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Message started by Bruce Moen on Aug 16th, 2006 at 6:09pm

Title: Earth Changes
Post by Bruce Moen on Aug 16th, 2006 at 6:09pm
In Voyages into the Afterlife I wrote a little about interviewing a worker at the Planning Center regarding the Earth Changes, and that he explained they are about large reductions in earth's  population due to ecosystem collapse, pages 119-120.  

"The cause is indulgence in the emotional energy of greed.  Consumption of Earth's resources has been accelerating, primarily not for direct use, but rather for the accumulation of wealth.  That, coupled with an extremely large human population, is pushing the ecosystem toward collapse."

Those of you who would like to get a feel for what I meant might find Al Gore's new movie, Inconvenient Truth, to be a real eye opener.  I sure did when I saw it yesterday!

What Gore describes, and has evidently been talking about for a number of years, fits with most everything I wrote about the darker side of the Earth Changes.  It looks like we human beings are directly responsible for where planet Earth as an ecosystem is headed, and it ain't pretty.  We as human beings can still have a positive impact.  But our opposition is the greedier members of our race who continue to persue short term gain (wealth) without regard to longer term consequences.

Looks like the Planning Center worker I was interviewing was right.  Looks like many of us are going to be sitting on the sidelines in our afterlife for quite some time waiting for Earth's recovery (if that's possible) and for physical lifetime slots on earth to once again become available.  

Too bad, I kinda like this place.  Oh well  :'(


Title: Re: Earth Changes
Post by spooky2 on Aug 16th, 2006 at 7:36pm
I recently saw "Darwin's Nightmare". It shows this kind of madness in a local area.

Even if all people had insight in the fact that our environment will turn into something much less comfortable to live in when going on the way it's going now, even then it would be different to change our ways. Because it would get hard for most people, for some very hard, so the result is to not think about it. Let the others start a different economy. But that's not possible in a globalized economy. Gentle acting companies would not survive when other companies do everything to produce as cheap as possible. There's no easy way out; I doubt that there is a way out at all. The only question is how long the crisis would develop and decrease again. Long and more softly, or quick and hard.


Title: Re: Earth Changes
Post by Cathy_B on Aug 17th, 2006 at 12:10am
I have been hearing some intesting stuff (some I can be open minded and some I am a little sceptical about my sources) but I am told that alien intervention is about to happen and has been brought forward due to the Middle East conflict. I am told that aliens are going to land at Uluru (Ayres Rock)  :-/ within the next 6 months instead of 2 years as planned.
I can see that we can't keep up with what we ae doing to the environment, and I cringe when I hear that we are now exploring new areas for drilling for oil and gas and worse still, uranium. Our Government is hell bent on setting up new overseas deals for Uranium exports and ignores the prospects of windfarms and Solar energy.
If instead off giving us $2000 to change our car to gas, they encouraged to have solar power life would be much nicer. (a rebate applies, but it's not much)
I want to run my car on water but no one os researching it... I know it can be done!
You know, I don't think I want to "come back" to this experience again, but i can still say I love being here now! How sad that we cannot recognise that we are destroying such a thing of beauty.
oops sorry, i'm rambling again
loves and hugs to all my fellow travelers! :-* :D
Cathy B

Title: Re: Earth Changes
Post by augoeideian on Aug 17th, 2006 at 9:39am
It does seem the Earth has reached a point of no return and maybe the saying too little too late is applicable.  Human nature leans towards destruction far more than resourceful management of planet earth.  At one side there is extreme wealth and at the other extreme poverty with people trying to make ends meet in the middle.  Over population being a huge problem.

People are people they are coping the best they can; whether it be what next property to buy or where to get the next slice of bread - we cannot despise either, we certainly cannot judge them.

People do not want to be told; you have to save the rain forests, you have to protest over this and that, you have to serve in a soup kitchen ... or you have to pull yourself up and get a job and feed your family. Most people are tired, mostly depressed, lonely, scared and generally unhappy .. lets face the fact especially the people in war zones.

Nature has a incrediable way of healing and repairing earth - one tsunami or one earthquake clears herself up pretty quick .. and leaves a wake of suffering behind her.  So lets concentrate on people rather than the earth.

There will be schools of thought that say ah but we cause the earthquake through our negative thoughts .. yes as the weather pattern is determined by who is trading with who .. yes we know this but does it help us .. no, i think it makes people more depressed just thinking about it.

The most important thing is our Spirits - we are spirits before we are physical bodies - all may fall away but our spirits remain. Concentrating on our spirits first will have a positive effect on not only our environment but ourselves.  Yes, we do concentrate on our spirits but still feel defeated .. why?

Surrender to the Great Spirit .. give up all thoughts of control .. and see how this Spirit will work through you.  The Spirit knows the problems .. the Spirit works through doctors and scientists, normal people .. in solving the issues and problems that confronts every civilisation.  Recognising this is a paradigm shift in reality.  Letting the Spirit work through you will create a better place for all.

Well my thoughts on the subject that do not include aliens.  (aliens would not be able to breathe in our climate anyway simple basic fact)

Title: Re: Earth Changes
Post by blink on Aug 18th, 2006 at 12:14pm
QUOTE from Augoeideian:
"Surrender to the Great Spirit .. give up all thoughts of control .. and see how this Spirit will work through you.  The Spirit knows the problems .. the Spirit works through doctors and scientists, normal people .. in solving the issues and problems that confronts every civilisation.  Recognising this is a paradigm shift in reality.  Letting the Spirit work through you will create a better place for all."

I believe that the above statement is true, but that education is also so important for us all. It is sometimes difficult to shift our thoughts and our voices and the hand reaching into our pockets in the right direction for the earth. There is so much brainwashing through advertisement and promotion of false values in the world. How to unplug from this and become loving, caring beings who can make a difference? It is a daunting task, but each one of us can help point the way. What we talk about, what we focus on is incredibly important. Every person who made a huge change in the world must have had days where he or she thought: I'm just one person...who am I?

But each of us has a lifetime of days, however long that is, and we have a voice. What do you buy? Who do you support when you invest your money?

Who among us sleeps on the floor once in a while to see how it feels? Who among us treads softly on this earth? It is sometimes difficult to imagine what a pure human being IS, one who is not programmed to wear certain clothes, eat certain foods, live in certain kinds of houses, drive certain kinds of cars.

Many of us find it troublesome to think about these things too much...we are caught in the circle of days, thinking our lives are small things. But our lives are not small. We each have a chance to point to a better way.

love, blink

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