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Message started by wade on Dec 25th, 2005 at 10:37am

Title: Help,Nightmare or retreival?
Post by wade on Dec 25th, 2005 at 10:37am
Me and my girlfriend went to bed one night. I had a horrible feeling that someone was attaking her in bed ,(as I slept) , I remember turning torwards her and trying to help her. I felt rage, anger, fear, but it was not of my own it seamed. I dont remember much after that except rolling over in bed in the fetal position ( still dreaming?). I was really hurting in a spiritual sense and weeping. The next day my girlfriend said she had a nightmare that someone was trying to kill her and I was there. I never told her what I dreamt. She has been having alot of nightmares. We stayed in a hotel in N.C. and she dreamt about murders and a boy was lying dead in bed with us. I asked to hotel clerk if there was a past there and she said it was 2 years old. I think she has a gift and is lost with no direction. Are theese retreivals, spirits messing with us, or stress? Can someone speculate? I have been practicing focus 10 for sometime. Am I brining bad things to her unprtected? I also have done astral projection alot although I dont remember to much of it.....

Title: Re: Help,Nightmare or retreival?
Post by laffingrain on Dec 26th, 2005 at 1:37pm
Dear Wade, have you had the chance to watch a TV show called Medium?
the things that your girlfriend is seeing is very similar to this show, except that a positive solution to the mystery is always presented by the end.
but its the same kind of graphic detail she saw with the dead boy in the bed. I do think she is developing with this sensitivity to tune into astral areas and sleep time is how she does it. You are also sensitive to slip into her dream world. You both may be able to escort or retrieve these that are seen in dream or other altered states, into the light, or if you prefer, focus 27 by first getting over the shock of the fact that an astral world does exist. sometimes it's true, that people who die suddenly need a little assist to be moving on. but first we can remind them that the light is there if they will turn their attention to it. They cannot hurt you. the nightmares are because your girlfriend merges her awareness into someone else's drama and loses her hold on her own individuality and choices. understandable..I've done that before too. she suffers for what she sees.
you two should do some brush up study on how to's not that difficult and the nightmares will cease. it also involves the use of visualization and imagination. I know you can do it! it's more about caring about others than anything intellectual, to get them moving on and away from the terror of being disassociated from physical body but still know that you're alive, yet no one is acknowledging your presence, so you must be dead! is the reason to do retrievals with PUL, seems to be the fastest motivation for bringing the light to the situation.

Tell your girlfriend to engage conversation with any spirit she finds next to her..ask it questions and with the intention to gently turn it into the direction of the light. imagine a portal, or a guide to assist you/her. you need only call for that. do not fear. no harm will come to you.
love, alysia

Title: Re: Help,Nightmare or retreival?
Post by wade on Dec 26th, 2005 at 5:16pm
I have made that connection with medium and mentioned it to her. We love that show and perhaps I should take some ques from her husband as to encourage her. I also gave her bruces first book to read but it turned up nowhere after the move. I am getting ready to find it I beleive...I also sent her your response because I feel she needs to hear it not only from me but someone else as well. And most important of all thank you for the support and time you took to write & think about this  and respond. It haas been a turbulant time for us and it is good to finally have some direction inwhich to work with from another perspective and kind soul!!!! PUL and hugs,

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