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Message started by Bruces Chat Logs on Feb 5th, 2005 at 11:29am

Title: Learn about Bruce's Chat Logs
Post by Bruces Chat Logs on Feb 5th, 2005 at 11:29am
Mark your calendar!

The next ))) !! LIVE CHAT !! ((( will be Thursday, February 17, 2005, at 9 pm Eastern. A link to a time conversion tool site is available here should you need to know when 9 pm Eastern occurs in your part of the world.

Don't forget! Bruce is offering a free copy of his latest book at the Phoenix, AZ Workshop!
All Participants will receive a copy of the Home Study Course,  The Afterlife Knowledge Guidebook and 6-CD Exercise Set, a $69 value, Free! Contact Krisa ( to make your reservation today!

Finally! Bruce's chat logs are available here in clean, crisp Adobe PDF files!

If you don't have it already, you'll need to download  a copy of The most recent FREE reader (Ver 7.0) is necessary to view the site and to read the logs.  

You can SAVE or just OPEN the file when the site launches.


The 2-3-2005 log will be available soon. Please watch this thread for developments!


The 1-20-2005 log includes questions from members, Mama2HRB, Anthony11, SteveED, BK, Lenny, Shirley, Brian_Kathy_Hacking, Sunflowerdelight, and Danie.

In it, Bruce opens the discussion with, I teach a simple system of afterlife exploration that is based on learning the Art of Retrieval. The basic concept is that some people who die get sort of stuck and do not move on to the place they were supposed to go...


The 1-6-2005 log includes questions from members, BK, fang, Aulliwyn, Palma, Zee, Betty, Avalon, anthonytc22, Picklegirl, and Kath. Bruce also discusses why he hasn't been interviewed on Coast to Coast AM. Information is provided on how you can help to make an interview possible. (And, of course, Bruce can either suggest himself as a guest or agree to an interview based on your many suggestions here to the C2C producer).


The 10-7-2004 log includes questions from members, Ayin, BK, Herb, Raymond, Zee, Rfink, Kat, Berserk, Guru, Arl, Cotta, Donnie, SunlitLinda, Windameir, Ircleuser, Karen, Marisol, and James.

In it, Bruce begins,  One of the issues an afterlife exploration revolves around the question, am making this all up, or is it real? I use something I call the basic premise as an approach to this issue. This basic premise says…

That's the chat ElleBe discusses right here.


Please share any additional chat logs that you may have. A link is provided on site to submit your files. If Bruce has said it, it's certainly worth reading!

Best regards,

Bruce Moen Archives Specialists Team

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