and so glad everyone's still here and even Ginny's back.  Wow!


Title: Re: Focus Levels
Post by LaffingRain on Sep 14th, 2008 at 12:30am
yes, same here. no shoe was dropping. as a matter of fact, ACIM reports that our journey are already it is as though we speed on to catch up with our future selves. hmm. here's an image of that hologram I call meself:

yes, the love was familiar, comfortable, and we all didn't say it, but we knew what we did, was a done deal, we were just attending detail, like facilitating movement. its ok to demand something, if it's higher purpose involved. it works where just asking sometimes does not.

I see you carry your sense of humor into these areas, sure helps. glad u saw in my book about our reality is what we focus on.

I think it's good, we need reminders, I sometimes have to read what I wrote to remind myself. if I focus on fear or judgment I start a head yammer, looking for verification of the fear...then if I focus on love, I have to choose that..where I don't have to choose fear, it's a natural yammer is fear.

I just have to able to tell the difference between fear and love. so easy to get sucked into it.  :)

Title: Re: Focus Levels
Post by LaffingRain on Oct 31st, 2008 at 5:17pm
Found a focus level 3 in Ultimate Journeys:

can't find the page now. appears to be adjacent to C1. anybody?
yes, alysia, I shall now describe focus 3 for thou.
smile.  Focus 3: = Mind-brain synchrony (pg? donno. I wrote this in my notes.

here's a quote from pg 253 regarding self retrievals:
What surprises many participants (TMI programs) is that while they are engaged in their mission they discover that at the same time they are retrieving lost parts of themselves, these may appear as past life selves who remained in focus 23. Some are found who settled in the BST's of focus 24-26, and who had begun through gradual doubt of the beliefs they once held, to "fall through the cracks," as it were of their particular system. Others may appear as fragments of current life personalities (see retrieval thread) aspects which had fled or been torn away from the Core Self, for example, child selves who had escaped from trauma and pain of physical or emotional abuse in their families and now seek to be reunited.

page 224  subtitle: These to me are Knowns

1)This our Creator: is beyond our comprehension as long as we remain human:
2) is the Designer of the ongoing process of which we are a part.
3) has a purpose for such action beyond our ability to understand
4) makes adjustments, fine tuning, in this process as needed
5) establishes simple laws that apply to everyone and everything
6)does not demand worship, adoration or recognition
7) does not punish for "evil" and "misdeeds."
8) does not intercede of interdict in our life activity

the desire to return with gifts is an integral part of the design.
Continuing: Most important, I realized that no words I could write or speak, no music I could compose, would be able to transfer fully such knowing to another human mind. As a belief it might be possible, but not as a known. This could come only through direct individual experience. How to provide this was the essential item.

Then I became aware the process of transfer was two thirds complete, operating and in place within the learning system we had devised at our institute.
First I had to ascertain why there was a need to help this transfer to others. I recalled my meeting with the Aperture. I was incomplete, I had been told. I was too "small." There was not "enough" of me and I knew nothing of the gifts that were to accompany me through the Aperture.
(skipping down from page 225-226)
I understand now what small meant, why I was incomplete and what they gifts were. I know why I became involved in the retrieval process of those who left the physical. I had no desire to become a guru or spiritual leader. It was not fame, my other life activities had taken care of that. It was not fortune; I had done well enough in that respect long before my first obe. Nor was it the many personalities of me in the I/there of me. Individually, they were as unknowing as I. They were simply part of the mosaic.
It was the Basic; the collection and unification of the "parts". not only the errant and missing ones in my own I/There, but the parts of the entire I/There cluster to which I am bonded

Why is there a need for total unification? So thta we can become truly One. Complete, and with a multitude of gifts of experience and love. Then we as a totality can wink out and pass through the Aperture.

And what then? (he continues) The ANSWER IS UNKNOWN.

my addition: Love for another is to become a known and may well be the purpose of ELS, but developing a will to live according to this, is a choice factor and we can delay our growth by refusing to forgive and the non cultivation of love within our characters.
loving, can be as simple as liking people.

Title: Re: Focus Levels
Post by LaffingRain on Nov 1st, 2008 at 8:45am
just brushing up on the focus levels for those who are interested about that.
focus 3 Mind - brain synchrony.
(assuming this level is achieved with the tones used by hemisync.)

Focus 10: Mind is awake and alert, body is asleep.
my notes: can occur with the phenomenon known as sleep paralyzation.
Focus 12: Expanded awareness
Me: this happens when I'm not thinking a single thought, nor feeling a single feeling. it seems automatic.
Focus 15: No time
Me: here in 15 I am familiar with this, as here I can view probabilities to actualize. which quite often do just that.
Focus 21 Time/space edge; other energy systems.
Me: here you can meet what we term aliens. being on the edge of time/space, seems rather close to focus 15, of no time.
Focus 22: humans with partial consciousness: such as delirium,chemical or alcohol dependence, dementia,comotose. Experience here is like hallucinations.
Focus 23: the recent nonphysical; the undead. unable to release addiction to earth. all periods of time.
Focus 24-26 BST's. some form of past physical existence.
Focus 27: Reception center, Park, hub of it all, way station, designed to  ease trauma and shock of physical transition.

Focus 28: Beyond time/space and human thought. Residence in 28 limits any return to a human body.

Title: Re: Focus Levels
Post by LaffingRain on Nov 20th, 2008 at 9:46pm
Greetings, been holed up with Ultimate Journey, my 3rd or 4rth time through, I've been studying slower..get more that way out of it.

just a few more chapters, I may be able to a good book review and put up on myspace, as there's enormous ground breaking work he has done which we've never even touched on here, for the most part.

for instance, BobM. discovered the park by accident and then forgot about the park until he came upon two physicians occuping half way house (medical building) where he met two deceased doctors who told him how to get to the park, and he rediscovered the park at that time.
just a detail but significant to me.
the park is described as a place to rest up from Earth travails and make new decisions. no mention yet of focus levels, they might have been developed after this book.

most interesting to me is energy trails. my words. this is where, a trail is made first. (take Monroe as a trailblazer) then that makes it easier to find the trail by other explorers. I see in my mind these trails.
I see them as currents. I have ridden these currents many times.
I sense them as movement of a portion of my awareness.

and away from the body of physical matter, yet my life force is still connected to the body by a thin thread, sometimes called the cord.
looking forward to writing about this book, sort of as my tribute to Monroe. I'm connected emotionally, because there were few book out there to let me know what was happening to me when I went out of body. just like him, I feared insanity. Monroe was not crazy! therefore neither am I!  :)

love, alysia

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Post by LaffingRain on Dec 17th, 2008 at 10:12pm
This is from a friend calls himself Ashes. A TMI explorer.
many blessings for this apt description for the serious explorer. it's in two parts because of the length

It is important to realize these focus levels are merely arbitrary numbers and signposts to identify the state of consciousness one is in. In case you're wondering, there is no focus 14 or focus 16. However, beyond focus 21, several other focus levels have been identified further removed from the physical, and which involve among other systems the perception of belief system territories (" astral planes"). Thus, The Gateway Experience is meant as a platform from which to explore further on your own. For more information, I suggest you visit the website at the Monroe Institute at

Purpose of the current paper
So what is the purpose of this paper? While exploring the focus 10 state I found there was surprisingly little information as to what this state entails. Do a search on the Internet and you won't get much further than "body asleep/mind awake" to describe this state. This is in itself not a bad thing, and the Monroe Institute is not in favor of sharply delineating the focus levels by stating in detail what is, and especially what is not possible in a particular focus state. Rather, the message of the Monroe Institute is that they would encourage you to trust your process as you progress through the focus levels.

However, I do think that some knowledge and ideas as to what focus 10 entails can be of help for some people if that information is presented such a way that it will facilitate the person to trust their experience rather than doubt it. Also, to have some idea of what to expect can help ease some fears, and in some cases, put an individual in the proper frame of mind as to how to approach the focus states. Lastly, there are those for whom the hemi-sync tapes have had no effect. This is not uncommon, and I hope that any lack of success with the tapes will at least in part be rectified somewhat with this paper. To illustrate these points, and part of the reason of why I was inspired to write this paper, the following quote from a person on the now defunct TMI-voyagers mailing list (From Leva, 1998, p. 165):

"I'm starting to feel like these tapes work for 99.99% of the population and I'm that 0.1% who stand outside watching the rollercoaster go by and seeing how much fun the people on it are having…so why am I posting? I guess it is to ask if there are any other people on the list who have had similar experiences/frustrations, and how do they solve them, or at least worked around them? Also what does Focus 10 FEEL like? It's described as "Mind Awake/Body Asleep', but what does this MEAN? Does the body feel numb, do you feel ANYTHING at all, is it something like when you sleep on your arm and can't move it afterwards due to lack of circulation, does it feel the way it feels when you are asleep, or what? Newbies, old-timers, your comments would be appreciated."-Fred

The following sections will focus on the early manifestations of the going 'out of phase' condition (or focus 10) based on my own and others' experiences with this state. However, despite my best intentions, there can be little doubt that this report is biased. I don't see a way around it. Everyone's experience is unique, and although I have focused on common manifestations of focus 10, I will likely have overemphasized some phenomena while downplaying others due to my own interests and tendencies.

Given the above, I do think another little disclaimer is in order before continuing to read. That is, too much focus on knowledge - especially "second-hand" knowledge- can severely hamper one's efforts while practicing trance states or achieving specific focus states. It tends to activate the "left brain", and often questions will arise such as "Am I there yet?; What am I feeling now? What will happen next?" In general, this type of 'left brain' activity interferes with achieving a phase shift away from the physical.

So after reading this article go on your own merry way!

Getting there
Any attitude of "getting there" is a serious impediment to establishing an out of phase relationship (Gateway manual, 1980). This holds true both for reaching focus 10, as well as kick starting non-physical perceptions in this state.

This point is well illustrated by the following post on TMI-voyagers (From Leva, 1998; p. 168-169):

"…it took this experience to make me see something. That something was that when I was doing tapes and had things happen before it was when I was not "trying". I knew that then because when I had that shift occur I was definitely not trying to do anything. I was just doing a tape to be doing a tape. I had no expectations whatsoever at the time and "bang", I got something most pleasantly surprising. After that experience, I thought back and realized that all those other things also happened when I was not trying. I just took some time to connect not trying with results. Since that time I have never tried or had expectations, but that can trap you too. I found myself trying not to have expectations, and since I was trying, I was held at bay again. So it's sort of hit and miss. -Michael

I think it's important to realize that the idea of "getting there" stems from our physical experience in space and time. However, for consciousness, there is no such thing as there and here. You may say: "That's all very nice and philosophical, but practically speaking, I am trying to get from one state to another, and therefore, I have to get there."

But how do you expect to "get there"? You certainly can't walk there. So if you follow that line of reasoning what exactly will you do to get there? This is exactly the problem with superimposing the limitations of space and time on consciousness - the idea that you have to do something.
Fact of the matter is, the less you do, the easier you will go "places". Of course, at some point or another you would want to set an intent. You don't necessarily want to be steerlessly floating on a universal sea of consciousness. But in general, after you have set your goal or intent, the less you do after it, the easier it will be "to get there".

So don't get too caught up in any "method" or "technique". Rather, if anything describes a successful progression through various altered states of consciousness, is that consciousness becomes increasing flexible and receptive to alternate forms of reality organization. I suppose this state of awareness, and indeed it is a state, is best described as mellow and gentle. This is not a mindless or selfless state, but a state of mind in which feel comfortable and relaxed without putting pressure on yourself to perform or fixate yourself.

So perhaps it's best to forget about techniques and first train yourself to be in a relaxed state of awareness, which is even more important than physical relaxation. This relaxed state of awareness is an awareness that is simply open to experience and doesn't continually asks itself whether it's "there" yet. You simply can't bully yourself into another state. Rather, cultivate a certain sense of mellowness towards the whole phasing approach.

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Post by seeking_answers on Mar 30th, 2009 at 1:22pm
woah... :o..i lost the plot after the 3rd or 4th post, do i get to understand all tht! :-[

Title: Re: Focus Levels
Post by LaffingRain on Mar 30th, 2009 at 6:02pm
:) hey, I've been at this for years and years...just start wherever you are recommendation is to read Bruce's first book, then the 2nd, then the 3rd, then the 4rth, then the 5th.
then to read them again the next year. good wishes to you!

Title: Re: Focus Levels - more of them
Post by PauliEffectt on Oct 11th, 2010 at 3:27pm
According to Wikipedia, Focus 11 is Auto-suggestion state:

And there is a Focus 18 - Love?
See also the Focuses 42 and 49!

I got the Patricia Leva book (see wiki reference) last week, but couldn't find anything about the levels mentioned above (11, 18, 42 & 49)!! So where are the Focus references?

In youtube at , for example at 4:20 - 4:40, S Atwater mentions Focus 33!
Look for example at , Skip Atwater describes Focus numberings, specifically at 7:37 - 8:05.

Atwater's explanation to why F 33 is different from F 27 was interesting.

As we know, F 27 is part of the ELS. F 33 is the first Focus Level beyond ELS.

Perhaps the list needs updated with some interview from someone at TMI? :)

Title: Re: Focus Levels
Post by PauliEffectt on Nov 13th, 2010 at 9:56pm
Perhaps Earth Core F 27 (EC F 27) deserves an entry of itself. I think that Moen in his Voyage to Curiosity's Father, stated that someone unfamiliar with EC F 27 might need some help to get out of there. :)

Title: Re: Focus Levels
Post by sanatogen on May 12th, 2011 at 5:58pm

LaffingRain wrote on Dec 17th, 2008 at 10:12pm:
This is from a friend calls himself Ashes. A TMI explorer.
many blessings for this apt description for the serious explorer. it's in two parts because of the length

Thank you LR, I think that's at least half my problem right there, the rest is fear, which equates to some belief or other.

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