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Message started by Kroan on Nov 3rd, 2006 at 3:42am

Title: astral vs etheric
Post by Kroan on Nov 3rd, 2006 at 3:42am
Hi everyone, I've been doing alot of reading as of late and  im trying to understand why some books say that when you project you are in the astral world and everything you're seeing is in the astral not the physical and other books say that when you project you can project to the earth plane which is etheric projection and then sometimes you can project into the astral plane and thats astral projection. Whats going on here?  thanks

Title: Re: astral vs etheric
Post by Vicky on Nov 3rd, 2006 at 7:52pm
Hi Kroan,

From what I understand from my own experiences is that when you are perceiving from outside the realm of your physical body perspective, i.e. OBE or astral projection, you can focus your awareness on the physical dimension or the non-physical dimension.  But for instance, if you project and believe that you are "in" the physical realm, what you are experiencing is your perception of the physical world from your non-physical perspective.  As with any reality, what you experience is relative to your interpretation of what you are perceiving.  


Title: Re: astral vs etheric
Post by laffingrain on Nov 3rd, 2006 at 8:58pm
hi Kroan  I like Vicky's description, just adding my own thoughts. my theory, and some of my practices, and study, is we have more than one body. after you get used to the idea of your "moreness" than you can take a look at alternate levels of consciousness which ties in with the utilization of our different bodies..which are bodies of consciousness. for instance the astral body has its own astral world. this is what I was taught in a spiritualist church a long time ago but many books will support this. the astral body I was taught is the emotional body and also holds your desires, aspirations and those can be like intentions. when your intentions are to develop yourself in these areas, my understanding is that you begin to build a mental vehicle or body which can get projected in an obe as well as the astral body. the etheric body I would surmise stays near the body to keep it animated with life force. (that part is my conjecture.)

isn't it weird?

Title: Re: astral vs etheric
Post by Kroan on Nov 4th, 2006 at 5:36am
it just doesnt make sense to me... when i was out before i was in my bedroom, i could see my dresser. the wid I am 100% positive i was in my room. the lighting was a light blue and i heard a wierd sound in my ear sounded like  whouuggwhouugwhouugwhouug over and over.... my question is was i on the astral?   or was it the physical??? so hard to understand the difference thats why i so wana do this again but i just havent been able to.. each time i try i end up falling asleep(

Title: Re: astral vs etheric
Post by Vicky on Nov 4th, 2006 at 7:24am
I agree, it is confusing.  I get around it by not getting caught up in concern for labels.  Once you have more experiences, you may be able to answer these questions on your own (and then you can explain it to us better!)  I would say that you experienced the astral representation of your bedroom.  So basically, yes, you were in your "physical" bedroom.  I know that sounds confusing, but the physical and nonphysical are not so distinctly separated as everyone would like to think they are.  

Sound effects are common during separation.  (I'd have to look it up to reference why this is, can't think of it off the top of my head at 4 in the morning).  

Title: Re: astral vs etheric
Post by EternalEssence on Feb 7th, 2007 at 5:11am
My friend Kroan,

You have many questions! :)

Things do look somewhat different when "out". At this stage in your development, do not attempt to label or to rationalize what you see with your left brain. Experience it. Get use to the feel, the sense of where you are and your expanded awareness. If you carry your confusion into the experience, you will experience confusion. Do not discount your experience -- it all counts. This is why I refer to it as development.

Also, though I do not describe my experiences often, I would say that you were out, based on your description of the light. Blue/white light occurred during my initial OBEs. I was disoriented and my vision phased in and out. I recall -- much to my overly developed sense of standard -- myself screaming "yippee" as I floated around the room. Once I began to rationalize, the experience ended. Control and clarity come with experiences.

Title: Re: astral vs etheric
Post by OutOfBodyDude on Feb 8th, 2007 at 9:29pm
The etheric body is your main energy body, which is basically attached to your physical body until death.  The energy bodies that project from our physical bodies during sleep and OBEs are actually energetic copies of our etheric body.  We never project to the physical plane.  The physical plane can only be directly experienced in our physical bodies.  Rather, during projections that appear to be in the physical plane, we are actually projected to a plane of slightly higher vibrations than the physical plane, known as the Real Time Zone.  The astral planes are not the same as the RTZ.  They are dimensionally higher than the RTZ, and do not reflect the physical plane as the RTZ does.  There are many different copies of our energy bodies, and each project to different dimensional planes during sleep/OBE.  Our real time bodies opperate in the real time zone only, just as the astral body opperates strictly in the astral planes.  Shifting consciousness from one subtle energy body to another is a matter of the amount of energy available.  Higher dimensional bodies require a greater amount of energy in order to bring this level of experience into your conscious memory.  Hope this clears things up a little.

Source: Robert Bruce(with my own personal experience to verify)

Title: Re: astral vs etheric
Post by laffingrain on Feb 9th, 2007 at 3:17pm
thanks dude, that was great, heres my visual to back u up, visuals help me a lot, and I thank the unknown artist...notice the different body layers we can visualize entering different dimensions, loosening themselves from the physical body as in flight...
the mental body will attend classes on the mental level, the emotional body will surf a different dimension where emotions can be operating apart from mental constructs (so it can seem, but not really)  the light body will seek higher knowledge and contains the will power I would suspect as well as intentions for fulfilling the life's intentions, the etheric body is another subtle body, I hear closest to the physical vibration of the cellular mass.
the etheric body was used to draw a substance from in order for a materialization of a spirit to take place, I have read of this. I would conjecture the etheric and emotional body can act as one during an obe, so entertwined can they be, but some of these bodies of which there may be seven, you cannot take into the higher dimensions and must shed them off, pick them up on the way back down (my opinion)

the desire body (ambition perhaps, yeanings, curiosity) will be in the astral body which would explain this body to appear in front of my sister once (she's not into this study) due to my desire to visit with her and let her know I was still her sister, lol. so this body can spin off and account for those involuntary experiences of sponteneity of which surprise us no end. I had the desire to project and intention to her, however bringing the memory of my success back home to the brain was unsuccessful. we need to work on remembering more when we exit but it takes time and acceptance of actually being able to project a form of ourself.   I like the RTZ letters, works for me Dude, have discovered a no time or all time zone which is a combination zone of all time periods, seems to be grid lines that allow transport on these time lines and the distractions are myriad all the more reason for having a singular intention out there I suppose!

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