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Message started by freebird on Dec 23rd, 2004 at 3:26pm

Title: Spirit Releasement Therapy
Post by freebird on Dec 23rd, 2004 at 3:26pm
Hello all,

I was wondering what people here think about "spirit releasement therapy."  It is a theory that some people with mental or physical illnesses have attached spirits that are negatively influencing their energetic field, and a technique for releasing these spirits into the higher afterlife realms.

Is this legitimate, or just a way for con artists to make money off of people desperate for relief and willing to try anything?  I would be curious to hear anyone's opinion.

Here is an interesting article discussing the details of spirit releasement therapy:

Basically the issue is, do some people really need exorcism to deliver them from earthbound spirits, and if so, what is the best way to go about doing it?  Does anybody here who does "retrievals" have experience releasing spirits that are actually attached to a living human being?


Title: Re: Spirit Releasement Therapy
Post by Sasuke on Dec 23rd, 2004 at 6:13pm
I find myself skeptical of this, personally. If a person feels better after it's done, then I'd think it was only because they had convinced themselves that they would - a psychological thing.

Title: Re: Spirit Releasement Therapy
Post by Boris on Dec 23rd, 2004 at 6:53pm
I think exorcism is real, when you have a real demon or attached spirit, and a real exorcist.
( I might have more time later)

Title: Re: Spirit Releasement Therapy
Post by Bruce Moen on Dec 24th, 2004 at 3:51am

wrote on Dec 23rd, 2004 at 3:26pm:
I was wondering what people here think about "spirit releasement therapy."  

Is this legitimate, or just a way for con artists to make money off of people desperate for relief and willing to try anything?

Basically the issue is, do some people really need exorcism to deliver them from earthbound spirits, and if so, what is the best way to go about doing it?  Does anybody here who does "retrievals" have experience releasing spirits that are actually attached to a living human being?



 In my experience that we are influenced by nonphysical folks is just a fact of life.  In my opinion all of us are influenced to one degree or another whether we are aware of it or not.  Whether or not some form of therapy is indicated as a result is usually a question of what effect this influence has on a person's life.

 As in any healing profession there are skilled practitioners, and there are quacks and con artists.  The existence of these has nothing to do with whether or not the conditions treated are real.

 In my view the majority of mental illness always has some component of this kind of influence involved.  I think it is most unfortunate that so few in the field of psychology have any understanding in this area.  Many of them do great harm to patients due to their lack of basic understanding of what the psyche is and how it works.

 Sometimes the undesirable influence can be dealt with by simple forms of retrieval.  Sometimes these retrievals can be a little more involved and difficult.  The term "exorcism" conjures up way more force than is usually necessary or desirable.

 Very often the beliefs of the "patient" are a confounding factor that make treatment very, very difficult.  This is especially true when beliefs in demons and powerful evils spirits are involved.  Most often it is nothing more than the beliefs of the patient that give these nonphysicals what is perceived as demonic qualities or powers.

 The term "attached" is a bit of a misnomer in my view.  We tend to see this as some form of anchoring of the "spirit" to the person.  Most often it is really not much more than that the person is aware of the "spirit" who is following them around.  This is not unlike my pesky little sister following me around when I was a kid.


Title: Re: Spirit Releasement Therapy
Post by gordon phinn on Dec 25th, 2004 at 11:45am
I more or less agree with Bruce on this issue, so i won't repeat his points.  William Baldwin and Louise Ireland-Frey have both written excellent books on this subject, and after reading them your doubts would greatly lessened, if not demolished.
I practise the art of spirit releasement myself: have done for several years.  I performed one over the phone for someone on this board just over a month ago.  It can be done in person, or over the phone, or by a variation on "distance healing methods".  The occupying spirits can be anywhere from ignorant to innocent to benign to mischievious to malicious.

It's very real and more common than many realise.  You can carry spirits around with you for years and not know it.  It's often only when they're nasty that folks seek help.

love, gordon phinn

Title: Re: Spirit Releasement Therapy
Post by Jeffrey Williams on Dec 25th, 2004 at 2:56pm
Dear freebird,

I have a friend in Toronto who practices hypnosis and a part, albeit a small part, of that practice has grown over the years to include a form of spirit releasement therapy.

She said she was skeptical of the whole thing when she first heard about it but sometime later a client or two showed up with one or more attachments.  She began practicing the releasement therapy and it worked.

She began working with a non-physical helper who showed her how to do it.

The whole subject is kind of trippy particularly when it gets into attachments from the "dark side" -- attachments sent by evil entities to create havoc.  I think Bruce is right about beliefs having an affect and endowing some of these entities as demonic.

Yet I have seen non-physical entities that were not human and so I must admit the possibility that these types of things can attach themselves.

My own experience with an attachment:  one evening I was meditating in a park.  There was a big football game involving the New York Giants and my upstairs neighbors at the time were sports fanatics who made a lot of noise when games were on.  I basically was in the park to avoid hearing all that noise but I was angry about being there.  

Later I went home when I thought the game would be over.  I went to bed but those angry feelings just kept increasing and increasing even as I floated in and out of sleep.

At one point I turned over and up by the ceiling I saw this large gray cloud with dozens of angry eyes looking at me.  I was scared ****less but also outraged that it was in my private space.  I shouted at it and told it to "get the hell out of here".  The thing broke up into tiny pieces and disappeared.  

In hindsight I realized I picked it up in the park.  The combination of my anger over the neighbor situation and the energies of my meditation had attracted it and it followed me home.  Fortunately, I saw it and was able to make it leave.  But if I hadn't, that thing could have potentially hung around for a long time exacerbating the anger I had and feeding off it at the same time.

Whether that thing had once been a group of humans or not I don't know.  I do know that I didn't make it up.  At the time I didn't even know such things were possible.

The influence it had on me for that short period was an escalation of my own angry feelings to the point of being nearly uncontrollable.  If that had continued my health probably would have been negatively affected.  Certainly my mental well-being.

Spiritual Releasement is an interesting subject but like with anything else you have to decide what you want to believe.  Hearing about my friend's experience as well as Gordon's, and correlating it with my own, helped convince me.


Title: Re: Spirit Releasement Therapy
Post by freebird on Dec 27th, 2004 at 7:03pm
Thank you to everyone who replied to my message.  I remain open minded about this issue and wanted to hear some other people's thoughts and opinions.


Title: Re: Spirit Releasement Therapy
Post by cynthiainolympia on Dec 29th, 2004 at 12:13pm
Hi, All!
New to the board, although I've been popping in occassionally over the years to read your posts, with much appreciation and gratitude.
Came here today to feel confirmed that Soul Retrievals are happening - as appropriate - for all those who transitioned during the recent Asian earthquake and tsumami events.
In regards to Spiritual Response Therapy (SRT), I am taking the class with founder Robert Detzler in January 2005 after receiving a "clearing session" earlier this month which most definitely provided relief and comfort.  There was a profound sense of "release" on my part, which allowed me to experience upliftment on many emotional, spiritual and physical levels - in short, I feel HAPPY again!  In fact, my wellbeing increased so much that others noticed and also got SRT clearing work done and they also experienced relief (from their resistance).  Whether all of this is pure woo-woo is of no consequence to me ... the Universe is a strange and mysterious place where everything is possible and having an open mind is one of the greatest gifts I can give to my Self :)
For more information about SRT, please visit and for an outstanding practitioner, please see Diana Ewald's site at
Love, Grace and Blessings to All,

Title: Re: Spirit Releasement Therapy
Post by Firequeen on Dec 30th, 2004 at 11:02am
When I was 15  a spirit "attached" to me. I was walking down the street at night , I saw it come to me , she told me her name was Sylvia and she wanted to help me.  I felt that this was a disception and it took three days to run her off by me constantly telling her to go.  The funny thing is at the time, I had never heard about spirits attaching nor was I conscoiuse that any thing like this could ever happen. I told no one, thinking folks would think I was crazy, but I had NO DOUBT as to what had happened.   love and aloha

Title: Re: Spirit Releasement Therapy
Post by Shirley on Dec 30th, 2004 at 2:55pm
My BIL has a "mental" illness.  It began nearly 30 years Colorado, after an incident with drugs..

He has been diagnosed several different times, several different things..from paranoid schizophrenic to manic-depressive to alcohol/drug induced mental impairment.

He requires strong doses of medication to maintain even the semblence of normal..

This man is brilliant, with a very high IQ.  His family background is one of highly religious/pentecostal in nature.  He goes from atheist to preacher of the Word..the swings and changes are odd to watch.  Sometimes, you can almost see the spirit beings around him..other times..he seems just like the rest of us.

He would not be open (nor would his family) to anything like possible spirit attachment/influence which is odd, given their background.

Is there any way to do a spirit releasement without the person being aware?  And what kind of effect would that have on someone who is on strong doses of antipsychotic medications?  Would this be a dangerous thing to do?
Love and peace

Title: Gordon, what do you suggest...
Post by Kyo on Jan 4th, 2005 at 12:30am

What sort of simplified releasement method (including a suggested iteration, if any) do you suggest that might be helpful for the 'man in the street' (ie. people with no SRT training), to attempt to call for assistance from the helpers, should he suspect he is being intruded upon, or that there are discarnate human souls nearby that could use some help.

William Baldwin, Louis Ireland Frey and SRT practitioners such as yourself are familar with in-depth, comprehensive SRT sessions, but I am wondering about a simplified yet effective method that could be used by the 'man in the street', as this I feel is certainly something much needed by all.

Thanks for your suggestion,

Title: Re: Spirit Releasement Therapy
Post by gordon phinn on Jan 6th, 2005 at 10:31am
Kyo, my initial reaction is that any such simplified method  would not go deep enough to eject the entity.  Many entities, even relatively benign ones, hide, like children behind bushes and won't come out the first time you ask.  Malicious ones have to be blasted out with a light force of considerable power.  Others have to be coaxed, argued with, etc etc, and all this takes patience, knowledge, and  a certain ammount of 'professional' know-how.

I'm not even sure that a simple psychic protection ritual, such as say a Wiccan would do, would work, as many entities gain 'admission' with the client's subconscious agreement, based on misplaced compassion.
You've read the literature Kyo, so i think you know what i'm talking about.

Sorry to be so unhelpful, but I feel that spirit releasement is significantly more complex than the retrieval work we discuss here, and cannot be simplified in the way that you hope.

But I could be wrong....

gordon phinn

Title: Re: Spirit Releasement Therapy
Post by Tim Furneaux on Jan 6th, 2005 at 2:22pm
 Friends,  What do you feel is the difference between non-physical beings bonded to us as helpers and the non-physical beings being discussed in this thread? Your viewpoints are much appreciated,  Tim F.

Title: Re: Spirit Releasement Therapy
Post by freebird on Jan 6th, 2005 at 3:02pm

wrote on Dec 30th, 2004 at 2:55pm:
My BIL has a "mental" illness.  It began nearly 30 years Colorado, after an incident with drugs..

He has been diagnosed several different times, several different things..from paranoid schizophrenic to manic-depressive to alcohol/drug induced mental impairment.

Shirley, sorry to hear this.  It is likely there is a problem in the physical brain and that is the cause of his mental problems.  It could be damage from the drugs he used in the past, or it could be any number of other possibilities, such as chemical imbalances, vitamin and mineral deficiencies, allergies, or even a chronic infection of the nervous system such as Lyme disease.  On the other hand, we might also wonder if this problem in the brain could be caused by negative spiritual forces influencing the consciousness.  The brain runs on electrical energy, and the spirit body is also supposed to be a form of energy, so perhaps spirits can interface with a brain and influence its functioning -- perhaps even causing damage to the organ.  In any case, if medical science has not really helped him, it might be worth looking into the possibility of spirit releasement.  But I suspect that a spirit does not necessarily have to be currently attached to cause mental problems, because a spirit could have been present in the past and the overload of energy could have caused permanent changes in the brain.  That's just my own theory, though, for what it's worth.

Here is a question I wonder about:  What happens when a person dies with an attached negative spirit?  Does that person carry the spirit into the Light and thus save it, or does the spirit continue to extert an influence and prevent or delay the person from entering the Light?  I hope the positive energies are stronger and win out over the negative energies, but what do others think?


Title: Re: Spirit Releasement Therapy
Post by Kyo on Jan 7th, 2005 at 4:44am
Right, thanks Gordon.

Yes, your point is taken, and I suspected as much. Once attachment/possession has taken place, in most cases it will require in-depth releasement therapy to contact, communicate, counsel or otherwise deal with the attached entities, human or (perhaps moreso) otherwise.

There just isn't any shortcut. So perhaps it would be as well helpful to also look along the lines of prevention, as far as attachment goes, for everyone including the man-in-the-street. Retreivals would naturally still be in order, for confused, deceased consciousness not yet directly intruding.

I recall Hilarion once described a generic, limited guide for the Retrieval process that was simplified so that it could be done by anyone (ie. the man-in-the-street), in full waking consciousness. This would be appropriate for 'earthbound' consciousness nearing the dense physical, rather than those residing in focus levels away from the physical.

For those interested, here is the excerpt from Hilarion's Spring Equinox 2002 Channeling :

>>> Unfortunately some of the answers that people receive when they open to such (non-physical, psychic) levels, when they do so unconsciously, the answers that they receive are somewhat negative. These are the energies of beings who don’t know they have died, intruders, psychotic post-mortems, beings who struggle simply to know what is going on for them and so on, who will then unconsciously attach to others at the physical reality. To solve this takes education - more and more people simply being aware that this is happening. When you have a sense that something like this is going on for you or for people around you, the obvious thing is to raise the vibration. If the vibration at the physical level is that which is intolerable to such beings who need it to be dense, dark and difficult in order to continue in their place of ignorance, fear and struggle; then raise the vibration. “Oh,” you might ask, “but how?” There are many ways to do this of course and it isn’t as if any one way is better than any other. You’re going to find the ones that are suitable for you by asking.

Sometimes it is very important to speak to that being and it is easier than you think. Oh yes, the person that you’re with is going to deny all of it and you are going to feel embarrassed about speaking to somebody who is non-physical. But you can always take them aside for a moment. You go into the bathroom, you excuse yourself saying, “You know I need to go talk to myself in the bathroom for a few minutes,” and do so in an intriguing way and you know that being is going to follow you. They are quite curious just as the curiosity might be aroused in anyone who would hear such words. It isn’t as if it’s going to be a big commitment. The being is going to be away from its host for maybe a matter of a minute or two, and then what you say is what you feel. If you are sensing that such a being is indeed a psychotic post-mortem, a being that has died that doesn’t know he has died, tell him he is dead. That is the obvious thing. He has been hearing it from a lot of non-physicals, a lot of beings, his relatives, helpers and others. Of course he doesn’t believe them, because nobody he is attached to at the physical world says he is dead. And so your word has tremendous weight in this regard. Indeed the individual Edith Fiore in her book, The Unquiet Dead, deals with this very specific plan of action in which you address the individual and you tell that being what’s going on and you tell it also to recognize what’s happening, to wake up, to be then surrounded by beings of light and benefit and go towards them and receive that energy. When you come out of the bathroom of course, your friend won’t know why but he feels a lot better. However, you haven’t solved anything really because if that individual is attracting such beings because of a darkness, a difficulty, some aspect within himself that is leaking energy of a darker nature, then of course he will attract another psychotic post-mortem at some point in the future, and you’ll have to pay the timely visit to his bathroom again.

However, education in this regard is of tremendous value. It is where you speak about such matters, where you investigate them, where you learn about them. If the individual then changes his or her vibration, then it is not going to be so easy for attachment to take place. And this is another important technique (IIPC's Vibrational State technique), and this you can teach.

Title: Re: Spirit Releasement Therapy
Post by gordon phinn on Jan 7th, 2005 at 9:52am

wrote on Jan 6th, 2005 at 2:22pm:
 Friends,  What do you feel is the difference between non-physical beings bonded to us as helpers and the non-physical beings being discussed in this thread? Your viewpoints are much appreciated,  Tim F.

Tim, the difference is simple, as far as I'm concerned.  
It's the difference between one who gives unconditionally and one who takes without asking.  It's also the difference between one who encourages you to go for the "best and the highest" in your evolutionary arc, the choice which challenges your innate desire for the boringly familiar rather than the risky mysterious, and one who nudges you into old, familiar, and usually counter-productive patterns, the ones they're comfortable with, the ones which allow them to continue surfing their illusions of selfhood.

ps. perhaps my exposition isn't quite as simple as I first envisioned!


Title: Re: Spirit Releasement Therapy
Post by Tim Furneaux on Jan 7th, 2005 at 10:17am
  Thanks Gordon,   That is a very clear and useful response!  This thread has got me thinking, both about various non-physical beings I've encountered and the Tantric Buddhist practices  I've been taught about clearing the practice space of obstructing spirits before engaging in inner work, and related practices of liberating "stuck" energy....gotta run, just a moment on board, thanks again Gord!  Tim

Title: Re: Spirit Releasement Therapy
Post by dave_a_mbs on Jan 14th, 2005 at 3:44pm
I teach entity depossession, spirit releasement or whatever you call it, and peddle DVD's on it at, but I don't suggest buying unless you're a professional.  My background is psychoanalytic, now hypnotherapy. I don;t like exorcisms because they use fear, an unpleasant thing when you're worried that your body has fallen off.  I can give a simple method to find out yourself, quite similar to Bruce's approach. Tell you "patient"-
1. relax away the everyday world.  
2. listen to the tiny sound of blood coursing through the ears, and focus so intently that "thinking" and "self talk" are suspended. alert mind but sleeping body.
3. ask "patient" to allow others to respond through them, translate or repeat the message as needed.
4. ask, "Is anyone other than <Patient> there?" use your own words. invite a response. get the "entity's" name etc. chat.
5. gently point out that whoever it is has gotten stuck in someone else's body - this slows down their ability to progress, inhibits and inconveniences the host, and is a very poor substitute for the total freedom available in "the Light"
6. ask about dead friends who can come to show them the way, explain that the Light is better, offer encouragement etc
7. tell "entity" to look for the light  call for, look for, reach for dead friends, and go into the Light with them.
8. usually that's enough. if it's a demon, a deranged and fearful soul, or somethitng really bizarre, getting some assistance is a good idea. ultimately they get talked out of their attitude because they have better options - even demons are creatures of light, but they just don't know it.

As a general rule, the host is healthy and the attached entity is frightened and in need of reassurance and help. They have no power unless given to them, and they usually hang on in fear of becoming killed if they let go, while actually the opposite is the case. Good basic ideas are that God doesn't make junk, God is Love, Reach for God and God reaches back to you, In the Light you are 100% safe.

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