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Message started by somebody on Oct 21st, 2005 at 1:21pm

Title: strange dream
Post by somebody on Oct 21st, 2005 at 1:21pm
hello everybody,
a few days ago i had really strange dream. i don't where exactly should i post it. can you tell me something about it? what does it mean?

here it is:

the second world was was ending, everybody knowed that Germany will loose it, but the Germans didn't want to accept that. some man has told me that the town in which i live would be bombed (or something like that) by planes because there was many Germans. the same man help me to run away (with him, some little boy and little girl - my sister, which really i don't have). i took a suitcase with me and i was carrying the girl and the man was carrying the boy. when we left my flat some german soldier walked up to us and wanted to see our papers, i was very scared, he was looking at my suitcase suspiciously, but he let us go. we were in a hurry but we couldn't run because the Germans were everywhere. suddenly i noticed a white cat laying on a sill of  a small tenement-house window, i knew it and it's owner - an old lady. however we was in a hurry and i couldn't leave this cat here to die so i picked him up and entered the tenement-house which the old lady lives in. i knocked on the door and she opened it. when she noticed the cat on my hands she became happy. i asked if i can take the cat, she allow me to take it, she was happy that her cat wouldn't die. she also had another cat (it was mother of that i was holding), but it was very old and dying. the old lady didn't want to go with us - she said she was too old and she was happy that she can die with her cat. she looks happy so i leave her. man helping me was all the time with me, he wasn't happy that i wasted our time but he understood that i couldn't let this cat die or take it and don't say nothing to its owner. we then reached a part of a town that was under water (because of floods i think) 2 boats were waiting for us. when i was going into one boat another german soldier walk up and wanted to see our papers, at first i wanted to run away, i was so scared but fortunatley the man calmed me down. soldier just took a look at it, gave me it back and walked away. i was so nervous that i went into the boat in the wrong place, my sister was with me and boy and man in second boat. i wanted to be far away from the town so i tried to row by my hands, of course it didn't worked. sister helped me the put rows on my side and than we could sail away. when we was far away i felt safe.

so what do you think about it?


Title: Re: strange dream
Post by laffingrain on Oct 21st, 2005 at 1:58pm
Dear Ania, sometimes I am show past life within dream. this could be true, as I have read also many books regarding world war II. Germans were very much into the paperwork before they would let you pass..everything had to be precisely so or they would not let you go. so I am thinking u were there. I feel part of me was also there. this dream is helping u get the bigger picture of humanity, our wars, and our times of peace. love, alysia

Title: Re: strange dream
Post by Marilyn Maitreya on Oct 21st, 2005 at 3:18pm
Ania, this feels to me like a past life memory.  I agree with Alysia.

Love, Mairlyn ;)

Title: Re: strange dream
Post by somebody on Oct 22nd, 2005 at 3:04am
thanks for help!
i also think it could be my past life but i wanted to hear other people opinions.


Title: Re: strange dream
Post by spooky2 on Oct 22nd, 2005 at 6:43pm
Hi Ania,
the specific time-location could indicate a past life review. But I want to just try a "generalize and mirror back" method.

You are in a situation of change. The old authority must go, but don't want, it's an enemy, has absolute power (from your viewpoint), a controller. This situation is attracting even more evil from another powerful institution. You are about to leave this situation. You think about what you can carry with you. The most important things, your suitcase and your sister, naturally. But isn't there more? You then take the young cat, leaving the old lady and the old cat behind. You choose what probably might have a future, and that which is dying you left in the place which is to die anyway. For your journey out of this place of dying you must risk something and it is scary and not easy to find the right way to get out. But there are helping hands. Finally, it is easier than you expected it. You are travelling to other shores. To the new, leaving the old behind.

Bye, Spooky

Title: Re: strange dream
Post by chilipepperflea on Oct 22nd, 2005 at 7:35pm

I was speaking to Ania about this in the chat room. Learning what i have from Alysia and Vicky ;D i wondered also spooky whether she is changing and needs to leave something behinde, her suitcase is her baggage she has to bring with her. Getting through to this new change is hard, hence being asked for documents. This bad i cannot explain. The white cat showed pure light, maybe a guide?? or helper?? or someone to help her, show her the way, it stood out amougst the horrible scenario. The old lady i cannot explain either. Just some thoughts.


Title: Re: strange dream
Post by somebody on Oct 23rd, 2005 at 1:36am
Spooky, Ryan, that sounds very interesting and have sense.

i was thinking about that old lady and i think it could be my friend that is leaving to another country and i think i will never see him again (i suppose), i think our frendship is going to pass and it's time to say goodbye.

thanks for help!

Title: Re: strange dream
Post by Chris Francombe on Oct 25th, 2005 at 5:35am
i've been looking into my dreams since about the age of 17, so 3, coming onto 4 years. i can't believe how much they have changed, but more importantly, the weirdness of them all! i have always had jumbled, peculiar dreams, and they have carried on from childhood, but i have yet to meet others that have had as many as me. everyone else i used to talk to in school had the most normal dreams, it was like real life events, nothing out of the ordinary. but in my dreams i do things that just couldnt happen or wouldnt be belived on this world, but i accept everything....i dont even question whats going on in my dreams i just do it.....

anyway, the jumbled mess has now changed into distinct images from time to time. it's funny, a few weeks back i remember seeing a dream topic on here, and thought to myself 'damn, its been so long since i've been having my dreams, whats happened? i want them back!'. and behold, they're back and better (weirder) than ever!

last night i was throwing poisoned darts at people that were trying to attack me (i'm always running away from something or attacking out of protection inmy dreams, i think its got a lot to do with the anxiety i feel in waking life). but then i remember being here, in my bedroom, only it seemed slightly different. i remember someone being there with me, an energy force. he asked me if i wanted to come out of my body.....(now i've just realised that i was around where my head would have been if i was sleeping, interesting), i was talking to him in images, in a flash of thoughts, i said i was scared that i wouldnt be able to get back into my body afterwards. then he told me to just relax and look at my pc monitor, which as i remember had this red landspace thing....its all a bit hazy, anyway, i woke up.....hmmm.

sometimes i will also dream, then when i'm waking up, it will all go black and i will feel myself floating back down towards my body, then waking up.

i could talk for hours about it, but i'll stop now  ;D

if anyone is interested on dream interpretation then have a look at this fantastic website!

Title: Re: strange dream
Post by somebody on Oct 26th, 2005 at 5:59am
in my family are people who are related with two world war, but i've never think about it. anyway it was kind of dream that i feel was something more that just a usual dream.


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