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Message started by dave_a_mbs on Apr 1st, 2005 at 2:13pm

Title: Past Life & Spirit World Research Volunteers
Post by dave_a_mbs on Apr 1st, 2005 at 2:13pm
David Armentrout, PhD at MBS Hypnoclinc ( is looking for volunteer subjects for research in Past Life regression, entity depossession, exploration of the "spirit world", and contact with departed friends and loved ones.

METHOD. The method is meditative hypnosis, in which Dr Armentrout suggests relaxation and focus and then acts only as a neutral guide for the meditative state, while the volunteer does the regression personally and reports the ongoing experience. Armentrout's vita is available on his web site.

PURPOSE. The purpose is to obtain a general characterization of the experiences surrounding death, the interlife period and its organization, and the process of defining rebirths. Many authors have expressed their personal viewpoints, which are valid, often shared, but are not always universally consistent. (For example, Bruce's "disks" differ from Newton's "groups", and these differ from a combinatoric math model, although these all have common qualities.) The core information from which these different descriptions emerge is common to all of us. This research seeks a common core description through content analysis of individual experiences.
Those competent in retrievals, as in Bruce's fifth book and CDs, are especially welcome, as it is likely that their spiritual skills will be superior. (If you haven't bought it yet, it's a worthwhile package.)

FREE. There is no charge. However, volunteers must agree to the use of videos of regression sessions for possible publication. Their identity in the present life will be kept secret.

SMALL PAYOFF. In return for participation, after four two-hour regression sessions, volunteers are offered a two-hour session in which to work on any issues of their choice in a past, present, or future life.  (Value $150 at present rates.)

CONTACT. Appointments can be made in the San Jose CA area for Weekends, Monday or Tuesday, or in the San Luis Obispo CA area, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday. Armentrout can be contacted on line (see above). For phone numbers etc, see[ftp]

Title: Re: Past Life & Spirit World Research Voluntee
Post by Vicky on Apr 1st, 2005 at 11:06pm
I would love to do this and wish I could, but I live in Colorado.  How long will this offer be running?

Title: Re: Past Life & Spirit World Research Voluntee
Post by dave_a_mbs on Oct 8th, 2005 at 3:14pm
As long as I'm open for business, I'm interested in research subjects.

The deal is that you do four hours of my kind of regressions, and I do one hour of any kind of work you want. You have to sign away video rights (anonymous, of course) so that I can use the material in the public sector as demos, trainings or whatever.

OR - I do regular regressions at $150 for two hours (in my office) and offer a VHS tape of the session. You retain all rights, privacy etc.


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