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Message started by betson on Jul 3rd, 2006 at 2:35pm

Title: The Big Clock and little beads
Post by betson on Jul 3rd, 2006 at 2:35pm
By now in this book, Bruce has learned about 'the Big Clock', a means of organizing events so that not everything happens at once. It incudes individuals' life events, weather, world events, everything. To explain one's personal life events, the image of beads spaced on a string is used. The spacing of these beads must correlate with other peoples' beads in as much as you share events. Everyone's beads on strings are a part of the Big Clock.

Here's a 'Big Clock' game to play   :)
To visualize only one small section of the Big Clock---
In the center of blank paper (or your imagination), draw a small circle-bead, large enough to label as some special event, preferrably one that has already happened.
Label it as such and draw strings out abit with a bead on each of them. Label each of those beads each with a situation that you can think of that did affect, or was affected by, your primary event in the center bead.
Extend multiple drawn line strings out from these beads, and lightly imagine events that will then be affected; label the beads out there. *
By now you're probably out of paper or imagination, so return to the central bead.   :)
Without imagining too hard or too seriously placing intent (you know why :-/ ),  consider having the central bead event happen sooner, or later. Follow the drawn string lines out to see if the related events would be affected by your change. Repeat for all  or some sample bead-events.  
The whole web that was arranged for your event, as well as others, may now fall into chaos !  
----Now we can see more clearly how we are all a part of the same web of life, or more negatively,  why our prayers/wishes may not be granted immediately, or why things may go wrong after some impatience on our part.  
Now if you feel this game is too moralistic or preachy, consider how accomplished Bruce Moen is to get some wonderful concepts across without coming across like I just did with my "see more clearly" moral.

* If more than one person plays this game, a further step can be added with string and tape: switch places and examine the beads of the person next to you. Could any of their labeled events be related to events on your own portion of the 'Big Clock'? If so, use real string to connect them.  

Title: Re: The Big Clock and little beads
Post by betson on Jul 6th, 2006 at 12:11pm
In reference to that game based upon Big Clock:

It does take some time,
but you can come up with some interesting relationships of event to event when you get to some of the outer layers of beads !

Enjoy!  :D

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