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Message started by Cypercat on Jan 4th, 2005 at 12:43pm

Title: What am I doing wrong
Post by Cypercat on Jan 4th, 2005 at 12:43pm
OK gang...I have been reading this board for 2 years now  - yes I am one of the many readers that linger around. I have tried several times to make contact with a loved one that has crossed over two years ago.  Nothing on the scale that many of you do but I have had dreams...where my loved one is in my dream and I know it feels so real and these type of dreams bring me comfort. however after reading this entire board over the holiday break I have thoughts that I would like to be able to make sure that my friend is ok.  Here is my experience, which has left me thinking I am not very good at this and need help if I really want to continue.

I layed down in my bed after quieting the room. I pulled the covers up to my neck, closed my eyes and almost immediately the days events started flashing through my mind. Knowing I needed to clear out the "mess" a thought came to me to count to 100. 1 2 3........60. I started feeling myself calming down so I started to think about my loved one, the good times we had together and picked an event where just the two of us were together to thing I know I am surrounded by a bunch of people talking to me but I can't make out what they are saying. I asked them if they could direct me to my friend.  The room or area we were in starts to get bigger and this person appears right in front of me...I yell out my friends name and this lady just smiles at me doesn't say a word and we start moving even though I don't feel my feet moving. We go out into a street and this lady sent  a thought message and it was something like feel the power of you...I was like what the heck  ??? as I got closer to pepple they seemed to back away. I break away from this lady however this whole time I continue to ask for my friend "has anyone seen her" "direct me to her" nothing...!

I look up and I see this huge building...someone enters it so I start to go in that direction and all of sudden it is storming. I try to get in the building but then....I semi wake up.  Tell myself to go back next thing I know I am getting the chills and I feel like I am going out of body. I see my room and next I am upside down hanging from the ceiling. Then as quick as that I am sailing through the air over a beautiful blue sky with a wooded area below me.  I was "flying" extremely fast and felt like I was being pushed.  I know I yelled out I was getting alittle scared.  Then just like that I wake up...never making contact with my friend.


Should I being doing something different? Why wouldn't I immediatly go to my friend who I was seeking? Could the lady been a guide that I blew off? Should I try not to be so pushy and just go with the flow? I am also thinking that I might just have to contact someone who knows how to do this better than I. Your thoughts would be appreciated.


Title: Re: What am I doing wrong
Post by alysia on Jan 4th, 2005 at 6:43pm
what you describe, a measure of success and a measure of what you call failure to your perception is similar to where I started several years ago, so naturally I see success for you as well in getting what you need, the confirmation that you can do this; make contact. I look back and it's all funny now, what I went through with all the doubts ???
for instance, laff w* if u will, I was off to impress my exploration partner and of course I was all set to celebrate and show her how to "do it." when a guide packed me off in a car to seemingly distract me from my mission. she quite succeeded in distracting me for whatever reason. (I succeeded partially like you, and later wholly) these subconscious areas are ruled by our ideas of who we think we are. our confidence levels vie with our lack of confidence levels and both can play out exactly what your expectations are as well as your doubts of success. you will perhaps see we are more than just our doubts and beliefs, yet in waking consciousness we can be duped easily into believing we are simply the sum total of our memories and experiences which can in turn not look like a whole lot to brag about, and on the other hand we wouldn't want to be too too over enthusiastic; so it boils down to where to find the appropriate balanced perspective. for me, being centered means to stay calm and not get excited to the point where I'm wide awake again and back into my usual tunnel vision belief system. working with the emotions the way you did was your success level and brought you quickly there, it's just that you couldn't remain focused due to doubt and mistrust that you were "really" there and thus you kept calling for your friend even though you had a certain awareness she stood nearby. the same with me. I called out my friends name in dead (scuse the pun) ernestness, yet I was not quit ready to meet her as it was a trial run. success will come through focus and desire but it won't always be a mirror reflection of your expectations; usually, it's even better than your expectations.  ::) have fun! :D

Title: Re: What am I doing wrong
Post by alysia on Jan 4th, 2005 at 6:50pm
that was weird y'all. I wrote a slash and a "w" like this: (I'm on a mac) laff/w me  and I got red type and my name alysia instead of the word me, and I also got italics. so now ;) this must be an internet ghost ::) ;D :D :-*  oh well, looks good from here. ::)

Title: Re: What am I doing wrong
Post by Shirley on Jan 4th, 2005 at 7:14pm
I like it..laff w/alysia..hmm..

Title: Re: What am I doing wrong
Post by Cypercat on Jan 5th, 2005 at 4:02pm
Thank you for your reply.  Hey I am glad that others have felt like I have and hopefully I make the contact with my friend and actually know it.

Thanks again,


Title: Re: What am I doing wrong
Post by dave_a_mbs on Jan 14th, 2005 at 4:04pm
You aren't doing anything "wrong" - you can't, unless you're being deliberately immoral, and that's a whole 'nuther topic.

When I do these, I use hypnosis and send people through a past life, then death, then find a guide, then go the the "place of knowledge" (Cayce called it "akashic records, I call it "library", but whatever) and call for loved one there.  It's the long way around, but my clinical practice is different.

A simple assist might be to have a friend work with you to steer you. You can go just as deep while describing what's happening and where you are, kinda on autopilot, and your guiding friend can continue to suggest relaxing away anything that gets in the way. Not all guides are useful, make sure you want to work with one first, and go where you want.

Not all loved ones are always willing to be available. Some feel that you "shouldn't be here, it's not your time" and so on. To maximize connection, work through love, the oneness that connects everything, and recall in the sense that you can increase love and oneness with them.

You sound quite advanced. Go for it.

Title: Re: What am I doing wrong
Post by Cypercat on Jan 16th, 2005 at 9:33am
Thanks for your reply. You bring up an interesting point, one that I have been thinking about for awhile and that is "Not all loved ones are always willing to be available"  I guess this could throw a wrench into things...well at least for me.  I don't think my friend would be approving of this type of contact if she was still alive.  Her religious beliefs would limit her in accepting this type of communication.   :o  

I really do have my work cut out for me.


Title: Re: What am I doing wrong
Post by Joe Meboe on Jan 16th, 2005 at 10:44am
We experienced something similar at an Afterlife Knowledge workshop (run by Bruce) a couple of years ago. We were in the exercise where you put down the name of a person who has passed on and someone in the group (it was a good sized group) who doesn't know you or that person attempts to make contact and report back. My son put in the name of an older deceased relative who would have thought this afterlife exploration stuff was all of the devil. (And I'm sure he is a belief system territory that fully supports his view.) Well, the person attempting to contact him encountered a blinding flash of light and all contact ceased. I'm certain that the person sensed the contact attempted and rejected it as a "trick of the devil."

And there are other reasons why someone either is not willing or is not able to be contacted.

Joe Meboe :)

Title: Re: What am I doing wrong
Post by dave_a_mbs on Jan 16th, 2005 at 4:42pm
Thje blinding flash of light is often called "lightenings" (eg in the Hatha Yoga Pradipika) and is a sign that you have contacted the "Light" in the "Upper Astral". It's a sign of high development to get there. Unfortunately, most of us have another agenda and side trip out of it by reattachingt to either Lower Astral or Mental levels.

That flash of light is definitely NOT a malevolent energy. However, for those who have guilt, regrets or whatever, it is like any enlightening experience, bringing up a strong sense of "oops, I think I screwed up". This kind of regret is why it's dangerous to use drugs to do yoga, 'cause you can't turn it off and back out. (I speak from experience.)

If you go back through the same procedure, focus on joining with your loved ones through love, not pleasure (that's the attachment maker), you should have success. When I work with people, I usually find prayer (asking God, ie the Oneness, to direct me) useful in orientation so I don't side trip. Another approach is to find a reason that what you're doing will benefit everyone. For example, how will it benefit both you and your loved ones to contact them?

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