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Message started by Vicky on Nov 10th, 2005 at 12:23pm

Title: Retrieval Dream
Post by Vicky on Nov 10th, 2005 at 12:23pm
Hi everyone.  Been getting lots of sleep lately--here's a neat dream I had.

I am an observer in this dream. From the vantage point of riding in a helicopter, I am in a search party flying over a swampland area looking for a missing person or persons. The aerial view is clear. I can clearly see every detail below, yet I am frustrated that I cannot see any signs at all of the missing party. We continue to fly around, and I feel my eyes zeroing in on certain sections but we soon give up as there is no way to tell where they may be. My thoughts are, since we are at this high vantage point looking in, we should by all accounts be able to find them. I become frustrated when this is not doing us any good.

The next thing I know is, I find myself down on the ground with the missing party, yet this new vantage point only has me just as stuck as the missing people I was searching for. I am still only an observer, but it is from the eyes of one of those who is missing. We know we are lost, and we don't know which way to go. We are traveling through a marsh. Our instincts are to keep moving forward but we find ourselves going in circles, and there seems to be no safe ground. The only thing we have going for us is that we are together as a group, but to keep moving forward in any direction seems pointless.

My vantage point now shifts again back to riding in the helicopter. Since I had just been down there with the missing party, I know how dire their situation is. I know we must find them soon, yet as I look down into the marshes I am again very frustrated that I cannot locate their exact position. I feel that I of all people should be the one who can pinpoint their whereabouts, but I feel the search is hopeless.

Then once again I find myself down on the ground with the missing party. We have come upon an abandoned shack. It is a house built of planks of wood, not very sturdy or crafty and couldn't have provided much a home. The whole thing is falling apart and is unsafe, but we go in anyway because it is at least a little shelter. Walking throughout, we find that it is empty and there are no signs of anyone living there. There is nothing, no furniture or anything else. I want to leave but I still only have observer status through the eyes of someone else. I know my thoughts and feelings, but my actions are that of the person I am living through.

The dream keeps shifting this way, back and forth between my vantage point from the ground and my vantage point of flying in the helicopter. After several shifts, I finally realize that my consciousness is only an observer. I am limited in my actions to that of the person through whose eyes I am observing. My feelings and thoughts are my own but I feel frustrated and helpless that I cannot interact in this scenario. I feel I am of no use in this way.

In the next scene in which I find myself, I am still only an observer but this time as a point of consciousness. I am observing, close up, a sort of reunion and at first I am not quite sure what is taking place but I do have a sense that the searching is over. A young woman has been found and now she stands face to face with a man who has been waiting a long time for her. My only knowledge of this meeting is through a sense of knowing, as there are no words putting this into perspective. The man is close to her, looking intensely into her face. He never moves or blinks, only looks directly into her eyes. From my point-of-consciousness vantage point, I am slightly behind the woman and I cannot completely see her face. She is a young woman with blond hair in a ponytail. She is wearing a simple gown, something like a hospital gown or similar. The man holds her chin gently in his left hand, and she too never moves as he gazes into her face. Through this interaction between them, I sense their thought energy between them, which consists of him sort of extracting from her all the pain and hardship she has ever faced in her life. In exchange, he is replacing these feelings with pure unconditional love. As I sense this exchange, I desire to know in words what is transpiring but I then have the sense that it is not something that can be translated into words. It simply is what it is. This made sense to me now, and I understand how powerful love is.

As I observe this long process, I can see every detail in the man's face. Although he appears haggered, he is strong and rugged and is able to tolerate the pain he is extracting from this young woman. He was relieving her of every painful experience she ever knew so she wouldn't have to carry the burden of it any longer.

After witnessing this exchange, I realized I was able to rewind the entire experience and view any part of it again, which I did, back to the search effort, and then could fast forward back to the meeting between the man and woman. The exchange was still taking place as I rewinded and then fast forwarded back, and continued taking place after I decided to continue to observe it. It seemed to be a long process.

I discovered that I was grateful to be able to observe this exchange of pain for PUL, and even more happy that I was able to understand the process without the need for words. At the moment I first desired to hear the exchange in words, I had the knowing that the words were not applicable and not necessary because the love he was replacing her pain with was a powerful force, not able to be explained in words. I felt that it was necessary for me to observe this exchange and to go through this thinking process in order for my own understanding of this power.

Notes: Not sure if this is exactly related, but upon awakening I heard the name Amy Bloomingberg over and over. I am not sure of the exact spelling, but that is the name I kept hearing. Perhaps it is the young woman's name, or perhaps Bloomingberg is a location. Again, I am not sure, but I did hear it clearly over and over.

Love, Vicky  

Title: Re: Retrieval Dream
Post by spooky2 on Nov 10th, 2005 at 5:39pm
Hi Vicky,
very interesting and beautiful. The shifts of your perspective and that you finally noticed you observed from another person's place induce me to investigate if in my future explorations this is happening too when I feel odd with being in a body. The process the man and the woman were in is inspiring too for trying a method of healing.
Thanks a lot, Spooky

Title: Re: Retrieval Dream
Post by Justin2710 on Nov 10th, 2005 at 5:57pm
 Hi there Vicky,

 I just read this...very powerful!  And you expressed it all very eloquently.  

 Do you think the man was a guide of a sort?  Or just someone who knew the woman and loved her?  

 Did it have a feel of another life of yours?

 Am glad you feel better btw.

Much Love

Title: Re: Retrieval Dream
Post by Marilyn Maitreya on Nov 10th, 2005 at 6:55pm
Love it Vicky. ;-)

Love, Mairlyn ;-)

Title: Re: Retrieval Dream
Post by Vicky on Nov 10th, 2005 at 7:22pm

After I realized what was happening with the shifts, I really liked the concept of it.  At first it was frustrating, but it gave me different perspectives of the same thing.  It was unusual and intriguing.


I'm not feeling all that much better, a little I guess.  I'm happy to at least be getting a lot of sleep which I really needed.  Yes, I do believe the man was a guide for the young woman.  He seemed so experienced and wise, and of course very very loving.  His method of "healing" her was not something I've seen before.   And no, I didn't feel like this was a life of mine.  I didn't have that feeling at all.  I do wish I had more information about the whole scene, but basically I believe that overall what I was meant to bring out of this experience was what I learned through witnessing the woman's healing process by the man relinquishing her of all her negative experiences and then replacing them with love.  The man had to be one strong spirit in order to absorb all this pain, but it showed me spiritual love in a more human light, so to speak.  In other words, he didn't just magically take away her pain and give her PUL.  Instead, he made all three of us sit through a grueling experience of watching him unselfishly take all her pain and agony into himself, sort of bonding with her in the most empathetic way, and then at the same time he immediately replaced it all with love.  I don't feel he was suffering her ill experiences, but rather he was experiencing them with her.  Perhaps it was a learning process for him as well.  


Thanks.  I'm always happy to share and get feedback from my experiences.  It makes them so much more special to me.

Love, Vicky

Title: Re: Retrieval Dream
Post by chilipepperflea on Nov 14th, 2005 at 1:57pm
Hey Vicky!

I love this, you are growing so much. Ive never of an experience like this before (the healing and the way of viewing) is was both a informative and very enjoyable read. I do agree you needed to witness this and understand it, maybe more understanding will come later? Like this is a building block for something huge soon? Im not sure what to say really about it but feel I don't need to, your pretty clued up for what you need to be now with it, has anything new happened? I noticed this was posted on the 10th and I've replied late once again! better late than never i guess...

Hope all that sleep is helping and that you are feeling better :)


Title: Re: Retrieval Dream
Post by blink on Nov 17th, 2005 at 7:55pm

Perhaps a retrieval but also expressive of your love for yourself and patience with your recent illness.  You feel that you are recovering, that you have assistance, and that your discomfort is being lifted from you.


Title: Re: Retrieval Dream
Post by Vicky on Nov 17th, 2005 at 8:59pm
Ooh, hey Blink, I like that.   Maybe it is.  

I don't tend to think of these kinds of dreams as being about me because I don't have direct knowing that they are.  But maybe that is the message I need to learn.  Maybe seeing part of myself from a distance, thus not knowing it is about me, is just a different way to look at myself.

Neat.  Thanks.   ;)

Title: Re: Retrieval Dream
Post by laffingrain on Nov 17th, 2005 at 11:45pm
this is precious. I can relate Vicky, to being an observer, being able to rewind the film of the movie. I developed this observer part about 5 years ago..and at the same time, there was given 3 parts to awareness, the seeker, the finder, and that observer part. well, hee, I asked my guidance, which usually looks like a wall I talk to (just kidding around guys) I have dream guides who are not me. they hardly ever let me drive out there..wonder why? ;D I asked why can't I just be the observer and bypass the seeker and finder, and they never bothered to answer me. dwat.

would like to share briefly something about a lightworkers who took my pain away. out there, that is. I didn't know this could be done either but now I know it's true! others can remove our pain. the way it was shown within symbology, (symbols are needed for an entirely new experience has no way else to communicate to the brain what is going on spiritually, no memory imprint)
well, this happened several times out there. we would just hug. the last time we were hugging and he pushed me back a little..(he's also into reiki, and balancing energy) he pushed me back and raised his shirt up. I watched his muscles grinding up my pain, that I thought was a part of me, right? it was mine, I owned it, the pain. so lol, he was grinding it into nothing! :o I just wanted to keep hugging him, but he made sure I noticed the action of his solar plexus, so I grin, he grins, then I reach to hug again and there was no more pain to transfer to him, it was entirely gone by PUL between us. I saw that sometimes, me, and others might instead transfer pain to others through hugging them, and that I didn't need to do this anymore, if I had been doing it, I mean.

so I relate to your movie of Amy. u may have been in the library and not aware of it, where we can look at films of lives, and situations of being humanity and learn by it.

just basically, PUL heals like in an instant if theres no pricetag on it ;D  she might even be a part of your greater family; one of your many selves. love, alysia

Title: Re: Retrieval Dream
Post by Vicky on Nov 18th, 2005 at 1:40am
I just realized I didn't acknowledge Ryan's response earlier, sorry Ryan!  Thanks for responding.  Your words are always so kind.  

PS--no, nothing more has happened with this dream so far.  Of course I always hope that I get "sequels" but I rarely do.  I often wonder if that is because there is something in it that I need to figure out on my own.  Just getting answers outright is not really how the universe works I guess.  We always have to work for answers don't we?   ;)

Hi Alysia--I do like that movie scenario.  It was quite different for me.  So this library--it is a place nonphysically where all our information is stored or what?  

That is a cool idea.  It reminds me of a dream I had once, long ago, that I died and went to heaven.  They wouldn't let me in those golden gates though.  Told me I had some reading to do first.  They pointed me to a long line of book cases filled with books.  Each book was about a single person's entire life.  There was a book for every person who had ever lived.  

Love, Vicky

Title: Re: Retrieval Dream
Post by laffingrain on Nov 18th, 2005 at 12:16pm
I know Vicky...all those books..geez... ::)

do we all have a reading list a mile high? :-/

since I wrote my book, I realize well, criminy, every one  is a walking book! I love it! whether u write it down or not, somebody is taking notes for you...just call it higher self. I have to KISS. (keep it simple silly)

so little time, so many life know what? I'm going to spend it hang gliding instead of being a bookworm.

hey Ryan, we will rock and roll in a band! ;D

the library I suspect is the same thing as the akashic records...every thought is recorded. is why is good thing to think only positive thoughts...the negative ones get recorded too. somewhere in the soul.
it's not that hard to get those guys to open the gates up there, my opinion, but u have to have the password, and the password is individually designed and reading other's stories, to see what their password is, then it helps us get our own. I love reading people because I know I'm not alone then and I love reading you. you're so fresh! so is Ryan, the hope I never get a dried up piece of!!!

love, alysia

Title: Re: Retrieval Dream
Post by chilipepperflea on Nov 18th, 2005 at 1:10pm

No worries Vicky haha, didn't need to reply just wanted to post anyway to you on here, bit late though sorry! Seems an amazing experiencing, I can't yet comprehend it (like just being able to fast forward or rewind) but you tell it so well I have a very very good idea! It was great to hear of you as we know you have been ill recently but glad its not getting you down :)

Hey Alysia, I think we should invite Vicky as well in our rock and roll band and many others i can think of lol, all playing music together, sounds like a dream! Maybe in our next life?? haha

And i honestly do think it is impossible for you to ever get stale! Your always fresh and funny with loads of wisdom chucked in there as well, even all the little messages you say are full of meaning, not sure if you relise this!? Anyway don't worry for sure, we all here are the freshest dudes from fresh-ville freshin out together! (ok i'll admit it i lost it at the end lol, intentions were good but it didn't come out right?? ah well share anyway  ;D)


Title: Re: Retrieval Dream
Post by Vicky on Nov 18th, 2005 at 10:23pm
I call drums!   :D

Title: Re: Retrieval Dream
Post by chilipepperflea on Nov 19th, 2005 at 7:37am
Ive definatly got the bass...

Alysia? ;D


Title: Re: Retrieval Dream
Post by laffingrain on Nov 19th, 2005 at 7:54pm
I'm the lead singer but I do a mean backup for others, and I can do rythym guitar passably.... ;D YOUR ON!!!

sorry, I'm off topic again..ouuuu

Title: Re: Retrieval Dream
Post by chilipepperflea on Nov 20th, 2005 at 6:45pm
Ok Vicky on Drums, Me on Bass, Alysia on Rythym guitar and the Singer and now we just need a lead. When we all pass over we have to come back together destined to play together, be so much fun! Love to play music with you guys!


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