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Message started by Kroan on Nov 11th, 2006 at 5:09pm

Title: HEMI sync - astral projection
Post by Kroan on Nov 11th, 2006 at 5:09pm
Hi, are there any hemi sync tapes that you can buy to help with astral projection. I looked at the hemi sync products that were available and I diddnt see anything related to AP..    

Title: Re: HEMI sync - astral projection
Post by spooky2 on Nov 11th, 2006 at 10:27pm
About two years ago TMI had issued a cd set for OoBE. Maybe they've got too many complaints that it doesn't work as the users had expected. It seems OoBEs are very difficult to teach/induce.


Title: Re: HEMI sync - astral projection
Post by Kroan on Nov 12th, 2006 at 3:50am
After reading my 1st book 10 years ago I projected!  I practiced for about 2 weeks and leading up to it had a few close calls but eventually one night i heard saw lights flashing in my eyes, heard a high pitch ringing sound in my ear and whoosh i was out.. hovering over mybed for like 1 min before i snapped back into my body.. I couldnt move except my head. I was in such shock that I actually got out.

After that a week later i moved in with this girl and my Ap practice was put on the back burner until now.. For the past month or so i've been trying to get out every night but havent had much success. I'll get there it just takes time and patience.

Title: Re: HEMI sync - astral projection
Post by chilipepperflea on Dec 3rd, 2006 at 9:48am
Hey there Kroan,

I know how you feel. When i first started out my first OBE came quite quickly after about 2 weeks of trying, the second one took a little longer but then i started to have quite a few experiences over quite a period of time. At the moment I just can't get anything. I can relax enough but then sometimes i get restless, or i wait and nothing happens, i have set intentions many times as well but not sure if i am setting them right or strongly enough. I also wish i could lay down every night and after a couple of minutes be out there exploring this unknown world! How cool would that be!

Well good luck, hope it happens soon,


Title: Re: HEMI sync - astral projection
Post by EternalEssence on Feb 7th, 2007 at 5:00am

The Monroe Institute compile a CD for Journey Out of the Body. They do not refer to "astral projection" Hemi-Sync is used. The CD assists in setting up the conditions favorable to an OBE. My suggestion would also be that when relaxing, you do not focus too strongly on the expectation of having an OBE, as this sets up an internal tension that is often harder to come by. I find that "impatience" is another hurdle -- the mistress to expectation -- because you want always for it to happen "at this moment" which tends to jolt you back to the beginning.

Because, I know how hard it is to locate information, I shall provide a direct link to that which you seek.

Title: Re: HEMI sync - astral projection
Post by Ruth on Mar 8th, 2007 at 8:25pm
From what you all have said on this thread I get the impression that you think that all you have to do is relax and listen to these recordings and and the oobe will happen spontaneously.
Maybe and maybe not.
I've had some spontaneous experiences upon waking in the night.  There was always a certain feeling that came with it, and I knew it was going to happen.
Later I deliberately practiced step by step.  I also made myself aware of my dreams.  If you can learn to recognize that you are dreaming, all you have to do is set you destination and "shove off".

I had a few unpleasant experiences "out there".  It seems that those grey "aliens" do quite a bit of traveling in the realm.  The last time I did an oob they interrupted me and wouldn't let me go where I wanted.  Otherwise they were decent that time and gave me a tour of their ship. No big deal really, and I have no startling info to reveal.

The point I am trying to make here, is that you should be aware that you may meet "others" out there, and they are not all nice. You need to be prepared for anything, the same as you would if you were out camping in the wilderness.  Do the research.

Title: Re: HEMI sync - astral projection
Post by spooky2 on Apr 9th, 2007 at 9:24pm
Hi, I just accidentally came across a website with HemiSync for OoBE:

Don't know if the offer is still valid.


Title: Re: HEMI sync - astral projection
Post by Vee on Apr 26th, 2007 at 11:41pm
Great to read all these experiences and efforts to OBE. I have been trying lately and had a little success. After listening to one of the Gateway CD's where I was told to invite four familiar people in for guides to help me out, I found myself clearly and solidly outside my house in the night, standing just outside the house itself, looking across the road at a wreath they had put on their door. At the time I thought I was further up the street where I knew a neighbour had a spring wreath on their door, but in the morning I was surprised to note that the folks right across the road have put a spring wreath on their door, so it was that I was looking at, and the house next door beside it is the right color, that I also saw, so I guess I was right outside there. It was totally clear, yet different from being in the physical looking at it. That was the most successful event. I have tried the CD again, with no result, but also made a hypnotherapy tape from Valerie Austin's self hypnotherapy book, it is quite long as I included the deepening messages, the Lose the Numbers messages, and the Coma trance message and on down into the basement and then stated myself to float out of my body. The first two times I listened to it, I blacked out over and over, just surfacing to hear a sentence here and there and then went out again, and at the end I was just awake and didn't know how I got there. It scared my brain somewhat so on the third try my brain was scared and didn't want to do it. But I did it anyway, but still not OBE that I am aware of or that I retained. I have, however, succeeded in practicing the vibrational state, it started without warning one night, my head started to vibrate furiously, and it was quite comfortable. Then I read some of Buhlman and began to look for a spot in my body that was ready to vibrate, by doing this I found that there is ALWAYS somewhere in my legs that is vibrating all the time. (This might explain why I am sometimes not too well grounded and have often worked as a psychic and see movies of the Akashic records all the time behind my closed eyes. I am always ready to exit my body! Maybe I could be cured of psychic tendencies if I could stop vibrating.) Anyway now I know that I always have a launching pad ready, I just go to that spot and invite my body to follow suit. In a couple minutes my whole body is vibrating furiously. A friend told me to read Journeys Out of the Body, ch 16 and 17, and learn to control the vibrational state to help achieve an OBE. I hope to get time to do that this weekend. Success to all of us!! Power to our elbows!! Vee

Title: Re: HEMI sync - astral projection
Post by spooky2 on Apr 28th, 2007 at 9:00pm
Thanks for telling about Buhlmans "spot- method"! Have to try it.

Title: Re: HEMI sync - astral projection
Post by laffingrain on May 17th, 2007 at 4:28pm
Vee said: A friend told me to read Journeys Out of the Body, ch 16 and 17, and learn to control the vibrational state to help achieve an OBE. I hope to get time to do that this weekend. Success to all of us!! Power to our elbows!! Vee

Vee, did you read those chapters? just checking of your progress about controling the vibrational state.
I don't practice obe, just a state of being emotionally and mentally neutral or centered. but I'm interested in obes and others progress here. love, alysia

Title: Re: HEMI sync - astral projection
Post by Vee on May 18th, 2007 at 5:58pm
No, I didn't, I found that after all I had his other books, but not that one, although my books are packed in boxes and I may have missed it in the search. But I have been practicing the vibrational state and it has been interesting. The other day I had a fairly successful OBE from the vibrational state, but I still cannot get the proper sensory thing working during the OBE trip and I am so full of anxiety that I cannot control the experience to stay in it that I don't settle into it at all. Hard to explain. I could clearly see the mountains as I passed over but after that nothing was clear. I needed to get over to Surrey to see my astral practice partner, but as soon as I get to the coast of the island I lose my vision and it becomes more imaginary. I have been practicing the Quick switch that Monroe talks about instead of actually covering the miles and entering the yard, etc. and that works somewhat better. You know, just whumping myself from one place into another without the travel in between. I've had better flying experiences while phasing, at least, it seemed to be phasing, do you remember, a retrieval I did early on when I found this Board a few months ago, the woman who was some sort of government agent, I thought she was, Kathy something, she had fallen from an extremely high cliff and died in the wilderness, when I was flying over that forest to get to where she was, I could clearly see the forest below me for miles and miles on end, I remember it so clearly. It is not always that clear. But I thought I was phasing, not in astral body, that day. Well, for all my retrievals in fact. Anyway, back to more recent stuff, I emailed my friend to tell them about the vibrational state and my OBE that day I flew over the mountains from my front porch just last week this was, and I am going to go copy/paste it here if I can in part. The book I refer to is, I think, Have an OBE in 30 days or something, two authors, it is an exercise every day for 30 days, it seems to be quite good, I am still working with it, only doing Day 8 today, I am behind all the time. I can easily now transfer my consciousness point from my physical body into my imaginary astral body as the book wants me to do. At least I guess that is progress. Before this part of the practice session, I had been doing a couple of retrievals for half an hour or so and I think that helped me to move into a better OBE practice.

"Sitting in my own lawn chair on my front porch, sunny day, sitting in shade, neighbors outside working in gardens all around, my dog beside me. I picked up my OBE book, re-read the instructions for days 2 and 3, and settled down in comfort to try to bring energy into my body from the feet up, to each part of my body, patiently I brought it in till all parts of me were the same shade of light, made it energetic and pulsing comfortably, then focussed on smells in the environment, trying to separate out my sense of smell in a variety of ways, it wasn't working too good, that part. But suddenly, sitting there with my eyes shut and my arms resting comfortably on the arms of the chair, I felt myself begin to vibrate in my hands and arms, (I did not realize this is visible, I thought the vibration was somehow not visible to others...ho ho, it is fully visible, I found at the end, what WILL the neighbors think?)and I encouraged and built on that a bit, then began to  TILT physically forward out of my brain, so to speak, and I found I could control that and manage it, I knew I was leaving my body. I found I could choose to fly and immediately SAW the Vancouver Island remote and wild mountain ranges which I had once flown over in a small plane, and I encouraged myself to fly right over to the coast toward Vancouver. "
Then I gave up trying to SEE which I can't do very well in astral, and I returned to my chair, pleased as punch, because I had had a genuinely PHYSICAL sensation experience OUT OF BODY, but still could not SEE my astral body yet. (However, when I am in the park, I am perfectly aware of the shape of my astral body and my clothing even, it must be the same as the astral body here, right?) I sat quietly in the chair, the dog wanted petted, right? So I put my hand out to stroke him. The arm went out, the physical arm, and I watched it with an odd feeling. It was out there stroking Rainbow, but I could not feel it. I was out of my body and could see my arm but not feel it, but i was still controlling its movements. Very strange sensation. I realized my physical vision was disturbingly vague and I definitely was not in my body properly. The fruit tree in blossom in front of me was real but not real, you know? Like a dream. The whole landscape of neighbors and yards around me was not quite real. I knew I better not jump up and go refill my coffee cup or I might stumble. I sat for a few minutes (ENORMOUSLY PLEASED) and realized that the key was, I took enough the book says to do, like Buhlman says 20 mins, half an hour, an hour etc, and he and Bulhman both ask the student to practice the exercises for lengthy periods of time and then even off and on all day in some cases. I never gave it that much time before. Anyway, that's my day's efforts and I am delighted, thrilled, utterly encouraged and I will tell you, it is REAL after all. REAL. "
So that was that exercise that day, haven't had such a successful one since though and nothing I saw that day in Vancouver was validated, so I don't know what I was looking at while over there. And I suspect also that while travelling, sometimes I quick-switch without noticing, so maybe I was travelling toward Vancouver but suddenly was back in my own street looking at my neighbors, as the views I saw while I THOUGHT I was in Vancouver were very similar to my own neighborhood that day. But I was happy with the sense of actual movement and physical movement into the astral.
So that's all I have been doing with it lately, Alysia, but continuing to work with the 30 day book and also Buhlman and re-reading Monroe when I can steal a few minutes. Vee

Title: Re: HEMI sync - astral projection
Post by laffingrain on May 18th, 2007 at 9:52pm
lol, Vee says.. So that's all I have been doing with it lately, Alysia,

well my dear, thats ALOT!  you getting me little perked up here regarding things..
just thinking about an obe would cause me to vibrate in the past, awakening from sleep. the leaning forward out of body is interesting, similar to my head forehead area expellation. heres a feeling in the pic what it felt like...
so I'm relating to the elation of emotion here, the as you said ENORMOUSLY PLEASED! for me, it was my first conscious out of body, and I did have an image of my body while I knew the physical body sat in the chair, something huge, something in stasis, while I myself was awareness withing this image which swooshed the feeling was like this picture of an athlete accomplishing her run..yet we are astral, I really like hearing about your excursions..what not, hope you will keep us informed.

blabbing about my own, I proceeded to lose my arms and legs within the OBE to my wonder and became an orb bobb bobb bobbing!!! thats why the body doesn't mean a whole lot to me, that I have this body that is temporary.

so we need a destination don't we? I mean I go with you on your trip, and you on mine, but I'd like to do this again sometime and have a destination point.

the books are correct to my knowledge...I was attempting obe for 20 minutes when I did it. I assume it can get accomplished instantly at some point. haven't really tried it since then as there's no where to go, I'm so mental, but not a great planner.

Perhaps the flying is quite enough when it is so freeing. I want to go to the library come to think of it with a special author in mind.

well thank you dearlight, what an adventure! you are truly accomplished and you even have a destination don't you? your astral partner! this is very very helpful I'd say.

talk soon and enjoy your sense of accomplishment as I'm sure it will lead to greater explorations of your energy body.
love, alysia

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