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Message started by aots33 on Jan 6th, 2005 at 11:03am

Title: Helping a soul communicate
Post by aots33 on Jan 6th, 2005 at 11:03am
I am a bit nervous in posting this, only because I have had such trouble in the past before I learned the art of discernment as to whom to trust about personal intuitive experiences.  I am new here, but just read a couple of the posts.  Many are interested in contacting souls from the other side, soul retrieval, attachents, etc.  So, I move into comfort of Spirit, and post.

Let's just say that occasionally in my life I have been able to help people by giving them a message from a deceased relative.  I do not go after these experiences, but if they come to me it is because I have an intention of only helping.  IT is not common for me to have this, but it is powerful when it happens, and some sort of healing takes place for those involved. This is the only way I will do this. And I never go after it on purpose.

I am a bit baffled though by a recent experience not too long after the Tsunami.  This is so different from what I have experienced before, for this time I was approached by the deceased soul when I don't know the living relative. I NEVER do this if I am not approached by teh living relative because it would be an iintrusion not asked for, a boundary to be crossed, and it would not be right for me to intrude.  Some people do not have a belief system that would support this intrusive communication if not asked for. I haven't had a lot of training in this but I am sure about this boundary bit.

She wants to let her family know she is OK.  I have a physical description visual. I do not have a name, for I never get names for some reason but she was a teenager at death.  She actually helped souls during this transition time, sort of like the experience was a very spiritual soul mission of sorts?  Hard to explain.  She was a gentle, caring soul, full of life.  And she is safe, in a very spiritual type of energy.

All I could do is send her light and love and do the same for whoever her family is via prayers.  I cannot communicate if I don't have both parties approval. But this seemed to satisfy.

Has this ever happened to anyone here?  Are there guidelines for this?  Anyone ever been contacted by a soul in order that you tell the family she is all right, if you have not been contacted fir by the family or know the family?

Title: Re: Helping a soul communicate
Post by Petrus on Jan 6th, 2005 at 11:32am
Hi aots,
You don't need to be quite so nervous, I don't think...We don't bite! ;)

This actually sounds fairly similar to the type of experience I see talked about here all the time.  If you haven't read anything from the Retrieval Archive here, you might want to...there are some stories which might be relevant.  In terms of guidelines...yes, they're here.

I haven't actually had too much experience in this area myself, but hopefully that reading material might help until you get a reply from someone who has had a bit more direct experience.
Hoping this helps,

Title: Re: Helping a soul communicate
Post by aots33 on Jan 6th, 2005 at 11:50am
Hehehehehe......  :)

I had not seen the Retrieval section.  I am perfectly at home here.  Hooray!  Oh my, what a blessing!

Now, to read and learn more. ;D

Title: Re: Helping a soul communicate
Post by Marilyn Traver on Jan 6th, 2005 at 6:52pm
Welcome home.  :)  What an interesting experience with the girl helping others during their transition.  I hope we hear a lot more from you.  ;)

With Love,
Mairlyn   :D

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