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Message started by magicbullet86 on Oct 7th, 2005 at 2:30am

Title: Dream OBE?
Post by magicbullet86 on Oct 7th, 2005 at 2:30am
Please tell me what you think of this, folks...

In my dream I was laying flat on my back in an open, bright field. I looked up to the sky and could see UFO's racing about. I looked through some binoculars and could see the Moon in-between clouds. However, it was made of a marble-like material and comprised of segments that were dettachable(?).

I then felt my body rising from my legs upwards and 'knew' that I was having some form of OBE. I was scared so I kept saying to myself "You're a physical being for now, stop it!"

At this point, I stopped floating upwards and turned to my side. The environment remained the same but then had the contours of my bed and room. I actually got off my bed and fell to the left on the floor, all the while saying "You're physical, stop it!".

The rest is hazy but I definitely felt the motion of floating and being OOB. This all occured in dream state but was extremely vivid. It felt very bright, very mystical, very heavenly. The UFO's, clouds and Moon were beautiful!

What do you folks reakon happened?

Thanks for reading,

- Luke

Title: Re: Dream OBE?
Post by Kardec on Oct 7th, 2005 at 6:37am

wrote on Oct 7th, 2005 at 2:30am:
I was scared so I kept saying to myself "You're a physical being for now, stop it!"

I think that due to the fear you may have lost this chance of exploring beyond. Next time try not to be afraid. I wish I had a chance like that. ;)

Title: Re: Dream OBE?
Post by Vicky on Oct 7th, 2005 at 10:50am
Well, it does sound exciting, and I could have had some amazing experience but you stopped it.  (I'm not critcizing, I always do this too.  I either get startled or I starting analyzing too much.  Then after I wake I want to kick myself for it).

Did you know you were in a dream state from the start, like in a lucid dream?  

I am very, very interested in experiecing (or hearing someone else's experience) of going from a lucid dream to having a full-blown OBE.  

It sounds to me like you almost could have accomplished this had you not wanted to stay physical.  What do you think you were afraid of, or why do you think you didn't want to go out of body?

It also sounds like you were begining to feel the shift of having a dual consciousness.  Do you remember feeling this way?

Title: Re: Dream OBE?
Post by magicbullet86 on Oct 7th, 2005 at 11:44am
Well I felt a pulling motion that I had no control over. That's what scared me, or the other aspect of me that was controlling the dream.

It felt lucid but I didn't have concious control.

It didn't feel safe, if that makes sense.

Title: Re: Dream OBE?
Post by Shirley on Oct 7th, 2005 at 1:54pm
I had a similar experience once, only I was trying to go oob.   I kept going over the side of the bed also, seemed to be falling to the floor.

I was truly disappointed that it ended that way..

Title: Re: Dream OBE?
Post by chilipepperflea on Nov 5th, 2005 at 11:47am
I think you experienced an OBE as well magicbullet, reason being you had concious awareness.

I am pretty lucky in any experience I had I didn't experience fear, well only once, (remeber the velcro anyone haha!), so cant really talk about overcoming fears helpfully and practically anyway!

What i will say from experience is that pulling is just you seperating, maybe you didn't have control since you hadn't fully seperated...and you hadn't fully seperated to have control so kind of catch 22. From experience you don't have to have this seperating motion but this is what the typical OBE is imagined as right so you have to have it to believe you are experiencing them...

Also in my earlier OBE's i didn't have much control, its like an art you need to practise so take control of your fears (easier said than done) just by saying this is a world you can't be harmed in and really force yourself to go with it. Once you have had a through control comes easier and so does perception. These are based on my experiences but also of others i have read.

Good luck! Keep us informed!


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